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I'm adding these two pictures on Saturday afternoon. It's Okay. Everyone that should have a helmut . . .has one. Even Tobee wanted to try it on.
Helmut, gloves . . .now we just have to work on long pants and a long sleeved shirt.
It's an improvement.

If I didn't tell you anything at all about this picture, would you know what Stuart is indicating?

This is the hand gesture that little boys learn very young in life. It generally is used after the mom says . . .oh . . . you aren't going to hurt yourself on that thing are you?

His facial expression which I did not quite capture was . . .of course I'm not going to hurt myself on this thing.

Yesterday afternoon Stuart and Terry went to go take a look at this bike and an hour later they were unloading it. Now all three of them own something that will enable "guy time together". Well, that's their take on it anyway.

I always felt like we had dodged the bullet when the boys were younger, they constantly were trying to put together a go cart or something of that nature but never really succeeded in the real deal.

I do hope they have a great time on their machines of choice.

Wild at heart. It's all good.

I wasn't going to post today but I thought I would pop this one up for bonus.

Yesterday I did a bit of experimenting with making a video. You can check it out on the Otis and Indee site that you can find on my side bar. (very experimenting . . ..)

Have a great weekend, I'm off to clean house.


  1. Rad bike.

    One word: HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Texas does not require helmets while riding a motorcyle. The other 49 states are thrilled that our state is such a great resource for organ donations.
    In San Diego one of our most popular football players had a daughter riding across a church parking lot on the trunk of a car. She fell off, hit her head, and she is permanently brain damaged. My own childhood doctor rode a bicycle for years, one day he bumped a curb, fell, hit his head and died. It happens, even to experienced riders, even going really slow.

    Terry, Terrance, Stuart: I REPEAT:

    Now go have fun.

  2. Ah, yes, seen that look numerous times! Usually its followed with something like, "Why don't you give it a try? Its really a lot of fun!"
    I just remind them that I am not a nurse for a reason, and they better not come back with blood. Boys will be boys, and so will men, and we love them for it!

  3. see? now I said shouldn't he have a helmut on? He was riding very slow on the field. He's fine came the reply.
    We do thankfully have helmuts that are always used on our motorcycle, quads and also now for this dirt bike.

  4. Boys will be boys!!
    But I agree HELMETS are a must..forget the hand gestures!!!
    They are going to be fathers and grandfathers and must do all they can to ensure their well-being!
    Accidents are never planned.
    Boys do need their toys though so I hope they have lots of fun!!

  5. Looks like Tobee enjoyed the ride. And I will go look at the video now...thanks for the invitation.

  6. Our middle son has most of the dangerous toys in our family. He enters dirt bike fun weekend races, etc. When we were first married dear decided we should sell my VW bug and buy him a motorcyle. His father blamed me for that! :) Tobee looks so sweet..

  7. It does not seem like too long ago I watched as your boys did many wonderful tricks on their bikes in front of our houses. Never any major accidents that I can remember. Why is it though when boys fall they kinda get up and all laugh, even when they are hurt and bleeding? I must confess girls, that riding without a helmut does feel good. Now I know that it is stupid but I also know how yucky a helmut feels after a long day. I have to confess that I have taken the risk of riding on our motor bike for hours without a helmut. I shutter when I see others and even know the potential damage that can happen, but I still have enjoyed the 'freedom'. My first advise is "Stuart, wear your helmut". Then I realize I better keep my comment to myself and just tell him to have tons of fun and be careful. This is one of those do as I say not as I do statements. I hope you and your girls enjoy time together while the guys are out having guy time. It's their stories over supper later that are always so fun to listen to. Kathy

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