weekend peek

We had a great weekend. The weather was perfect. There was not a moment of boredom. The roses started to bloom.
The peonies forgot that it was next weekend that they are due to open for Terrence and Bea's anniversary and started to open with heavy heads that just didn't have the energy to look up at me.
I spent several days up at the B&B helping at a ministry event. It was a lot of fun helping with Dorothy, her sisters and a group of "regulars". This is the third year that I've helped at this weekend and we've gotten a bit smarter at feeding a large group.

The only time I stopped to take pictures was when Terry came later in the afternoon . .. . mostly to eat and play with Ethan. Ethan was the youngest one of the "helping" group. He was such a good little guy. His job was to entertain. He was a bit lazy though and spent more time napping than entertaining. It was a good thing he was lazy since when he was awake it was hard to focus on the job at hand.

Terry practiced holding a baby again. Ethan was smiling and cooing and learning songs. He was particularly fond of Itsy Bitsy Spider.

I'm still amazed at all the wonderful pieces of equipment babies acquire these days. This little chair came with a vibrator. Imagine that. I was glad it was warm out so that we could watch his chubby legs vibrate. What fun.

Oh, there's Ethan's mom and dad Todd and Nancy. After we fed the masses we enjoyed a little dinner ourselves outside in the coolness of the evening.
Last night we enjoyed a rare summer lightning storm. It was wonderful. This morning we woke up to see one of the flower beds dug up, Otis isn't too fond of thunder and decided to create a bunker of sorts. Oh Otis. I have no idea why I didn't take a picture of it before Terry went to to replant all the bedding plants. I was still a bit groggy this morning and wasn't thinking quick enough. Otis just stood there watching Terry replant. He looked properly disgusted with himself. Poor old guy.
Yesterday I made up a batch of Dorothy's Salsa but I forgot to ask her if I could post the recipe so when I get the OK I'll post it for you. It's so yummy.
Well, my friends, I do hope you have a wonderful day. I'm off for my walk.


  1. I'll have to get the name of the B & B from you for the next time my kids want to escape to Canada... Hope you get rest after your weekend of serving! blessings

  2. Aww... poor Otis, I understand, I don't like thunder either!
    Sounds like you had a great few days...and tell Terry he looks quite ready of his new role as Grandpa!!!

  3. typo --- ready FOR ---
    Uhh.. I hate it when I do that!!
    And you can't edit comments!

  4. Oh Julie, I know I hate it when I do that too. Usually I just let people figure it out. You can delete your comment and start over, but that's just as much work.
    Ellen, if you would like to email me, I can send you the info on the b and b. My email is on my profile.

  5. The lightning was great last night. How did Indee do with it all? You and Terry are going to be wonderful grandparents - I have a great picture of you singing to Ethan. I'll have to email that one to you.

  6. Nancy, Indee was deep in her dog house . .or should I say Otis' dog house. He was probably sad that he gave it up a year ago to take over the porch.

  7. Welcome home Lovella!!!

    Wow it WAS so beautiful at that B&B hey??? At least from the background of one of those photos it looked to be so cool (temperature wise) and modern inside there!! Which would be so nice in this hot weather we've been having. You can email me the b&b info too if you Lovella it looks so refreshing there~it might be a great place for Jeff and I to get away to sometime.

    Oh and btw I loved the lightning storm, even though I was half asleep and I did only see two bolts!!! Haha

  8. I was glad it was warm out so that we could watch his chubby legs vibrate. What fun.

    Lovella, you do have a way with words that just cracks me up! And it's so nice to see your hubby getting in the baby mode. :o)

    Regarding your comment on baby doodads on the market today: The Lord has strung out my baby bearing over many years [not complaining, mind you ~ just noting the obvious!]. But . . . this span has allowed me to see first hand the continual changing landscape in baby paraphernalia. So many times I've gone to search for the item I used "last time" ~ and was perfectly happy with ~ only to discover it's upgraded (meaning more expensive!) or gone all together! Which goes to show that it might not have been quite the necessity the advertisers claimed after all!

    In truth, babies still are mostly interested in mama's chest (or a bottle ~ depending on feeding methods), tickled toes, rocking, and frolicking with whoever is currently being suckered in by a toothless grin and willing to zoober a chubby, bare tummy! Some things never change. :o)

  9. It was a wonderful weekend, wasn't it?!! My roses are in full bloom too. I'll see if I can get out there to take some pictures. I'll be so glad when school is over! sigh,...

  10. There is just something about roses blooming over a fence. Isn't it funny that an ordinary fence can make something as beautiful as a rose look even better? We have so many lightning storms around here I would think I would be used to them by now, but I still just relish each and every single one of them. Especially summer ones...it just seems so romantic!


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