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As I write today's post, I am mindful of sadness and disappointment
concerning Mother's Day.
Many dread this day, for many reasons. We know them all.
We've only to look around us and listen to the many stories of heartbreak.
Without even trying I can think of five people who won't be able to say what I say and it makes me reticent to share my thoughts.
I know I am very blessed and in turn my desire is to bless others.
If Mother's Day is a happy day for you, be thankful.
I am thankful for a mom who married the man she loved and stayed married to him. She knew that her promise was in fact forever and not until love died. Love did not die.
I am thankful for a mom who taught me to love Jesus. She lived out her faith as best as she could. She wasn't perfect and never thought that she was.
I am thankful that she loved me with a love so palpable and protective that even in her dying breath she said she was sorry that I had to watch her die.
I am thankful that she sewed and mended so that I could be properly dressed even when we were what in today's standard in North America . . .is considered poor.
I am thankful that she cooked proper meals (oh . . the pots of potatoes she must have peeled).
I am thankful that she loved our children. She was such a wonderful Grandmother.
I am thankful that she minded her own business. Terry and I can rarely remember a time that she tried to interfere in our marriage. (wise woman) She taught me so much about leaving and cleaving and I admire her wisdom.
I am thankful that she respected my husband and trusted him even when I got married at 19.
I am thankful that she prayed every day of her life, (of that I am certain) for me.

At a relatively young age I was blessed with another mom. Terry's Mom has been my other mom longer than she hasn't been. She was 42 when we got married. My mom was 56.
I was shocked when I saw her for the first time, it had never occurred to me that she might be so young. She has been a mom that has used her energy to be helpful at every opportunity.
Her love language is acts of kindness. (so is her son's)
She has always been willing to help us and now often her grandchildren.
Every Christmas she bakes up a storm of cookies.
She bakes peppermint cookies, and butter tarts and all sorts of delectable treats.
She has always been willing to make hot dog relish, or a batch of jam, or whatever else she finds out we need or want.
Just last week, Terrence showed up with a heap of loose change. Mom dragged it around town until she found a bank that had a change machine and then she paid the fee so that her grandson wouldn't be gypped out of one cent.
I still remember coming home from the hospital to clean sheets after the birth of our first son. She had stripped the bed including the mattress cover and pillow protectors
taken them home, washed them, hung them out to dry and then made the bed just perfectly.
She has said many many times . ."Can I do something? . ..I don't mind helping"
She said that not 10 minutes ago concerning Mother's Day brunch tomorrow.

So, on this Mothers day, I am incredibly blessed.
Our lives are a journey with many changes.
Women are such a vital part of other women's lives.
We need each other.
When I look at what I have, I see how God has in His wisdom has given me all that I need.
I have a wonderful mother by love.
I have two darling daughters by love.
I have sister in laws who mean the world to me.
I have nieces that are close to my heart.
I have aunts that have shown me such love.
I have friends that listen to me and understand my heart and love me regardless.
God has given me more than I could have ever dreamt.
Those of you that know me, know . . . that as I write this, I have thought of you and have thanked God for the blessing you have been in my life.

To all the women in my life, I love you . . .Thank you.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Well said..what more can I add?? Only to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day, Lovela and to all Moms everywhere.

  2. Sorry...I know that the proper way to spell your name is Lovella

  3. Hi Lovella,

    I am sure mother's day is hard for you without your mom. You have made a lovely tribute to her though and I am sure she is looking down on you from heaven with love. I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day tomorrow with your family.

    P.S. I have a photo very similar to yours of lilacs on my post today. :)

  4. Oh Betty, no offense taken at all.
    When I was in grade three, my teacher called me Lou Vella the entire year. That offended me a wee bit, but I never said anything beacause I didn't want to get into trouble.
    I just appreciate the you have the V in there and not a U.
    Even then, you are so sweet, I think I'd let it go. (smile)

  5. What a lovely tribute to the lovely women in your life. Women all worthy of praise!
    Ever wonder what Jesus says to his mother on our modern Mother's Day celebration?

    By the way, around our area, your name would pronounced La-val-el-la.
    Or possibly La-val-el-er.
    In case you were wondering.

  6. Your post is beautiful ... what a great tribute!

  7. I say 'amen' to those to took the words out of my mouth... you are indeed blessed but you share those blessings with everyone around you, and bless them in return.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day! A special one this year!! smile

  8. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Lovella. Thanks for sharing what is on your heart.

  9. Happy Mother's Day Lovella - tomorrow. I do know many women who have deep hurts around mother's day. We do well to be mindful of them as you suggest. I enjoyed your honoring post of women - mothers and daughters.

  10. Happy Mother's Day, Lovella. I'm glad you have sweet memories of your mom, and although you miss her greatly, I know the memories she created in you keep you strong. My mother passed away 2 1/2 years ago --- and my mother-in-law 5 years ago. We miss them so much, especially upon occasions like this week-end. It is our job as mother's, wives, women --- to carry on, sharing the things they taught us, to the next generation and the next. May God bless in these efforts.

  11. I have wondeful memories of my Mom who has been a resident of heaven for almost 21 years now. Your post is beautiful & I echo you...I, too, am so blessed with amazing women in my life - most especially my daughter, daughter in love, and sister. I also have two beautiful little women in my life - my granddaughters.
    Happy mothers day to you!

  12. ps - wonderful (I do know how to spell)
    pps - finally, my comment worked!

  13. Such a beautiful tribute, Lovella. I am fortunate enough that my mother and mother-in-law are still living, although both are in poor health and both live 900 miles away (I'm traveling next week to visit them!).

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day and weekend...and be blessed.

  14. That was lovely! I got misty eyed!
    You are, indeed, blessed. Happy MOthers day to you!

  15. That made me cry! Partly hormones I'm sure! Once again I look back to when I first came into the family and remember like it was yesterday the love that grew in my heart for her. She just touched me in a special way. Although I only knew her for 1 1/2 years, she most definitely left a legacy of wifehood, motherhood, and grandmotherhood. One we all would do well of following. Happy Mother's Day to you Lovella. May the blessings in your life continue to be overflowing as you celebrate all the "hoods" mentioned above in the years to come! Love you lots!

  16. Hi Lovella, Thank you for your heads up about changing your links to names. I would appreciate just leaving it as is. There are other blogs that still use my first name, but I intend to request they change it to my blog title. Some have been quicker at it than others. ;) Thanks again for your concern.

  17. This was beautiful to read and I'm glad you said those words that you did.
    Your mum sounds a lot like my mum. I'm glad we can look back over the years and just see how richly blessed we are with the mothers God gave us.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  18. You've said it so well....I was charmed by these words and will read them blessed

  19. Happy Mother's Day Lovella! Like you I have also been blessed with a wonderful mother and mother in law!

  20. Lovella, how blessed you are....My husband's mother was like a mother to me also. We lived next door to each other and had no problems...She died two years before my mother and I felt like I lost two mothers.....I do miss them both so much.....
    Happy Mother's Day to you....

  21. Lovella you are a wonderful Mother... I'm sure that your kid's gave you a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. Looking forward to hearing how you spent the day!

  22. I, too, feel very blessed with wonderful women in my life. God is so great and provides for us in many different ways. Each women brings something different to my life and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for this tribute and reminder.


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