the cover up

Some time ago Bea and I were shopping at a thrift store and we spotted this little gem.
It probably sat in some Oma's living room for years and was obviously cared for.
The upholstery is actually in very good shape and the springs are in perfect condition.
I snapped it up and it's been sitting in Terry shop waiting for further instruction.
I was tempted to leave the original upholstery but opted rather to make a slip cover that can be washed and taken off if my mood reflects a little retro stylin'.
I ran down to the only local fabric store we have . .(grrr) and found this off white . . kind of a little too fancy fabric. It said dry clean only which I wasn't a fan of. I brought it home and threw it into the washing machine and the dryer to boot. Having firmly showed the fabric that I was having none of its silly fancy shmancy requirements, we decided to work together.
So, yesterday I set to cover up the 60's retro fabric with off white . . . work with whatever the room color currently is . . . . well adjusted washable fabric.
I'm relatively happy with it.
Today, the sun is shining just gloriously. I've made up some rollkuchen dough for supper and will post the results tomorrow. Not the weight gain generally reflective of a watermelon and rollkuchen feed, just the recipe itself.
So, off you go, have yourself a delightful day.


  1. Nice job on the chair, Lovella...and I like you leaving the options open for retro moods or simple cover reflect your mood or the season!!
    Yes, Roll Kuchen....can't have watermelon without them. But I have no gluten-free substitute..don't think it can be done!!
    But my memories serve me well!!
    enjoy you supper and have an extra Roll Kuchen for me --- and keep the calories!!! HaHa!

  2. oh how creative you take something and just change it up as you are a talented and creative woman........rollkuchen and watermelon, nothing like it. we had it at the lake last weekend and made the recipe 4 times plus 4 recipes of "empanadas" and 20 people gobbled it all up including 3 yes 3 watermelon......gluttony a deadly sin ;<(. look forward to your recipe and see if it is similar to the one i use. have a great day, my dear sensitive sweet spirited lovella..........p.s. regarding your blog the other day, it is very good and very necessary to be able to laugh at yourself...all that comes from knowing you you are in Christ...and that is wonderful, loving and compassionate. so laugh a little at the silliness that we all have about our selves..........boy i could tell you stories of some of the things that happened to me that would either make you laugh or cry....i laughed so hard that i did cry......boy that felt good. now ellie don't go sharing any stories, you here!!!!!

  3. Looks lovely Lovella,
    I aquired a childs reclilner a couple years back upholstered in orange vinyl. I soo badly want to redo it but don't know where to start. The sun is most definitely beautiful today! We had a picnic in the grass for lunch. The boys were psyched. They kept saying "this is the best picnic ever mom!" Aahhh! Affirmation!!! Hee hee. Have a great day!

  4. The chair looks great! It's gonna come in very handy for rockin' those grandkids ...

  5. What a gorgeous structure to that chair ~ love it. Your slip cover is beautiful, and I'm so glad you showed that fabric who's the boss!! ;o)

  6. Great job on the chair. Rollkuchen . . . you really know how to tempt me. I make it during the summer months when watermelon is in abundance. My family loves this as a meal. I made your recipe for platz yesterday and shared it with some friends today--now everyone wants the recipe! It was SO good! Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

  7. You really got that fabric to mind! It's beautiful. I love the way it lays so nice. Looking forward to seeing the rollkuchen!

  8. hi lovella im roselle fron the Phiippines and i love reading ur stories. by the way im looking for a blog friend =) hope to hear from u soon. God bless


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