the B 49er

This is what is called creating an interruption when you need a break. Not to be outdone by Jill with her summer frock, I thought I may as well take up the challenge of a summer frock of my own. She talked about being diligent and finding fabric that was inexpensive, trying out the pattern and if all was as hoped, the sewing with more costly fabric would begin. In the end, the project seemed to be a lot of fun times for her.
Mock ups has always crossed my mind and I have a friend who speaks regularly of sewing mock ups, but alas, I enjoy throwing caution to the wind and going for it. The last time I did that the outcome was sadly not post worthy. I'm hoping to give myself the accountability factor here and if I can finish this within the week, you'll see it, regardless of the outcome.

So, this is the pattern, B49 . .78. Bomber came to mind. Speaking of bombs. My computer screen died last night. I was about to check my email before retiring for the night and there was not a glimmer of life.

Of course, this morning a quick trip to Costco, solved the problem and I'm up and running again this afternoon.

So, this is the fabric. It is a rayon, now in retrospect, I think the dress would have hung nicer with chiffon, but I loathe sewing chiffon.

Well, I do hope you enjoy the rest of the day, I'll leave you be to consider your own summer project. Do you sew?
Oh and by the way, next week I plan to host a recipe blog for my non blogger friends. I'll need you to start thinking of your favorite summer recipe, I'd love to be able to post a picture of it as well as your picture. Won't that be fun? I'm particularly calling out to Anneliese, Charlotte, Kathy, Betty R. and all those that read and don't normally comment. It can all be emailed to me on my Gmail address that is found on my profile. How fun.


  1. Sew girl, sew!
    Love the pattern, love the material. Let's see if they love each other!

  2. Cute pattern. It'll look great on you! This week in Kelowna I am cutting out the Christmas Quilts for the boys. Gotta have them done for December 1st. Still haven't sewn those maternity capris. Probably when I get back! Shouldn't take too long. Maybe I'll take them to Kelowna and cut them out too! Have a great week! Swing by some night with Uncle T and check out our refurbished bunkbeds when we get back!!!

  3. Sew?
    But I wear clothes.

    And I eat too.

    :D ha ha

  4. Love the style of your dress and I think the fabric will be great!
    Rayon hangs nicer than chiffon - so I'm sure your finished project will be one you will post with pride!!!
    We'll be watching!

    Your recipe blog sounds like a yummy fun idea for posters and readers alike!!

  5. I love that dress pattern Lovella, am waiting to see the finished product..I'm sure you will look terrific in it! Do you have a hat to wear with it?
    I am thinking about a 'summer recipe' for you to post next week...what a neat idea for us non bloggers!!

  6. The pattern and fabric are lovely. I know you'll be a knock-out in it when it's finished!

    This post makes me feel a little homesick for my still-living-at-home years when my two sisters, Mom, and I would set up shop and begin major sewing projects. I never felt like beginning many projects after I married and left home.

    Can't wait to see you in the dress!

  7. I hope you show us a picture of it when its all done! Way to go, a perfect summer dress.

  8. I think you and Jill need a plan to have lunch out wearing your new creations:) Possibly a hat to 'top it off' can be your next projects. I will be delighted to send a recipe in. You know me and computers! A picture is pushing it but I may just surprise you. Kathy

  9. you will look great in that dress. you are so stylin'.....;o).
    RECIPE BLOG just for sweet lol. that is great idea. now which recipes do i send....hmmmm?

  10. Charlotte . .don't forget to send a picture too.
    I'm rolling out napolean torte today.

  11. Lovella,
    Love the dress!
    My favorite summer recipe is my Mom's Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. Not sure if you read that post or not.
    Happy Weekend!
    4 Reluctant Entertainers

  12. Hhmm...I'd been thinking about the blueberry recipe challenge you put out, but now you've opened it up to any summer recipe and I have to re-think this a bit. Everything is good ... only the picture thing makes me a bit nervous. (You easy going bloggers can laugh) =)
    But, thank you for your kind offer, Lovella. I'll get back to you.
    Cute dress you're working on!Following a recipe is easy, but I have never mastered the art of following a sewing pattern.

  13. Anneliese, I'm actually thinking that if this is going to be a success, then I'm going to have a nonblogger day once a month or so, so. . .this won't be your last chance. Don't worry too much about the picture, I've put out some pretty blurry ones, its all good.
    Your recipes are fabulous. I'm so excited that you are participating.


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