Now I lay me down to sleep . .

"Abraham Darby" Rose is feeling fabulous today. The sun is shining and the buds are opening moment by moment.
One of the items that I wished for when it came time to dismantle the family home after my parents passed away was this picture. My mom had embroidered it with love while awaiting the birth of her first child. I wondered when I was awaiting my first child if it would be passed on to me . .but it wasn't. She reframed it herself and once again hung it above the crib for her grandchildren. Now I've once again reframed it and it hangs in the room that will be for our grandchildren to lay their sleepy heads.

Someday it will be passed on to my children when they await their first grandchildren.

Some time ago, we were given this old dresser by friends that had no use for it. I never say no to an old dresser.
Terry did his wonderful restoration work on it. First he sanded it, then painted it, then wiped some of the paint while it was still wet, resanded it on the edges and finally gave it a coat of satin clear.

On the top left corner you can see where the original owners must had chiseled out a section, and I wonder what the story is behind that. It could be that it didn't quite fit a space or Terry thought that it may have splintered and they simply shaved off the offending piece.

Another wonderful part of the old dresser that I wanted to keep was these original handles. It seems that they are simply shaped heavy wire attached with eyelet screws. Terry bought tiny little washers to fit in between the screw and the wood. The wood was quite warn were the screw and the wood met. He distressed the washers with a bit of black paint and . . ..viola . .
Well, it's date day today, the sun is shining and we're off to spend some time alone. (away from the farm)
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I'm choked up; what a legacy to have that lovely stitchery over another generation of babies. And Terry does such beautiful work. That dresser would be a perfect match to our bed and nightstands set. The distressed edge/black paint simplicity is so restful. I hope you two have fun and mischief away from the farm today. I'll bet Indee will have the same ON the farm while you are gone. Oh dear, wonder just what she will do.

  2. The rocking chair, now the dresser with "Guess How Much I Love YOu" and "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep". I love how you're dreaming of future days, rocking the next generation of babies. Grandmas need time to prepare too ... You just can't even imagine how much fun you'll have!

  3. Ah yes! Anticipation and getting ready is all part of the great fun you are in store for. God's hands of workmanship and love on each little one that will someday lay in the crib beneath that prayer. Is that dresser for the baby room at your place? If so I'm sure it will be filled with wee sweet things for the little darlings that will fill your home with joy. You'll be kissed by the sun and Terry today. Enjoy your time together. Kathy

  4. How lovely! I have some little outfits tucked away in a baby dresser....waiting!!!

    Someday :)

  5. kHappy for you that the sun is shining. The picture is fabulous and so sweet to continue it's legacy. I would love to do what Terry did to our old dining table and chairs that we have in the condo. Beautiful work! Hope your evening is beautiful for the two of you...

  6. Okay, now you have me experiencing dresser envy....;-)
    It came out lovely...and I love the work your mum did, simply beautiful.
    I love your are so talented!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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