where does the morning go?

So this last weekend we enjoyed some pretty chilly weather. Good thing to since it was a long weekend . .(tongue firmly in cheek). We celebrated Stuart's birthday at Stuart and Karlee's house. He fired up his new barbecue and Grandma brought her famous potato salad, I brought the ice cream cake and rhubarb bar. Good times were had by all. Karlee's family was there as well, it's a good thing when two families can join together and celebrate and enjoy each others company.
Yesterday, I did the unthinkable. I was sent an email by a friend asking me to join face book. I debated and then the curiosity got the better of me and the button was pressed. I had heard about this new phenomena geared mostly to (in my opinion) young adults. Oh, but they said, you will be able to find high school friends. It's amazing they said. The network is just crazy.
All right, I thought. I entered in my high school and the year that I graduated, zip. Apparently this new craze hasn't yet caught on to last generation. I did find it quite fascinating however to find quite a few of my blogger friends and am now considered their friends. Essentially how it seems to work, is you put down your profile, as much or little as you like. Since you have probably been invited by someone, you have at least one friend. You can state for the record how you know these friends. From there, you can take a peek at their friends. You may then "poke" someone. The poke basically is saying. . .hey I'm here, you want to be friends?
So, it doesn't take long to find a bunch of people you know. Younger people mind you, but I didn't let that destroy my enthusiasm for the new time wasting endeavour. I just poked my younger generation friends willy nilly and was happily poked back.
The one thing about Facebook is that only people that you already know have access to your info. So, if lets say you had a lot of family living across the country, you could all link on this system and have a dialogue. It really is quite amazing.
I did find quite a few younger cousins. So, all in all, will I network with my generation? I'm somewhat doubtful. I'm sure I'll pull a few friends in. Did I feel younger and with it? Definitely not. I proudly announced to my kids last night at dinner . .(we celebrated once more) . .hey, I'm on facebook. Stuart already new this since he had gotten a good poke from me earlier in the day. The rest of them, just looked at me like . .Oh mom.

Having said all this, I have been feeling like my time has not been used as wisely lately as it should. I'm going to set some goals. It's very easy when not punching a clock to whittle away time. My sewing room is in need of some company. My flower gardens need more care, (I have been watching the weather channel and it is looking optimistic). I'm going to start cooking some new dishes. I bought a new cookbook on the weekend . .Martha Stewart's "good food fast". It seems like lately I have been rotating our favorite dishes and I'm bored with them.
So, what does this mean to you? Well, I may not blog everyday. I want to be a little more flexible. We'll play it by ear. I find the morning goes so quickly. By the time I write my little piece, which generally takes me under 30 minutes, and then I read some blogs, another 30 minutes, go for my walk another 30 minutes, come back to see if any friends stopped by to leave me a comment, another 15 minutes. . . . poof the morning is gone.
So, for today, I'm off to the market to see about a few ingredients I'll be needing. I'll let you know if any of the new recipes turn out. Does anyone else have that cookbook? It would be quite fun to cook from the same book wouldn't it? I just bought mine at Costco.
Okay, that's my thoughts for today, time to get something done. I'll be back later to see if you stopped by . . .(smile)
Oh and what is blooming in my garden right now? Pictured above is my clematis, 100 plus stems of pink peony and climbing hydrangea.


  1. Lovella, the picture of that purple flower is spectaclular!!
    What is it called?
    I can certainly understand what you are saying about the morning gone before you know it. I always find I get the most done when I start early in the morning.
    But not blogging every day?
    Aww.. but taking the pressure off yourself is a great idea!
    You weren't afraid of Prov. 25:17, were you? (haha! made you look it up!!) I don't think that applies in your case!! smile
    Summer does have a way of filling up our days even faster, doesn't it.
    Maybe all of us will be spending less time in the blogging world - and more with family and friends in the sunshine! and that can be a good thing!

  2. Just where does the morning go is my question too?? Just this morning I was thinking that I would give myself certain times to be at my computer,summer is just too busy. It will be hard because same as you Lovella, I have to go back to see if anything has been added..I'm off to enjoy in my case this morning, the rain!
    Love that purple flower...yeah what is it?
    I looked up that verse in Proverbs...oh my!

  3. yikes lovella......i won't be able to visit you everyday. i love doing that you know. but maybe then i will get on track with making better use of my time as well. i have a few piles that need tending...lol happy cooking , please do share some recipes. we all get in that cycle of making the same old. when i first go married i never made the same thing twice in a month and my family has gotten used to that kind of cooking. so i am always looking to make new things.

  4. Haven't visited you for a while. Sounds like you have a great plan. You'll have to write about the cookbook and tell us if we should buy it!
    For Reluctant Entertainers

  5. Man, I have GOT to come up there some year and see your garden! (And you too...)
    I love looking up my kids classmates on that other system, not facebook...just got back from a six hour train trip from Heidelberg so fuzzy..but I have found a lot of the kids (now grown up) that were in my kid's school. Some are wonderful, some make me sad.

  6. I agree with you Lovella. However, I have really felt uplifted at times reading your blog, and others of course, so from my end it hasn't been a waste of time! Hope you keep writing once in awhile, you are a talented writer. Now, I am off to get something done too!!


  7. I so understand the facebook. Thing. I just started two days ago and it seems a bit like a beast unleashed. I need to use my time wisely. Thanks for the reminder. Although I do agree with some of the others that I will miss you if you don´t blog everyday. Blessings, Leana

  8. Beautiful flowers. So you are really in the 21st century now on Face book! Congratulations. Looking forward to the recipes you decide on posting...Blessings as you figure out what to do about managing your time and projects!

  9. I have told my Mom about facebook, and she feels the smae as you, I plan on enticing her over though. My aunt is on it, and she just said today how she wishes more her age would so she could find old friends too!!
    I will be looking you up...

  10. Oh Lovella, your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!
    I have just recently heard about facebook, and am tempted to look into it. I'm just a bit hesitant as I spend a lot of time in blogland and the question is, do I REALLY want to add something else to distract me from things that need to be done around the house?!

  11. Good for you Lovella! Trying to embrace the "youngr thing" always keeps a person young. Or at least humble.
    your garden is amazing!!!

  12. Ahh, self discipline is a skill that we all need to keep sharp. I like the idea of goal setting as long as one is still flexible, which I completely see you to be! The cook book sounds very intriguing! I could use more quick recipes because when I usually get home from school, we are all hungry! let me know what you think. Is it another Costco purchase? UGH, I think it might be. Shall you take me shopping sometime again?

  13. I hear you Lovella with the whole finding your time to do other things more important!!! I too have been finding it hard to just sit down and blog when the weather is so nice! But since I "work" on the internet it's easy to just blog, you know? OH well! And you know it was rather nice to see you on Facebook!!! I was actually surprised...I saw your picture first and thought "aw I know her" and then I read your name, sure enough it was you!!! haha :)

  14. I have recently discovered your blog and thoroughly enjoy your writing style and diverse "publishings!" You truly have a gift to inspire as well as trigger reflective thoughts. Thank you for sharing who you are and your time. Elma P


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