a strong cord of love

This weekend two years ago we gave you our blessing to marry and we have never regretted it once. When a man and a woman pledge their vows before God and those they love . . something very special happens . . .a strong and beautiful cord develops. Bea the vision that you had of your wedding day was nothing short of gorgeous. The flowers, the dresses, the setting, the music . . . . .all of it was an extension of the creativity that you have as a woman. You were the girl that our son fell in love with.

We enjoyed each and every part of that day. It was truly a celebration.
As I looked at the wedding pictures I realized that the photo with the son and parents alone would never feel right without Bea now. What a difference a few minutes can make.
Together you face whatever life brings you . . .. Together with God you are a cord of three that is stronger than you were alone. You balance one another with strength and grace. I always wondered when our boys were little who would love them and who would they love. We are so blessed in our family to have such wonderful daughters by love.
As you stood together at the altar, you weren't alone. Both of you had family who loved you and supported this union.

Terrence was doubly blessed to have gained another set of parents who love him and pray for him.

Creation Calls

by Brian Doerksen

I have felt the wind blow

Whispering Your name

I have seen Your tears fall

When I watch the rain

And how could I say there is no God

When all around creation calls

A singing bird, a mighty tree

The vast expanse of open sea

Gazing at a bird in flight

Soaring through the air

Lying down beneath the stars

I feel Your presence there

I love to stand at ocean's shore

And feel the thundering breakers roar

To walk through golden fields of grain

'neath endless blue horizon's frame

Listening to a river run

Watering the earth

Fragrance of a rose in bloom

A newborn's cry at birth

I believe . . .I believe . . .I believe

(the song that Bea walked down the aisle to)

The wedding party. What would a wedding be without a party?

You have been blessed with wonderful friends. Friends that encourage you and hope the best for you.

This coming year will be filled with new experiences and adventures. I can say this with assurance since in our 29 years of marriage we are still learning and enjoying new things.

We pray that God will continue to give you joy in your marriage. May you be blessed.

(photos by Scot Pankratz)


  1. Lovella, you are a blessing to your sons and their wives. This is a beautiful post. The wedding photos are equally beautiful. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us!

  2. (Misty eyed) The cord of flowers, what a beautiful design. Here's to that happy day, and the happy years that followed, and to the happy years that are yet to come!

  3. Happy anniversary Terence and Bea! It was such a beautiful wedding! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

  4. Beautiful setting, beautiful photos, beautiful bride and handsome groom. What a wonderful tribute to your son and daughter. Blessings on many more years together!

  5. Wow, what a nice family and what a wonderful mother in law you must be. God is good!


  6. Beautiful photos!!!! Looooooove it all!!!

  7. That was a beautiful moment in June! The gray day just made Bea and Terrance shine that much more. Wish them a wonderful anniversary for me, as I know that they are a blessed couple! May God continue to cover them in his wings and take them on adventures that they only display His love greater.

    As for your dress, coat and matching purse, you are an amazing seamstress! Such creativity and exactness could only be found in Paris or New York! You looked lovely, and far too young to be the mother of the groom! :)

  8. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Terrance and Bea! The day looked absolutely beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful tribute to Terrance and Bea on their wedding anniversary !!
    Congratulations to the lovely couple!!
    I loved the cord of flowers too..I've never seen that before but it is beautiful...

  10. What a beautiful couple! Funny as I was looking at the group picture I realized that one of the groomsmen is the brother of a good friend of mine. Small world. :)
    We had Scot as our photographer as well. He's very talented!
    What a beautiful post!

  11. This is truly a beautiful post and I really enjoyed the photos, too!

  12. That was a wonderful day! What a beautiful post! You had me in tears! You are a blessing to your family! The extended one too! Love you!
    Happy Anniversary Terry & Bea!

  13. Happy Anniversary Terrance & Bea. Loved the pic's - gorgeous! Wishing you another fabulous year together!

  14. You write the sweetest tributes to you children on their birthdays and anniversaries. How lovely it's been to share in these precious memories with you.

  15. What a lovely pictures! Happy anniversary to your son and daughter by love!

    That Brian Doerksen song is one of my husband's favourites.

  16. What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous dress. I saved the picture and sent it to my daughter. The design of the dress is very simple but it is a quintessential dress. Blessings that they have many happy years together.


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