celebrating the USA . ..where am I?

Picture #1 . . . Lovell Wyoming . . . (I was quite excited about the name)
Back in the summer of 2004 we went camping with our motorbike to see part of the USA. The scenery was beautiful and riding on the back of a motorbike, I was able to enjoy taking pictures with no restraints.
I thought it might be fun to see if any one could guess where we'd been. Kathy knows I'm sure, since she was there with me, (maybe she'll help you if you get stuck).

Picture #2. . .. ..Driggs, (or there abouts) Idaho ( we were stopped for road construction)

Some of them will be easy to figure out, others perhaps could be many places.

Picture #3. . .Virginia City . .(great little western town . . .loved it)

Some of them will be a dead give away if you can make out the sign.

Picture # 4. . . .Jackson Hole Wyoming . . .(those are real antlers . . .the town puts on a shoot out in town square every day at dusk) . . .quite entertaining.
There was a shoot out the night we were here in the town square.
Kind of scary.

Picture #5. . . Glacier National Park . .they built the road to the sun during the depression to provide work.
If you know where this is, do you know what year this wall was built?

Picture #6. . .Yellowstone . .. Old faithful
I thought I'd throw in a couple easy ones for the Canadians.

Picture #7. Big Horn Mountain Range . .we actually almost ran out of gas . .this sign should have been taken down, there was no supplies and no gas. Fortunately we were able to coast down the mountain where there was in fact some supplies and gas.
We nearly froze to death here. I've never been that cold on the back of the bike.

Picture #8. Yellowstone National Park. KOA campsite. . . .loved those, they were always so nice and clean.
We didn't feel like pitching our tent this night so we rented this little cabin.

Picture #9 . Mt. Rushmore . . South Dakota . .we had been to Sturgis

Thanks for taking part in the game.

I do hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow . . . our neighbor to the south.
We have always celebrated on the fourth of July every year since we've been married. We've never ever missed one. Can you guess why?


  1. Well, photo #6 is the only one I'm pretty sure about, Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park--right? I haven't been to any of those places, yet (smile). Makes me want to get in the car start driving for points north...so much to see in this big ole' country!

  2. I clicked on Picture 4 to see if those really were antlers forming the arch way ... and it said Sturgis. (Pretty cool biker chick there too.) Of course, after that I clicked some more and they all said Sturgis. Are those really antlers? What was the shoot out about? Terry up to his old tricks?

  3. Jackson Hole? You and Terry look like the kind of folks that we watch very carefully around here. Trouble on the hoof, T is for Troble right?
    I know you got engaged while it was snowing, and married in springtime, so I'm guessing you got pregnant on July 4th and that's why you always have celebrated that day ever since you got married?
    Just guessing here.
    I hope you tell us!

  4. #6 Old Faithful
    #7 near Beartooth Summit
    #9 Mt. Rushmore (great picture!)

    Looks like most of the photos are in and around Yellowstone NP.

    Would your wedding anniversary happen to fall on July 4th? Or perhaps something related to that, such as a first date, first son's birthday...?

  5. Neat pictures...loved the antler arch!!
    Except for Yellowstone National Park, I'd just be quessing...smile

    July 4th? I like Jill's guess!! smile
    I know you got married on March 4th, so its not your anniversary! Is it the day Terry proposed-the day you got engaged?

  6. We lived in SD for three years when my husband was in the Air Force (Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City). With all the biking and leather going on, I'd say you were attending the Sturgis Bike Rally! The geyser is in Yellowstone, of course, and Mt. Rushmore is in SD. The antler arch and the courthouse - perhaps Deadwood, SD?

    I have no idea why you always celebrate the 4th, but I like the other guesses that maybe something big happened in your life on that date.

    Love reading your blog!

  7. Well, being an Aussie, I'm glad others have let us know most of the answers. (Hopefully they're all right!)

    So why do you celebrate 4th July?

  8. I'd love a set that had enough comfort to do a trip such as this....my bony butt gets sore.

  9. hmmm

    I don't know why you celebrate the 4th - now we have lots of American friends up here (plus Roger's mom is American - so he considers himself part American whenever it might mean that he will be invited to a party) so we join in for the 4th and Thanksgiving. Any excuse for a get together! Even if we have a lot of (good-natured) teasing about rebels and traitors :)

  10. OK, so I did lousy on that quiz! I did get Old Faithful, Mt. Rushmore, and Sturgis. I've been to all 3 too! I should have known more. Alas.
    Loved the pictures!


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