30 years ago

'Tis the season for high school graduations in our local schools. It's such an exciting time to be in the last few weeks of high school. It's been thirty years since Terry and I graduated. 1977 was the same year that Elvis died. Queen Elizabeth was celebrating 25 years of her reign. The space shuttle made its first test flight. A 44 pound lobster was caught off of the Nova Scotia coast. The television show Three's Company made its debut.
Yellow was in that year. I recall wearing yellow often. I've noticed that yellow is making a come back again this year and you wonder if the fashion designers systematically reintroduce colors. My mom made my grad dress. It was a Belinda Belville (I think) Vogue Pattern. She changed it slightly by scalloping the top and added some embroidery. Hats were very popular and mine had a yellow chiffon ribbon that can't be seen. Terry my grad date bought me the largest and most beautiful corsage.
We didn't go to the grad dance since my parents felt quite strongly against dances. Looking back now I marvel at my lack of rebellion. My curfew for that evening was later than usual. After the graduation ceremony we went into the city and enjoyed a dinner for two at a sky view revolving restaurant. I was home by midnight.

This was Terry's car that year. He came to the farm to see me nearly every day that he could. Even back then he was very particular about keeping his car clean. He would come over and the cats would sit on his hood . .. every day. It's not surprising that he's never really been fond of cats since that time. Every day he would go home and rewash his car. He kept coming. I'm glad he liked me more than he disliked my cats.
Terry and I went to the twenty year reunion and agreed at that time that when the next one came along for our 30th we would opt out and go out for dinner again just the two of us. I'm waiting for the invite. It's going to cost him a little more than a dinner at the top of the revolving restaurant this year. I think I'd like to stay the night. I'm holding out.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to clean the house.


  1. Yellow looks lovely on you Lovella! I enjoyed seeing your grad photo's. I see you have a beautiful ring on your finger...were you engaged at that time? Terry's car must have been so cool back then!

  2. How fun is that...
    So much fun to see the 30 year old photos. Hard to believe so much time has passed. I hope your dinner out is marvelous.
    Blessings. What kind of car is that a Camaro? or a Firebird?

  3. Candice, thank you, The ring on my left hand was a promise ring that I got from Terry in grade 11 for Christmas. The watch that I was wearing was a Seiko which was a grad gift from him.

    His car was very cool. He bought it brand new in grade 11. He was a Safeway employee. He worked every Monday Thursday and Friday evening and every Saturday.

  4. Ellen it was a Camaro, we had it until after our first was born, we sold it then for something more sensible.

  5. I love the yellow dress and hat!! Thank you for sharing the pics.

  6. WOW! Lovella your life could be made into a movie!!! I don't think I've EVER known anyone that married their high school sweetheart you know??? Thanks for that sneak preview into a wonderful life you have!

  7. Thanks for sharing your grad photos. They looked awesome! (Much better than mine was.)

  8. Great memories! Yes, yellow WAS the color! I think I even made that dress --- I'll have to see if I can find a picture. The scalloped edge on the neckline threw me off at first. And oh, the floppy hats! Yes, I had one of those too! And the boyfriend with the fancy car --- uh-huh! That boyfriend is now my husband and he doesn't like cats either!

  9. Smile --- I just read your comments. Shall I go on? LOL! My watch was a Seiko too, a gift from boyfriend, but I didn't get mine until we were engaged. :) I still have it and it works beautifully. I wish I could say my wrist was that narrow yet (I know yours is!).

    I hope your lavender thrives!

  10. The best part about going to your 30 year reunion is seeing all your classmates parents again. It is simply amazing how they have never changed over the year, the parents all have same smiles, laughs, mannerisms as you remembered them having.

    Except, oops, those folks at the reunion are not your classmate's parents. They are your classmates, now at the age their parents were when you graduated. Eeek!
    The funniest part of the whole deal is that I liked some of my friend's parents better than I liked my friends.
    It was disappointing to have to talk to Geoff C., my classmate, instead of his funny dad, and sit next to Cathy I. instead of her facinating mother.
    Enjoy your revolving diner, and spending a night in a hotel with your oh so steady beau...see if you can sweet talk him into wearing tux and bringing you a corsage! A prom dress would be a fun touch too...see if one of Becky's student would let you borrow one for the night.

  11. Hi Lovella, that other Julie wasn't me... how are we going to tell the difference?? It seems she is not long winded like me... that could be the give away !! smile

    How can it be 30 years since you graduated!! -without you being old that is! smile

    You looked lovely in your yellow dress and hat. Funny, my Mom begged me to have a yellow grad dress -- not my favorite colour nor did it look good on me, but she begged me to do it just for her... so I guess the non-rebellious gene we share , made me give in and I had a yellow grad dress!!

    I hope you get your invite soon!!!

  12. (wait for it....here it comes...)
    And the yellow hat was adorable. Now wonder you already had a promise ring on your finger, men just can't resist a girl in a hat!

  13. You brought back similar memories for me too! I'm also married to the boyfriend who took me to grad and then to the Revolving
    Restaurant because we didn't dance.
    He drove a '67 Firebird that he kept waxed and perfectly clean. I love how you share your stories and give friends cause to reminisce as well. Thank you. Oh, and I just remembered, he bought my grad dress for me and it had a yellow and orange flowered pattern on it! Were were those boys when my girls graduated?

  14. I loved the photos of your beautiful grad dress! I graduated in 1978 and intend on going to my 30th reunion, but then, I didn't have a high school sweetheart! However my sweetheart also graduated in 1977, from Mission Central Highschool. I can't believe it's been 30 years. How time flies. I love the photos from your past. Your blog is lovely.

  15. I've seen you in another post with this dress on and was very surprised that you could still wear your graduation dress(no offense intended). I'm very impressed and wanted to ask you, if you don't mind.

    How do you keep so fit and able to keep your "youthful" figure?


  16. Seriously? I'm smiling here since you are annonymous. . it could be my beloved pulling my leg or my kids .. but I'll tell you briefly.

    I eat when I am hungry .. .eat slowly .. and stop as soon as I feel full. That's it. I am blessed with good metabolism.
    I've done a lot of walking for exercise. . but that's about it.

  17. Hello Lovella,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply and tips, it's much appreciated. You don't look a day over 35 and have a lovely glow about you!

    Kind regards.


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