my brother

You may not remember right off the bat but some very
important things have happened on May 11.
In 1502 Columbus started his fourth and final voyage to the "Indies".
In 1812 the waltz was introduced to English ballrooms.
In 1816 the American Bible Society was formed.
In 1947 BF Goodrich introduced the tubeless tire.
In 1974 Steeley Dan released "Ricky Don't lose that Number".
While all these things are important dates in history,
I'd like us to focus just a moment on my brother
because history also includes the day he
was born.
Gerry was the fourth son born in succession in the family.
My mom and dad were proud as punch to have four boys.
Mom sewed up suits like there was no tomorrow.
She relished in the fact that Gerry had her
love for music.
He learned to play piano by just listening and watching her play.
He could play with both hands before he took his first lesson
and long before his feet could reach the floor.
He played in recitals and made her proud.
While Mom gave Gerry the artsy side my Dad gave
Gerry the humorous side.
He developed the funniest sense of humor.
When I was old enough to go to school, I learned very early
that Gerry was the funny one on the bus.
I was proud of him, just because he was my brother.
Years later he let me tag along on a double date,
he gave me the blessing that my date was
marriage material. Sincere thanks on that one.
He played the organ at our wedding.

This picture is taken on top of Crowsnest Mountain

in the Rocky Mountains.

He did not know it yet but he was in the beginning stages

of Multiple Sclerosis.

He along with Terry and Terrence and Stuart

climbed it one summer.

Years later, he became a pastor.
As a son and a pastor,
spoke words of comfort
when our mom and dad
were laid to rest.
Words so lovingly spoken by their son.
He also had the joy of asking our sons
the important questions at their weddings.
He performed the marriage ceremonies.

He was there when I was still quite young and not a great swimmer.

I can still hear him say, "stop dunking my sister."

I can still see him checking to see if I was OK.

.....just as if it were yesterday.

God makes each family so unique.

Some girls have no brothers,

I was especially blessed with four.

I have always had wonderful men in my life.

I often think of how proud my mom was with her sons.

She was blessed to have had that fourth son

and so was I.

So Gerry,

I pray that God will bless you today.

Our family all loves you so much,

you are a great brother, uncle and friend

and we are still just as proud of you today.

Pop on over and give Gerry a birthday blessing, we all need those.


  1. Very Sweet! Happy Birthday Uncle Gerry! Lovella, when I look at that last picture of you & your brothers- I couldn't believe how much you look like Tammy/Shaye! Wow!

  2. Happy Birthday Gerry! And Lovella, I love that you're in some of the pictures ... you look so adorable!

  3. What a lovely post!Beautiful thoughts and pictures. I hope that my daughter will be able to write such a sweet tribute to her brothers someday.(yes she has 4 older brothers!)

    That comment "Stop dunking my sister" sounds kind of familiar! :)

    Happy birthday Gerry!

  4. wow! that's very sweet, Lovella. I do believe, however, the tubeless tire guy gave me the tube to wear.

  5. What a sweet tribute, Lovella. The pictures are priceless!

    Happy Birthday, Gerry! May you have many more.

    Today is my sister's birthday ('s her 50th!). That's another significant fact for this date.

  6. Happy birthday Gerry, and Lovella you are so blessed. Brothers are amazing, I have one...he's pretty amazing himself, although I don't think I tell him that enough. What a strong man he is, wow! God has definitely touched your family!!

  7. Happy Birthday Gerry, Lovella's lucky to have you for a brother and vise versa of course!! I too think it's a fine blog you write...strikes my funny bone many a time.
    I love pictures from yesteryear..thanks Lovella for sharing!

  8. Fifth and last child, only girl with four older brothers, all the makings for a princess... you rose to the occasion, Lovella!
    Memory-trigger photos--seems like yesterday!
    "Happy Birthday, Gerry!"

  9. What a beautiful tribute to your brother --- and what a lucky girl you are. Four brothers? I didn't even get one and ALWAYS wanted one!

    Happy Birthday to Gerry!

  10. Thank you for visiting Gracious Hospitality this morning, Lovella. The felted flowers were stitched by my mom. I love them too --- my sis has them --- so I just took pictures to enjoy. I do have acouple of my own, though, and will post them soon.

  11. What a nice tribute to your brother. May 11th is also mine and Scott's wedding anniversary since you are listing important things that happened on that day. Today marks our 5 year. Hope you have a great day and Happy Birthday Gerry!!!

  12. Very touching post Lovella. I stopped by Gerry's blog and it looks like he is getting the most precious gift today. How wonderful is that?!

  13. Lovely tribute! Happy birthday, Gerry.

  14. Great tribute to your brother. I have four brothers, 3 younger and 1 older. Blessings!


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