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It seems like lately I'm rushing out the door. Today, I'm heading out with my mom in law for a mother daughter day shopping. Not wanting to leave without a brief word, I thought I'd show you a few pictures from a few evenings ago at Stuart and Karlee's. Karlee was heading to work, Terry and Stuart were working on their basement. That left me and Tobee to entertain ourselves. Every year I look forward to the Rhododendron bush that blooms in the yard behind them. It is just huge and beautiful.

Tobee already knows the drill. Um, . . . Tobee, can you go sit nice by that pot so Grandma can take a picture of you?

After enjoying some time on the patio we decided to head out for a walk. I had never taken Tobee for a walk before. Stuart put on his vest and leash and away we went.

We made sure we were back in time to watch Gilmore Girls. Stuart told Tobee that he shouldn't watch it with me, on account of it being a girl show. He's a sweet little pup though and I bribed him by throwing a sock over the coffee table no less than 100 times for him to fetch. Occasionally I needed it to dab my tears. Crazy show.

Well, I'm off to get ready for the day, I'll do my 30 minute walk while shopping.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I love these little snapshots of your life, Lovella. The photos are great, too! ;)

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a Rhododendron bush so big! It's beautiful.

    You've convinced me to go rent the first season of Gilmore Girls - I've never watched it before.

  3. Lovella, I agree with Vicki that you have a gift in sharing 'snapshots' of your life that bless others!
    And yes the rhododendron bush is beautiful... How I love spring's joyful burst of blooms!

  4. I was over at Karlee's today and i have to say i admired the rhodoendron bush as well. I can't believe how big and beautiful it is. Is it my imagination or i'm a correct when i say the ones you can buy are not nearly as nice or interesting looking as the once that are 40 years or older. The once in my parents yard are just amazingly beautiful. I can't wait to see your roses this year Lovella!

  5. Tobee is such a sweet little pooch! Now, what were Stuart and Terry working on in the basement?... a kiddies playroom perhaps?! =) Hope you had a fantastic shopping day with your mother-in-law.

  6. I think that is the cutest rat I have ever seen! I hope Otis doesn't meet him and decide to have lunch! ;-)
    Thank you for the lovely comment, you are such a dear!

  7. I LOVE TOBEE!! He is so cute...let me know when it father's pups if it does...

  8. You're in my post today. Transport yourself over and have a look!
    Blessings...the little doggy is so cute.

  9. That dog is SOOOO cute! I love that over the shoulder look. He's ready to go!


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