join together . .

Jason and Carissa at their wedding
and the picture below is Willie (Jason's dad) in the dark T shirt decorating for the reception

A few years ago Terry and I went to Calgary Alberta to our little neighbor girls wedding. Our good friends Scot and Kathy's daughter was being married and having known Carissa her whole life, . . .staying home and not going to the wedding was not an option.

While we were there we briefly met her future inlaws Willie and Trudy. Ironically, only a short while ago one of my commenters . . .Charlotte realized there was a connection as she is Trudy's very close cousin.

Yesterday while out for his jog, Willie was found unconcious and was given CPR until Paramedics arrived. He is now in a induced coma in the hospital. At this point not much is known and they are in much

need of prayer.

Both Charlotte and Kathy have sent out an urgent request for prayer.

As we continue with adding items of thankfulness to Friday's post, let us join together and ask that God would touch Willies body with perfect healing.

Pray for Willie, Trudy and the children.

Kathy and Charlotte will continue to give us updates . .
thank you for your prayers


  1. Thank you in advance for all your prayers. Kathy

  2. Will pray for Willie+Trudy and their kids.

  3. Am praying for Willie and the family...God is with you, may you feel His comfort!

  4. Thank you for posting the pictures, Lovella and the heart goes out to them and my prayers are added to the others for Willy's full recovery and peace and comfort for Kathy and the family.

  5. I am praying for Willie and his family.

  6. just a quick update on Willy's condition. At midnight Calgary time the Dr.'s are hopeing to bring him out of the coma. He must respond fairly quickly or he may never come out of it. Please continue to pray. Life is hard for the family. Ryan and Dawn are expecting their second child any day now and she is not able to be with Ryan in Calgary, which is very tough for her. They are staying with me for now. Pray for strength, peace and comfort. Willy's little granddaughter is just 20 months old and such a precious thing, so oblivious to everything and carefree. If only we were like little children and able to trust God so completely!!

  7. Thanks for the update Charlotte.

    We will continue to hold this family up to the Lord.

  8. Carissa just called and they are heading home for a bit of sleep. They all want to be at the hospital early in the morning when they are trusting Willie will start to wake up. They are feeling the prayers that are being prayed and are grateful for each one. Dawn, we are praying for you as you are with Ava are at Charlotte's. How wonderful to have family to care for us:) We know it is hard for you and Ryan to be apart at this time and also being so close to your due date. We pray for your health and strength as well. Your little ones are precious in His sight. We thank you again for the prayers for our dear family. Kathy

  9. Willy
    Step one he is breathing on his own

    Thankyou Jesus

    Still waiting, still trusting

  10. yesterday, just before bed as we were winding down, Trudy's mom, Dawn, Ellie and I had time for tea, the elixar for sympathy with a delicious piece of paska (lovella's recipe, that is how we found her blog), and drinking out of our Oma's tea cups,(also the teacup that lovella is showcasing as her favorite for the month) and had a wonderful time of fellowship, relection, prayer and graditude. Thankyou Lovella for being such an amazing presence in our lives in an indirect way but so significantly.
    I share this just so that we may all be mindful of being God's hands, feet and voice, we never know who is watching or listening. You are a Real Blessing and encouragement Lovella.
    Kathy, you are a truly blessed woman to have such a faithful friend and a beautiful daughter whom Trudy and Willy adore and cherish. She and Jason are such pillars of Faith,a true testiment of being raised by Godly faithful parents. Well done faithful servant, well done.


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