Happy Birthday Stu

Years ago Stuart went through a card making phase.
Every card that he made for me had his picture on it.
I particularly loved this mother's day card.
On the inside it said Happy Mother's Day . . you did a good job. Thanks Stu.
The funny thing is, you were still so young.
My job of mothering was already seeing its end.
There is not much I know about raising little girls,
but I do know some about raising little boys.
I know that when they cling to you and people say . . .
"oh . . it looks like he's a momma's boy" inside you agree and the wonder
of this little boy loving you more than anyone else is staggering.
Deep inside, I knew that it at some point it would be time to start letting go,
but it seemed so far away. Twenty years at least.
Little boys do grow up and it is good and right.
To be able to be good husbands and fathers they need to
leave and cleave . . . .
and even though you did it gently . . .you did it.

I suppose it is a tricky business being a little boy.
On one hand you are learning to be loving,
and on the other hand you are learning to be strong . .
both so important to be a well balanced husband and leader of your home.
As a mom of a little boy you cherish loyalty.
Mothers of little boys encourage lots of hugs and promises to love no other.
Even when those promises were being made I smiled,
knowing that someone as special as you would be snatched up.
Would you choose wisely? Would you choose a girl worthy of your affection?
These are things a mom of a son wonders.
The transition seemed to happen overnight.
I still remember the first time I saw . .you see Karlee for the "first time".
I knew you were lost to me in the sense of "me being your best girl".
I applaud your leaving. It is as it should be.
A mom of a son dreams that a son finds true love.
Your Karlee is the perfect wife for you.
You chose well.
The two of you are a family unit.
Though you include us as parents into your life,
there is nothing the two of you can't manage on your own.
As a mom of a son my job was to raise you to be independent.

As a mom of a son, I am so proud that you only speak of Karlee to me with the highest regard.
As a mom of a son, I am so proud that you are motivated to work hard.
As a mom of a son, I am proud that you are a good steward of all the God has blessed you with.
As a mom of a son I am proud that you follow through on your promises.
As a mom of a son, I am proud that you are so much like your father.
As a mom of a son, I am proud that you have achieved your educational goals.
As a mom of a son, I am proud that you are developing leadership skills that are honouring to the Lord.

The verse that was given to your Dad and I at your dedication service when you were a few weeks old is found in Joshua 1:8.

Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

Stuart you are embarking on yet another new phase of your life. Just as Karlee is already a mom carrying your little one safe under her heart, you are already a dad.
We are confident that you will be the best dad ever. You will raise your child in a Godly and loving home. Just as we have prayed for you every day of your life, so too are we praying for this new little life.

We wish you the best year ever Stuart.
May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you His peace.


  1. As a mom of 4 sons I know just how you feel. Those are the things that make me proud as well.

    Happiest of birthdays to Stuart! God bless him, Karlee and the new little one who will join them - and a special blessing on the momma of the birthday boy today!

  2. Awwww.. now I'm jealous!! I never had a son, nor a grandson! I do have a son-in-love - but he was already grown when I got him!!smile
    I wish you a very blessed birthday, Stuart!!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your son and daughter in law. What an exciting time for them as they grow into a family. Sons are wonderful and a wonderful daughter in law is a special blessing. A mighty good year to you, Stuart!

  4. oh wow, what an endearing post. I am still amazed that I have two boys. Having Liv first, I was "geared" in things girly, and it is funny how I have to remind myself that I am a Mom of 2 boys as well, and boy are they ever "boy". Ben is such a mix of manly man, and snuggler as well.
    I am so excited to see what it will be like when they are older.
    Thanks for the lovely reminder what a blessing it is to raise boys.
    Happy Birthday Stuart!

  5. Teary --- wow, I can relate to this post! Well written, Lovella!

  6. I had to get caught up on the weekend blogs. Oh! How beautifully written! As I have no sons, I can't relate. But writings like this just confirm how much I would love to raise boys!
    I am also very impressed with the transformation of the farm. Wow.
    It seems like you and your dear Mr. T make a fantastic team!

  7. Happy Birthday from Switzerland and Germany Stuart! You've "done good" as we say in Texas, and made your Mama proud.
    Blessing on you and all of your family on this special day.

  8. Happy Birthday Stuart!

    It seems like you have a Mom that loves you very much and that's awesome!!!

    (OH and Lovella, did I miss something here??? Did I miss a post or something? Or was I on another planet when I read it? WHAT? Are Stuart and Karlee having a baby???)

    Well CONGRATULATIONS (if I haven't said it already) to the first time parents and to the Grandparents too!!! This is so exciting...aw! (Things running through my head: Where have I been? Did I just assume when I read something about a "baby" it was a puppy? Oh my now I feel a tad-bit stupid for not realizing if I in fact read that post and thought of a puppy the whole time...yikes! Or just maybe I am not stupid but have a VERY bad memory...if it's my memory than I will just laugh this over...wow!)

  9. Lovella, is that a pic of you with your boys?? You look so young..like you could be their older sister!!
    What a great tribute to your son..
    Happy Birthday Stuart!

  10. Wow, tears to my eyes. When God gave me Andrew as my first child, I remember thinking 'what am I supposed to do with this little guy' I had no idea how to raise a son and was mentally ready for a girl, but God has taught me so much and stretched me beyond what I could have ever imagined through him. Thank you for putting into words what moms of sons are feeling.

  11. Sons, awww... Yup, I agree. The love from a son is very special. You are very blessed, Lovella! Any you too, Stewart & Karlee!

  12. Happy Birthday Stu! We wish you all the best this year as you start a new adventure as "Dad". You are certainly blessed with an amazing and loving family to celebrate with you!
    We hope that you enjoyed your wiener roast and ice-cream cake... Travis just said that would be his ideal meal for a birthday!

  13. Sweet post.
    Happy Birthday, Stuart!

  14. You made me cry as I read words that came from deep within me too.
    I gave my little boy lots of hugs and kisses, knowing that someday he'd be someone else's sweetie. I'm also so thankful that he picked well and the funny thing is, it does my heart good that she is the one loving him now.
    On to the other topic, I also feel like I missed an announcement somewhere, or was this it?...Congratulations! I am so happy for you! something wonderful to look forward to!

  15. This is so beautiful Lovella. So true for the mother of a boy. I felt this post down through every fiber within me.

  16. Happy Birthday and happy remembrance of all the years of raising your handsome son!

    Lovella I tagged you on my blog...hope you have a minute to play!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted (on our way to #7 from Guatemala!)

  17. Happy Birthday Stuart! Your 'heart words' were written beautifully! Kathy


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