Henry comes to see Miss Ella

Last evening my brother and sis in law . .
Ken and Mary came over with Henry.
Henry the Ford has lived within my sis in laws family his whole life.
Before he lived with them Henry lived with Mary's Dad and Mom.
He's a family treasure.
My brother Richard restored him to his present state.
Henry is a little sweet on Miss Ella. Ever since Miss Ella came to the farm,
Henry has been sprucing up waiting for an invite.

Henry was most anxious to show off his compartments.
Pretty fancy

I think Henry is a wee bit concerned about the possibility of rising waters.
There's been talk about flooding and it's put Henry in a bit of a tizzy.
Miss Ella has literally gone to pieces.
We assured her that Henry would be safe,
surely she could move over just a pinch.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to do some yard work.
Please continue to pray for Willie and Trudy and their family.


  1. Oh, how funny, Lovella! Henry is great...can't wait to see Miss Ella when she pulls herself back together.

    Still praying...

  2. On naming trucks...we used to own "Barney" an old maroon colored truck and sometimes affectionately called "purple-gnurple". That is if it performed well...lol

    Family still in my prayers...

  3. Lovella, I was just thinking that we hadn't heard anything about Miss Ella lately, I've been wondering about her 'health'. Sounds like she is fine although a little love-sick.
    PS. Betty -- we had a truck named 'Barney' too... but he was raised up high and was purple in color!!! Maybe they were related??

    Definitely still praying and waiting for a happy update on Willy!!

  4. Imagine that Julie..never even occured to me that there could be a relative in truckland!
    Sorry Lovella..this is your blog, right?? lol

  5. Oh dear I said I would give Lovella back her blog but I just have to tell you one or two things. Willie had a pretty good day. He felt pain. The nurse told Trudy a smile is not usually what she gets from patience family when she'hurts them' but she did admit it is a sign that is good. Trudy and the family were delighted that he has feeling. He also has 'feelings'. He is responding more today. He is able to cough and the staff that was doing Physio to loosen his chest says he is doing well. Trudy was able to go home to sleep last night. Jason is taking Carissa out for a quick supper date to have some time to spend together. Treasures of answered prayers and blessings have been held in this day. Jason said keep praying, and that I could pass this on. Kathy PS Henry is handsome. I'm sure Terry is going to have so much fun driving you around in Miss Ella.

  6. You're too cute, Lovella.

  7. Henry looks so much like Ella!

    How is Willie doing now? Any changes? Him and his family are still in my prayers.

  8. OH my I just read Kathy's comment,,, that is SO GOOD to hear about Willie...woohoo...hope his healing just continues to go up hill from here!

  9. THis must have been a day of answered prayers! I wanted to say thank you for all the prayers and support shown by you, as well as everyone else who uplifted me in the past few days. My name has been cleared, and my liscence is once again safe. They found that someone had stolen my password and actions are being taken against them.
    I have been tried by fire, and have been found true. Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate you and everyone else who has come to my side. Thank you again. I will keep you and the others in my prayers.
    That's a mighty fine truck too, by the way!

  10. Oh my husband is going to be so jealous when he sees that beauty!


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