putting in lawn

Yesterday while our kids went to work, we went to their house and
started to work on their front yard. We enjoyed the quietness of their neighborhood.
Even though we live in the county, we have a lot of truck traffic past our place.

As soon as Indee heard that we were going to do some yard work,
she offered to come and help. Digging is one of her best tricks right now.

Digging up junk that is.

First of all the high spots needed to be brought down

and the low spots
brought up.

Indee did her best to level the ground.

A dump truck load of top soil was delivered, and the real work began.

Terry moved an entire dump truck load of dirt with the wheel barrow.

I started to help load the wheel barrow but soon discovered that it was
hard work.

My job was to rake it out.

After the load of top soil was spread out, Terry used a ladder to
level it out.

Soon after the dirt load was moved, the kids arrived home
( our son with his newly attained Industrial First Aid level 2 certificate)
good to know, just in case . . .

They had with them a roller and it was rolled and now it is ready
for turf.
In the meantime I had Maui Ribs on the BBQ, with roasted potatoes,
fresh local asparagus, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread.
We had a wonderful day,
we enjoyed our picnic lunch on their front porch,
we laughed a little, talked a lot,
and kept talking about
what good parents we were.
Then we laughed some more.

We felt so appreciated when we went home,
we needed nothing else.

Today, I'm catching up on some office work and hopefully get outside to plant
some bedding plants. Have a wonderful day my friends.

Please continue to pray for Willie and Trudy and their family.
If you haven't already read Dawn's post today,
(Willie and Trudy's daughter by love)
please do.
We are seeing the Lord answer prayers . .
Blessed be the name of the Lord.


  1. You are great parents!! Your kids are blessed to have you. That was pretty awesome of you. It looks like a lot of hard work. And you made supper to boot, Lovella. You're a good mom. Hope you have a Happy, Happy Mother's Day!

  2. You are too funny Lovella. Talking about what great parents you are, that's wonderful!! Hopefully one day my kids will think that of Ryan and I. And your dinner sounds wonderful...makes me miss having a barbeque and really dislike the fact we live in balcony-less apartment. ha.

  3. How does that work. You were in my town and I in yours yesterday. Oh well thanks for dropping by to see me at my work even though it was my day off. If I had been there our visit would have cut into your raking time and Terry would have had to say"it's hard to find good help these days". Looks like you really blessed your kids. We'll have to take a drive by and see their place landscaped. They do live in a nice area. We may be doing a blessing trip next weekend to help build a deck and dig in the flower beds for Jason & Carissa. What fun. Ya know Lovella, both your parents and mine gave us those kind of blessings, now we are blessed to pass that blessing on to our kids and I'm confident that they will in turn pass the blessing on. How cool and fun is that. Kathy

  4. Lovella, you really do take on toooo much--Shovelling AND being the photographer? - you can't possibly do both!! smile
    And I see Indee read his last comments and took my advice after all!!

    You ARE good parents...but really just between you and me(we won't tell our kids) who is more blessed, the kids or us?? Family love is happiness shared.

    PS>How come you didn't invite us for dinner?? smile

  5. Wow! That is a lot of work! I'm impressed, and hope you will post the final picture of the sod and the landscaping in.
    I know what you mean about helping kid's with their houses. It is so much fun! I think it would be fun to buy a house together with the and rehab it. Laura and I do the interior decoration, and the boys do the heavy stuff.
    How come old Otis didn't get to come? Did he have to stay home and work? Poor Otis...barbeque too.

  6. Otis, in this point in his life, is far more interested in the picnics than the actual work.
    His postscript should be . .Its good to be me.

  7. You and Terry are marvelous parents! It's great that you were able to help out like that...and you even prepared a feast!

    Using the ladder to level the ground is a clever idea. You have not only a hard-working hubby, but a smart one, too.

    Lovella, have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  8. mmm - I'd like to come over and help and maybe stay for supper too!!

  9. How nice of you guys to do almost all the hard work before the kids got home - what great parents you are - they are lucky to have you.
    Have a great day!!!

  10. You really ARE good parents! I'm sure all your hard work was much appreciated and some good food at the end of the day - what more could one want? :)

  11. Whew - that is a *lot* of work and you two really *are* good parents! :o) BBQ, too?? Yum!

  12. Wow, I actually had a moment and had to come for a visit! You are immeasurably good parents! How old are you again???? 25? How does that work with kids who own a house? Are the adopted?? How do I find me some kids that are self-supportive?
    I hope you enjoy the sunshine and "fill your boots" with joy!

  13. wow Indee sure looks like she had a good time! That's so nice of you and Terry to do that for Terence & Bea. I am sure they were greatful. See you Sunday at High Tea!

  14. Looks like you got a lot accomplished! And your puppy is so very cute, what's his name again now? Otis Junior??


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