showers and rainbow

Yesterday, we were treated to heavy showers, then a sun peek, more showers and then a rainbow as a special gift. The sky always makes me ponder the wonder and majesty of the God who created all this beauty.

I was in the middle of a garden shop when the first torrent of rain came. I went to stand under the eaves to wait it out . . .and I waited for sometime realizing that I could knit a sweater or two by the time it would end.

Finally I decided to make a run for the car in my flip flops shorts and T shirt. I came home to find Terry waiting with the bark mulch. " I have nothing" I said. He put the bark mulch on and I'll scrape and plant later, if the mood comes upon me to venture out to hunt late season annuals once more.

Later we ran out for some Chinese Food, took a quick trip to the mall and when we came around the bend back to the farm, we were treated to such a beautiful rainbow. It was huge. The colors were so vibrant. I was just in awe.

How can I not think of God's promises with a sight like that? His mercies are new every morning.

Have a wonderful day, I'm off to clean house.


  1. A double rainbow!!! I can see the second bow above the lower bright one.
    How big is your ranch anyway? In the picture, it looks like your ranch goes as far as the eye can see.

  2. . .chuckling here . .the chicken ranch is only 5 acres.
    The big tree is our property line and the field behind is our neighbors who have just finished plowing. There are no fences bordering our property so my pictures are actually often including the neighbors field.

  3. I know, wasn't the rainbow amazing? :)
    I enjoyed watching out the window as the rain fell while the sun was shining. In South Africa, we used to call those a monkey's wedding!

  4. Thanks for capturing God's creation and sharing the view of His majesty. Who can say there is no God? Enjoy the Canada Day weekend. I will look forward to your tribute tomorrow and I hope the wind blows just right for you too:)Kathy

  5. I love how you say "only" 5 acres. San Diegans don't know what an acre is. Apparently it is some very large area that you can only have one or more of if you live way out in the country, or another state. Or country!
    Beautiful shot of the rainbow! I looked for the double rainbow too! Like mother, like daughter.

  6. "The heavens declare the glory of God!"
    I never tire of the sky - it is God's post, written new every day on His earthblog!!

    Sorry you didn't get your plants!!

  7. I love checking out the greenhouses for those late season annuals and often there are good deals to be had!
    I'm always in awe when I see a rainbow..definitely a show of God's majesty!
    I grew up with the saying that when the sun is shining and it's raining "the bears are having a fever" No idea what that really means!
    Your place looks wonderful, Lovella.

  8. Rainbows and God's promises. I love it. He is good, ALL the time!

  9. The day I decided to walk to school in the rain, wasn't a great day but one thing I prayed for was to see a rainbow.

    That afternoon as I took my class to the library, a rainbow stretched right around over the building. Only about 10% of it was covered by cloud!
    One of the kids also pointed out a 2nd one above it which was not quite as bright.

    God's grace is amazing.

  10. I just came by to let you know that I HAD to see the rainbow! It IS quite large!!! wow~

  11. Lovely, his promises are true!

  12. Wonderful picture! A rainbow truly is like the signature of God on a contract. I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever ... indeed.


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