June Parties

June typically is the beginning of eating out in the evenings. We look for any and every excuse to call it warm enough for a campfire and a "wiener roast". Heidi from Nothing but blue sky on my side bar left a comment on my last wiener roast post telling me that "wiener roast" is a Canadian thing. Apparently it's not called that in the States. Sorry people. Thanks Heidi. I'm glad that there is at least one Canadian/American that knows what I'm talking about. (chuckle).

Last night we were invited down to my homestead. I lived on this piece of property from birth until I was married at 19. My nephew Dwain and his wife Lori and their two sons live there now. So what were we celebrating this evening? Was it Gerry and Heidi in the above picture? Well it could have been since on this day 33 years ago they were engaged on this piece of property. That is certainly something to celebrate since I can't imagine my life without my sister in law Heidi in the family. Good job Gerry.

We were celebrating Lori's birthday(way in the back in the light blue up against the house). Hey Lori . .I see you . .Happy Birthday. In the picture you can catch a glimpse of Mary's fabulous potato salad.

Oh, there is Betty, Louise and Mary. Betty and Louise are getting a jump on the fire knowing that it will be crowded and smoky very soon.

There is Heidi with her new grandson Jaydon. What a little sweetie he is.

There are my two brothers Gerry and Ken. I just love my brothers and I love family gatherings. I really do.

Ah and there is Jacob with his Dad Dwain and Ryan. We also celebrating Jacob's 3rd birthday. I was impressed with his manners. As he opened each gift he went to each person and thanked them. Good job Dwain and Lori.

Let's jump back 2 years ago. On June 10, 2005 we were having another chilly outdoor picnic at the beach. Terrence and Bea had their rehearsal dinner the night before they were married.

Beautiful setting, with wonderful friends and family. Oh, there is Gerry and Heidi again. He married them the next day. Oh the blessing abound. Tomorrow, you'll see the bride and groom.
Have a wonderful day my friends. I'm off to clean house.


  1. Lovella, I feel so left out!! (smile)
    I recognize all the people and the property has long time memories for me too...
    Soooo much to be thankful for!!
    Oh, phone! excuse me.....
    Vince just called..my granddaughters are on their way over!! It will be a good day.
    Family makes life meaningful and precious !!

  2. I'm so glad it's wiener roast season again ... I can't wait! It looks like you had a great night with your family.

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  4. Ahh..yes tis' the season for wiener roasts or even just bonfires although my background in "mennonism" requires food at every gathering:)
    How wonderful when family can be together celebrating and blessing each other.
    I'm off to plan a family gathering...

  5. Born and raised southern california and I can remember calling them wiener roasts...Your June parties look lovely...

  6. You have one of the funnest blogs I visit! And by the way, we call them either weenie roasts, or hot dog roasts!

  7. Lovella - your pictures and stories are just marvelous!

    I was born and raised in Kentucky - we called them weenie roasts and sometimes wiener roasts. I don't care for hot dogs at all, but if I can practically blacken one over an outdoor campfire, then I'll eat it (with lots of relish and catsup...ketchup...whatever)!

  8. What a lovely setting and a great family time! We have 'hot dog roasts' all the time --- and when I was a little girl and lived in Canada we had 'weiner roasts'. One and the same, right? Fun, fun!

  9. I have to say that the words, "wiener roast" sure do sound funny.

  10. Hi Lovella!
    Love your blog. It is weiner roasts here in Pennsylvania, USA, too! Don't know what else you would call them? But we sure can have a lay out of goodies, huh! We like to make 'mountain pies', too, when we have weiner roasts. Using a pie iron and two pieces of bread and various goodies inside. I love twilight evenings getting the fire ready and waiting upon guests ...


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