date to the ocean

This is the first year that I've been blogging and sitting on the back of a motorbike at the same time. Quite handy I would say. There is no wishing we could stop for a photo op. I can take all the pictures I desire, I just need to be quick about it.

I've never desired to ride my own bike and it's just as well. While we were in one store today, I nearly knocked over a shelf. Terry just smiled. I'm perhaps a pinch uncoordinated at times. Let's just chalk it up to the age I'm at . . .it works for everything. I just love it.

I found this barn interesting. It's completely in it's natural state except for the bright red awning on one side.

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a leisurely walk on the pier. This is the perfect time to go to the touristy areas before school is out and when it's warm enough to enjoy an ice cream cone.

Lunch on the patio is one of my personal favorites. Looking out over the Pacific Ocean . .. we really do have a beautiful country.

We generally go for fish and chips. Crispy, fresh and perfect to share.

In the background you can see the United States. Hey there . . . how's things over there?

The hanging baskets were so pretty down the street. The trees were not quite completely open yet.

Ah, a couple of totem poles, standing firm. There's a typical Canadian photo op.

We walked down the length of the beach. There is a railway track that follows the beach as well so they have a protective fence . .(well, at least it is the allusion of protection)

Just hanging out on the pier.

Tides out. We always debate . is coming in or is it still going out? We never know, nor do we care.

I'll be away for a few days. I'm helping up at the B&B with a group of friends. Good times. I'm going to be baking up a storm. Such fun.


  1. Everything looks beautiful ... what a great way to spend your time together!

  2. I've never been out to the West Coast - only been as far as Calgary. It looks beautiful and I'd love to go sometime.

  3. Hmmmm....blogging and riding a bike at the same time...I've heard of multitasking.... smile

    Yes, I've walked there many times and always loved it ! We do live in a wonderful country, as your photos attest to.

    Enjoy your break!!

  4. Hey Lovella,
    This is so very interesting but yesterday Jeff said, "I have a surprise for you..." and guess what? Today, we too are going on a "date" with a friend who has a convertible!!! (I've never been in one before with the top down!) So this SHOULD BE FUN!! He's driving and we're paying for the 'sushi' lunch at the Quay! Another touristry type when I read this post of yours I thought what are the odds??? We both changed our templates around the same time and now we're going on dates at the same time to touristry spots???!! HAHA so funny!

    Have fun at the B&B and say Hi to Monica if she's there!!! :)

  5. Looks to me like you enjoyed a perfect day. It's suppose to be a beautiful sunny weekend so hope you can poke your head outside afew times as you help at the B&B. Enjoy! Kathy

  6. aaarrrrgghhh........

    boo hoo hoo................

    you guys are killing me........

  7. If you are where I think you are, my kids spent an anniversary there at a B & B. That's the state I love that you're looking at!
    Blessings, and enjoy your time!

  8. those pictures of my home are teasing me.

  9. White Rock...I haven't been there in years! It still looks stunning!

  10. things are fine over the border, thanks for asking :)

  11. I love it! Now I want to ride a motorbike and blog too. :)
    Great photos.

    Hmmm - if you're on the west side, are you close to either WA state (around Spokane area) or MI? We're hoping to visit both those places at the end of the year/beginning of 2008 and even thinking of going up to Lethbridge.

  12. Lovella, what a great post and beautiful photos! I loved visiting BC a couple of years ago, and would love to return someday. Have fun while you're away!

  13. I love White Rock in the sunshine! I have so many memories of taking the kids and dogs there when we were all a bit younger. Thanks for letting me know, its good for the older set too. I didn't see your pails and shovels, or collection of crabs and sea creatures. Oh, yeah, you didn't take any kids along. Thats also the beauty of a bike! :) I hope you enjoy many more excursions such as that one! It looked marvelous!

  14. Aren't you talented! Riding on the back. I didn't realize you were such a daredevil! What a lovely date.
    Oh, and I will certainly be coming to Canada in the near future, and I would be delighted to see you!

  15. Yeah, you might have been blogging from the back of the motorcycle, but were you wearing stilleto heels while you were doing it? That's what separates the women from the girls you know.

  16. What a lovely time - you did well to take those pics while riding a bike!

    it's fun to see the West Coast beaches for a change.

    Here's a hint for whether the tide is going in or out...
    is the sand wet at the edge of the water? tide is on its way out

    is the sand dry? tide is on the way in.

    Of course if there are huge waves it's a little more difficult to tell.


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