the inside of the farmhouse

Sometime ago I gave you a picture into our beginnings on the farm. Good times.
Today I'll give you a peek into what I saw on my first day here. These are
the Polaroids that I brought to Safeway to show Terry.
The before shots are all he saw of the house before moving day.
I had great confidence in his Mr. Fixer Upper abilities.

This was the living room. When we peeled away the fake brick there was a big dark burned hole in the wall. At one point the house had nearly burned down.
What a pity, Terry said.

We completely removed the fireplace. We felt that the space could be used to put our antique cupboard that my grandfather built in 1939 for my parents first piece of furniture.

The kitchen had dark paneling all around it. I didn't want to take too many pictures because the lady that lived in it followed me around. They had recently removed a eating nook from the opposite wall.

These are actually our second renovation pictures. When the boys moved out we went to it once again and redid the floors and removed walls.

Remember I told you that they had recently removed the breakfast nook. I found it.
They had two lawnmowers in the house. One of them was in the hall closet and the other one in the family room.

Terry often says he is glad he was only 35 when we moved to the farm. Tackling that now would seem quite overwhelming.

This is where we spend our evenings. It's all quite small and cozy. It doesn't take too long to clean from top to bottom and that suits me just fine.

When I went to see Terry that day at the store, he kept asking me for more info. I told him there was a peculiar odor that I couldn't put my finger on. I did feel a little concerned about that. When we began to rip the walls apart, we found part of the odour.

We still laugh when we think about the first few months living here. We were very thankful to have friends that came and lent us a hand. We'll never forget their kindness.

I can't believe the weekend is here again. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'll be posting a birthday post for my little one.

Have a great day my friends.


  1. Wow, that does look like quite the undertaking! You and Terry did a beautiful job - it all looks great!!

  2. Thanks for the memory, Lovella. I still smile when I remember the stories we heard when you first moved there!
    And yes, being young does help! No undertaking seems tooooo big at that age!!
    Do we have less energy now? or just more wisdom???:-)

    One thing I love about a mess or old houses -- you can't go anywhere but better!!!
    You and Terry did a marvelous job!
    Your home is lovely, not just the decor but the warm welcome that greets you when you step through the door.

  3. What a transformation! How did all that trash get into a wall? No wait! I don't want to know! LOL

  4. You've done a beautiful job Lovella! I loooove renovating.

  5. Mr. Fix it is an understatement! It looks absolutely amazing now!

    Wow, good job you guys. That gives fixer-upper a whole new meaning!

  7. Wow...what a transformation. I had no idea! You have done an AMAZING job with the place. It now looks so cozy, clean and put together now... well done!

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding the cupcakes... will keep looking out for recipes,& play with a few to see what turns out best!

  8. What a wonderful renovation job - I love your sitting room - it's so cozy! I can imagine you reading "Anne" there this weekend :)

  9. Our home in Washington is an old house. We find surprises behind every wall! You've done a wonderful job renovating. Our next project is our main floor bathroom which is hard to tackle while "dear" my husband is working full-time in southern California! We'll be patient and see when that project can be feasible. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Lawnmowers in the house! Oh that is just the craziest thing. And garbage in the walls? You were so brave!

  11. What a difference you've made! You've turned a house into a home.

    And of course the lawn mower would be kept in the living room - where else would someone keep it????! :)

    Unlike lbp, I want to know!

  12. It looks amazing. I have such a hard time envisioning how something could be improved upon, so I doubt I would've taken on such a task, but I'm always impressed with people who do .. and do it so well.

  13. Oh my Lovella! That is crazy!! Who puts garbage behind the walls and how might I ask did they? You know your place BEFORE still looks much better than my Father-in-law's new place, I don't know how he's going to ever get that place cleaned up.

    I LOVE BEFORE and AFTER pictures too so thanks for sharing them!!!

  14. Oh and YES your place LOOKS MUCH BETTER NOW!!! I love it!

  15. Hmmm...lawnmowers in the house?? And garbage in the wall?? I have to say whatever it took to make it really did it!! It looks great now and I can just imagine the warm welcome friends get when they come over!

  16. Before I clear this out of my saved reads, I just had to pop in and say how much I enjoyed seeing the transformation of this diamond in the rough! A good lesson in "never judge a book by it's cover!" ;o)


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