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This first picture is mainly for City Farmer. She left a comment on my last post and I ran over to see what she was up to at her house clear across the continent and guess what? She was wondering what her plant was. I was happy to tell her I had one just like it. It is a climbing hydrangea . It blooms so beautifully and climbs up just about anything. (click on hydrangea to see more about it)
We have a rule on the farm. Dogs don't get a new dog house until they are a year old. Way back when, . . we had a black lab puppy that ate it's entire house. Since then we don't exactly roll out the red carpet with brand new siding when a new puppy comes to join us.

Last year, Otis decided that he didn't need a dog house and started to sleep on our porch regardless of the weather conditions. This past winter I posted pictures of him covered with snow and he was quite happy about it.
We never did have a protective fence for Otis around his dog house but we decided to put one up for Indee. Occasionally we hear coyotes and I'd hate to have her try to defend herself and poor old Otis . . .well, that wouldn't be fair to him either. During the day Indee doesn't leave Terry's side so it is just the night time that she needs protection.
Terry went and picked up 75 pound bricks and laid them down so that we can easily hose down her kennel.
Back to the story. . . . .so above you can see evidence of puppy teething.

I was asking Terry if he was going to spruce up the old dog house just a speck. The entire time we were discussing it Indee was busy working on a piece of plywood.

She nearly has lost all her molars and the vet thinks we only have another month left of the chewing . . .we'll see, we are not convinced.

In the meantime, we love her. She's very sweet and she's working very hard to learn all her tricks.

New fluffy bed in an old house. One year Indee and you'll get your new house.


  1. Those hydrangeas are beautiful but I can hardly take my eyes off the rosebuds on the way to the climbling flowers...I can almost smell those roses...

  2. Indee is growing like a weed! Maybe it is all that wood eating! Glad he is such a good helper.

  3. Indee's home looks so stylish! I love it!! And Indee's fur looks so soft and smooth, what do you feed him? Just curious!

  4. I have been wondering about Indee and missing updates on her developement!! smile
    Good luck on the chewing stopping!!smile Our German Shepherds chewed forever!
    Considering you have a chicken farm I'm sure you feed your dogs eggs for their coats? That's what we did and WoW! what a difference.
    I never heard of a climbing hydranea but I love anything that climbs.. My favorite plants!! It is truly lovely!
    Wishing you a lovely day!!
    PS. I did not get the comment from you yesterday...Uhhh!! but found one today when I posted, thank you!!

  5. Reminds me of all the teeth marks my kids left on their crib. Puppy chews are pretty crazy; I still have a few items with puppy nibbles from our three dogs. And a few fang marks here and there from baby kittens. Just part of the fun in the end. Indee is a riot, chewing away like that. Somebody PLEASE get the girl a nice chew toy!

  6. Demara, she benefits by living on a chicken farm and gets a nice fresh egg with her puppy food everyday.
    Jill, if you take a peek inside her dilapidated dog house you'll see a chew toy, the others are strewn about the yard begging her to chew them . .

  7. Sweet puppy! or not! ;o)

    We had an Australian Shepherd that licked a hole in the wall of the sun room my hubby was remodeling. Apparently dry wall tastes as yummy as plywood!

  8. What a little darling - just doing what pups do! Boy, she is sure growing quickly.
    By the way, you look great in your new eye glasses. I have a hard enough time finding sunglasses that suit my face!
    Hope you have a great evening with your dinner guests... mmm, I can just smell your pot-roast!

  9. Love the hydrangea vine! Your estate always looks so pristine and inviting!

  10. Oh Becky, it's a farm. When we get the gates that open to allow visitors we may upgrade our status to an estate.


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