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Ellen over at her site called the Happy Wonderer has taken part in a Blogging 101 Carnival . .answering a few questions about blogging. I found these questions timely for me right now.
I think that from time to time it is wise to do a self assessment about what you are spending time doing. So . .I'll do my best to be honest as well. I'd really enjoy to know how you feel about these questions pertaining to your own blog or what you feel about my answers. Let me know.
1. How did you start blogging?
This is relatively easy. I had been told by my friend Flo that her niece who married and moved away had a blog and it was so nice being able to see what she was up to. This was Heidi from Nothing but blue sky. I started to read her blog and hers alone inspired me to start one.
2. Did you intend to be a blog with a following? If so how did you go about it?
No, I never thought that people out there would read my blog. I told a few friends that encouraged me by way of leaving a comment and I realized then how much fun it was to receive feedback for my efforts of communication. My friend Becky was a great encouragment and started her own blog shortly after I did.
I started to regularly leave comments on blogs that had encouraged me, and I suppose that is how one develops a readership.

3. What do you hope to achieve or accomplish with your blog? Have you been successful? If not do you have a plan to achieve these goals?
My initial goal was to start a new hobby, and to record my memories. I also wanted to investigate whether I enjoyed creative writing. I hoped to draw family members together. I also wanted to share my faith in a non threatening manner. Wow, I actually wanted to do quite a few things with this blog now that I look at it.
Have I been successful? Partly yes. I have really enjoyed writing. My mom kept a journal for most of her adult life and I felt I had a bit of catching up to do in recording my memories. It has been so much fun looking through old family albums remembering where pictures were taken. I have enjoyed sharing the stories with family.
I do feel that my faith is evident in what I write.
4. How has the focus of your blog changed since you started blogging? How?
I'm not sure that my focus has changed that much., I've only started blogging last fall so there hasn't been enough time to get off track.

5. What do you know now that you wish you'd known when you started?
If I'd have known that there were such encouraging words out there I would have started this sooner. My family (in particular Julie my cousin) has been such a joy to share this hobby with. We've been cousins my whole life and I've only now found out who she really is. My friends who leave a comment and those that tell me that they read what I say is just such a blessing. Sometimes it just overwhelms me at how loving that is. Even now, I feel a little misty writing it down. The other huge plus has been that I have met some truly wonderful people on line. I would have never thought it possible . .but it is.
As for negatives . .. I can't think of any.
6. Do you make money with your blog?
No, but my son Stuart told me I could. I thought that was sweet and funny. If I put adsense on my blog . . I'd need to start running around with quarters in my pocket to hand out every time I took someones picture. . . .Giggling now.
I agree with what Ellen said in her answer. I have actually saved money by running into town less to shop.

7. Does your immediate and extended family know about your blog? If so, do they read it? If not why?
Funny . . .Julie my cousin reads it and has now started her own blog. Lori, my niece by love reads it and has started her own blog. Natalie my niece by love reads it and has started her own blog and Gerry my brother reads it and has started his own blog. As for the others? My husband reads it on occasion and my kids . .some do. The rest of the family say that they do, I'm not sure . .. I don't know. Funny thing isn't it? I guess perhaps I've drawn some family in. I'd love more feedback because that is my personality and I'm learning that just because I want something doesn't mean its necessary. Many family members mention something they've read from time to time and I really appreciate that.
Part of what I feel the Lord is teaching me in all this is not to be so sensitive. (in a negative way). This has probably been one of my most difficult things in life, to not be so easily hurt. We all have our issues, this is mine.

8. What two pieces of advice would you give a new blogger?
I would tell them to blog for their own enjoyment and if they are encouraged along the way by others that is a bonus. You need to feel good about what you do and be able to laugh at yourself a bit. That is what I'm learning right now.
I would tell them to be mindful of peoples privacy. Not all people want to have their faces pasted on your blog. I try to ask for permission and am becoming more aware of peoples feelings. I have done some soul searching in this area.
I've learned so much in these last few months. Thank you to all who read my blog for being part of my journey. All of you have touched my life.
I would like to add that my friend Kathy left the very first comment . .she said that she looked forward to further entries. What a dear friend. She has continued to read and encourage and I thank her for it.
Well, I'm off for my 30 minute walk, have a wonderful day.


  1. Thanks for the insights into blogging. I intend to start a blog this summer before I move to Germany for missions. You have definitely been an inspiration to me to begin a blog.

  2. Oh Ellie, I'll just love being able to follow your journey . .thank you.

  3. Your blog is like a beautiful magazine on line, (often about people I actually know) more interesting than reading about movie stars breaking up.
    Your blog has inspired me even though I haven't started one.

  4. Lovella, I love reading your blog and look forward to checking in. You do a great job - lots of gorgeous pictures, fun anecdotes, and encouraging stories. Thanks for getting me started on this whole blogging business ... I didn't realize just how much fun or how easy it could be.

  5. Hi Lovella. I also love to read your blog. I love your pictures and the things you write about. It really is like a magazine (without the advertising). Keep up the good work.


  6. oh lovella, what is there to say but sooo much. let me begin by saying thankyou for being inspirational, showing a spirit of gratitude and love to those that love you and those of us who just get a peek into your life through the blog. this weekend when i was on the prayer retreat i took picutes and thought wow this would look good on a blog! who knows maybe one (the "eh" was for you american readers, giggle)

  7. Anneliese, Corinne and Charlotte, all of you without blogs and yet you show the gift of encouragement so often.

    Charlotte,about the eh? I like to throw that in once in a while . .it does seem to define us Canadians a bit.
    Nancy with your private baby blog you don't benefit more readers from your comments to me and I would encourage those that have privelege to your blog to leave a word, I know it would mean so much to her. Thank you Nancy for allowing me to share a peek of Ethan once in a while. Your blog is just darling.

  8. I must love you, because my first post got eaten (??) and I came back to repost my response!
    I am so glad that God had us "bump" into each other, I enjoy your blog, your wit, your photography...
    so is this niece by love and adoption type thing (you know how I feel about adoption) and if it is...can you adopt me?

    Sending a big hug from CT
    Mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  9. I too must add my appreciation for your blog Lovella..I have been inspired so many times by you. I am thinking of starting a blog...maybe in fall so it was nice to read what you had to say about it. I also would like mine to be a journal, about my walk in life! Thank you Lovella, as you let the Lord guide you in sharing His Word and being an encouragement to us readers.

  10. Lovella,
    I love how you added those beautiful photos to enjoy as we read your thoughts on blogging. I do so hope you continue on this blogging journey. I've enjoyed seeing and hearing from you...

  11. Lovella, reading your responses to the 'blog questions' you have certainly done all and gone beyond your aspirations in what you wanted to achieve through your blog! You have excelled!
    And I don't know that I would have started my blog except for your 'persistent?'(smile) encouragement to do so.
    All the blessings you mentioned that came into your life through your blog -- so true!!
    I certainly have been blessed and encouraged through it! and definitely! getting to know you was an unexpected joy!!
    And I agree, a blog has to be the fulfillment of your own heart...and if others enjoy it or participate-- that is a bonus!!
    You have done a great job!! and everyone said......"Amen!"

  12. Your blog has been part of my jourey his winter too Lovella. I would say that what draws people to your blog is how authentic you are. Whether you are laughing about the puppy, or calling people to pray for hard things in life, your personality shines through.
    And as for having thick skin. I don't think your blog would be as winsome if you wrote with thick skin. God has obviously gifted you with a sensitive heart.
    p.s...every time I exercise now, I echo your words...well I'm off for my 30 minute walk. :)

  13. sorry about the spelling mistakes...i should have proof read a little more i guess.

  14. How odd, over breakfast B. asked me when I was heading to the store, and I mused that since I started blogging, I haven't felt much interest in shopping for anything but groceries and immediate needs. Wouldn't that be an interesting study; does blogging hinder consumerism and impulse buying?
    Your blog is a delight,I'm a huge fan as you know, and I plan to insist you do Nano this November-you will LOVE writing fiction.

  15. I love it . .plan to insist. Oh Jill you are just a hoot. This is where I say . . .come and make me . ..:)
    About the study. I think we should nominate Jill to do the research on this one. I think there is definately something to it. Less shopping vs. more blogging.

  16. I feel like I have found a kindred spirit, Lovella, and I am SO very glad I found you...or you found me...can't remember now!!!

  17. A girlfriend is a sister by choice. I must say that my choosing you as a friend has enriched my life. Through your blog I have have learned even more about you. Your passion to honor God in your life. Your deep love, committment and respect towards your family. Your talents and gifts shine through your blog. As I've read your blog over the months I have often thought how refreshing it is that people 'out there' are drawn to something that is filled with wholesomeness. Your blog holds an atmosphere of relaxation, along with humor, heartwarming stories, creativity, interesting facts, wholesome living, and beautiful photos.
    Your blog title catures what your life truly speaks. 'WHAT MATTERS MOST' No doubt in my mind what that is for you. Our friendship is very dear. Thanks for letting me know you more through your blog. I will always be one of your blog fans:) Kathy

  18. sisters by choice . . .thank you for being mine.

  19. And I TOO am so glad you started your blog Lovella, You are very interesting you know?

  20. Lovella, I started linking to your blog through Lori's and stalked silently for awhile and then was just so inspired and happy from reading your blog that I had to "out" myself and am so happy I did. I even got to enjoy a nice supper with you because of it and I hope our friendship continues. Thanks for your blog. Keep up the GREAT work!


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