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I'm working in my office this morning but I thought I'd give you a quick pic of yesterday's lunch since my sweetie was good enough to pose and take a picture. We had lunch at the Cactus Club. He asked . .do you want to sit outside? I kind of looked and wondered if I'd be chilly since it was still in the shade. Knowing we should spend every moment of the sunny day outdoors, I said Sure. I told him I'd meet him in a minute and when I arrived at the table there was a blanket on my chair. How delightful. They provide them for our chilly Canadian almost summer days. We shared a pesto chicken quesadillas with a little salad and some fries. Oh it was yummy. We like to have a light lunch so that we can enjoy a bit of a treat in the afternoon.
While we were walking we spotted this Ferrari across the street. Terry told me to take a picture of it for Stuart . . .(Hi Stu) and I thought it was very nice of the owner to park in front of a Canadian Souvenir shop.

Later that evening he knocked on the door and when I came to see what he was knocking on the door for, he presented me with the first raspberries of the season. Sweet.
So, we had a wonderful day. I do hope yours was as well.
Do you have raspberry fields where you live?


  1. My Oma and Opa have raspberry bushes in their garden and they taste so good with ice cream! Yum!

  2. You look so pretty in the restaurant!!
    So the raspberries are ripe??
    They are my favorite berry..I'll have to head out for the Raspberry Capital to buy my supply!!

  3. oh i love fresh raspberries with custard! Looks like you guys hada nice date!

  4. Men and cars...
    That is one nice red ferrari, but I'm really impressed with the raspberries!
    Happy you had such a lovely time, Blessings...

  5. Lovely pics..I also am more impressed with the pic of the berries than the car! And a beautiful pic of you Lovella and your 'date'. But where are your glasses??
    I am still waiting for my berries to ripen...
    It was a donut making morning for my grandson and me!

  6. Happy First Day of Summer!
    And I loved Terry's oh-so-stylish orange shirt.
    The boy has it going ON!

  7. Those quesadillas are making me hungry! Love your photo's.

  8. Just last night my husband came in with a handful of raspberries for me also. The previous owner here has a perfect size little crop of them planted. Nothing better than being fed fresh raspberries out of your husbands hands. The best, 'I was thinking of you' gift.
    Have a good day.


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