Indee the fashionista

Just a really quick post to let you know that all is well on the farm. Oh my goodness, if you could just sniff and smell the screen, you'd be in for such a treat. If I close my eyes, I could just imagine being back in time, dotting a bit of rose scent behind my ears.
The wonderful news is that Indee can't destroy everything all at once. I had taken in a large vase of peonies to enjoy but the fragrance was a bit much. I took them outside so I could still see them through my kitchen door. Indee enjoyed them as well. Now I know that Indee has her own blog and all, but sometimes lately she can't focus on sitting nevermind putting together anything coherent.

We did notice that while Jill was traveling through Germany, the German Shepherd's there were sporting leg bands. Not to be outdone, Indee requested bright red ribbons. I think she' looking ahead to Canada Day Celebrations.

Such a good pup. The only way she can stand still more than a moment is with a dish of food in front of her, even at that, it was a challenge.
I do hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Georgeous roses! That Indee ... what a cutie!

  2. Lovely roses, Lovella! Almost a tongue twister...
    Indee sure has grown...hardly looks the pup stage but the tipped vase proves it!!

  3. What a pretty girl...I'm so glad she isn't wearing that goth look like so many youngster do nowadays!
    I sure miss having bodacious roses outside. I used to have a few dozen rose bushes, now I settle for miniature roses in pots on the patio. NOT the same.

  4. Jill, Oh I know, I really want to keep her a sweet girl.
    I do love the word Bodacious . . .I looked it up, it just sounds so fun, . . it means . .
    Blatant, remarkable, audacious, impressive, or attractive.

    I love it, i'm going to use it as much as possible the rest of the day,,,,such fun.

  5. Aw... I wish I had Indee's nose then maybe I could just 'drink in' the wonderful scents of roses and peonies.
    Indee is very fashionable with her leg ribbons... Terry had no objections? I suggested to Vince and Romay that I would make a rain coat for Misty so she wouldn't get her lovely long coat tangled in the rain and Vince in so uncertain terms let me know that no dog of his was going to be dressed up in any way!!!
    My peonies are still buds but on their way!! Vic's favorite scent in flowers!!

  6. Oh Julie, I'll have to give you Tobee's measurments, Stuart and Karlee's dog . . .he is never without a T shirt.
    I think Ribbons was about as far as I would be able to take it.

  7. Those roses are so beautiful, they even look fake! Love the color.
    For Reluctant Entertainers

  8. Ooh - I can smell those roses - our peonies are just tight little buds. We're having a slow spring in the east. But you are helping me anticipate all the beauty that is to come!

    What a cute pup!

  9. Oh no you are going to start a new fashion trend amongst the doggies with those bright red ribbons!
    Love the beautiful pink flowers! Blessings...

  10. Indee is getting so big! She looks very cute with her red ribbons :) Those roses are just beautiful...roses were my mum's favourite flower, and I think of her when I see a beautiful rose.

  11. Indie is such a cute bugga!


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