come to a wiener roast

Yesterday afternoon we got one of our favorite phone calls. "Hey ,. .do you guys want to come for a wiener roast?" . . . . .Of course we did. Not only do we love hot dogs, we love the short little pretend camping expedition that goes along with a wiener roast. We hastily finished up our Friday chores and off we went to the B&B.
They have the perfect wiener roast pit and we didn't even need to turn over a stump to sit on. Luxury pretend camping. Richard and Dorothy are amazing hosts . .thus the B&B. They have the gift of hospitality and share it so willingly with all their friends.

Monica and Hilda carefully roasted their marshmallows for the dessert smores. This was one of our first really warm evenings and we sat outside until it got dark.

After years of real camping Terry has discovered that if you put your graham wafer on some little sticks near the fire, and then set your chocolate on top of the graham wafer, it begins to gently melt. Some careful slow roasting of the marshmallow makes for a perfect smore. I didn't show you the picture of me eating mine. I needed to stay on the grass so as not to ooze chocolate and marshmallow all over the brick. No sense in walking around with sticky marshmallow on our shoes the rest of the evening.

The beauty of being the author of a blog, is the choice of pictures that goes up. I'm not showing you the shots Terry took from his vantage point when I was roasting my marshmallow. Boys.

So, that is what we have done so far on our weekend. Today, of course, I'll clean the house, the sheets are in the wash and I'll make a rhubarb platz later . .(recipe . .Sunday Feb 4, on my sidebar).
Have a wonderful weekend my friends, we'll see you on Monday. Next week I plan to show you what my friend Kathy had tucked away for me for the last 26 years . .
Thank you for your kind compliments on my new template . .my brother Gerry did that for me . . .what a sweetie.


  1. What fun! I love weiner roasts but what's a weiner without a bun???
    Roasted marshmallows are at least gluten-free!

    Your 'new' blog does look very nice... although I am not a lover of change!! smile

    I wish you a lovely week-end!

  2. it took me awhile to realize that i was on the right blog! i admire those that easily change their template. not only am i not fond of change, i am not very computer savvy and it just seems to be too much of a headache for me. i've had the same template for 2 1/2 years!!! btw, i had to QUICKLY learn to call weiners "hot dogs" once i moved down here. either that or "franks". i got many funny looks before i learned that :)

  3. Heidi and Julie, one of the things I love the most is change. I'm always moving things around in my little house for a change up. I don't quite know what that says about my personality. The one good thing about this changing templates is it's cheap.
    Heidi, I love your template, since your blog was the first one I found and loved, I'm glad you keep it the same, it's very dear to me.

    Oh and thanks for the info on what the proper calling is for a "hot dog". too fun.

  4. Your blog looks great! I'm sorry Ethan and I missed you guys by the fire ... he's was being a little turkey last night. It looks like you had a great time. That smore looked amazing!

  5. Lovella you lured me over with your template comment ~ lol! I've been reading you along in bloglines, but do to just all around crazy busyness have not posted many comments around blogland this week. Your template by the way looks gorgeous ~ Kudos to Gerry!

    I love that luxury camping and those *expertly* made s'mores! ;o) Have a blessed weekend and enjoy that warm weather!

  6. lovella
    i love the way your new blog looks and i am so happy that you still blog often even though you wanted to use your time better. i have often been amazed at women who keep a very lovely home and their "LIFE" looks so orderly, so i wanted to share a website for those who may struggle a bit or alot. try it you'll eventually find it a good website, there is just so much information on there that it can be overwhelming. i found it after i had my last child and my health started to change and that perfectionism came to an abrupt halt, this helped me back on track. i love order and not chaos. and those who have trouble with chaos in the home check out she is also a christian woman who loves to help bring order back to peoples lives. enjoy it. i love weiner roast. it is one way of getting together with friends and really enjoy each other with no fuss. hotodgs, smores and a great cup of coffee, outside by the fire. best of all hardly any dishes....;o) have a great weekend

  7. oops i read my comments after it was posted. this site is not about perfectionism and i don't have nor want a perfect house, i just want to have the order in my life back again to enjoy all the benifits of life that God has planned with out feeling like i am always a dollar short and a day late in everything i do...i don't so much any more, enjoy flylady

  8. Thank you Charlotte. I think I may have lead some of you to believe that my blogging would all but cease to happen. On the contrary, what I meant to imply is that I'll not necessarily post every day as I had been doing except for some Sundays. I plan to post most every other day as a general rule. If it gets busier as the summer rolls along that may mean every three days or so. I'm just going to play it by ear.
    Fair enough? Don't run away, I still want to play .

  9. Love your new template Lovella. What a talented brother you have!
    Mmmm those smores look delicious - my mouth started to water just looking at your pictures!
    Travis has been hinting around a wiener roast lately. We'll have to have one soon. That's my kind of camping - the fire and the food, and my own shower and bed to follow!

  10. Oops, did I reveal my age? smile
    I have always thought a weiner was the meat part of a 'hot dog' and a 'hot dog' was a 'weiner in a bun'.
    I stand corrected?! smile

  11. Mmmm, I love smores and I, too, love to melt the chocolate. Sounds like a fun night.

    I love the new look of your blog, too. Well done.

  12. How lovely! I love weiner roasts! The best part of course being the 'smores that follow. :)
    I am a chocolate melter as well. I like the squish of it all. Too much crunch and it's just not the same.
    Glad you had such a nice time.

  13. Oh what fun!! Those impromtu get togethers are the best. I just may get Scot to start up our chimania tonight, and enjoy 'a dog' together tonight:) I too loved the new look on your blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Kathy

  14. That looks like so much fun - I'll keep the s'mores tip in mind!

    I made a couple of rhubarb desserts today too - a torte and a cake.

    your new template is beautiful - very peaceful!

  15. Love your new blog look, Lovella...I like changes but I also like routine...does that make sense??
    Wiener roasts are so fun..I agree with you Julie on your description of a hotdog:) Mmmm...s'mores, I want one now.
    End of a long day...I had a garage sale and it rained all day!

  16. Hi Lovella,
    Now that's a backyard setting to envy with that firepit! About shots of our "bums". When the kids were little all the shots of their birhday parties, etc. included my back side. :) I make sure I'm facing the camera these days!

  17. Haha it's so funny that we both changed our blog templates at around the same time! Crazy... :)
    Yes weiner roasts are so nice! I miss them actually...have been to one in a while, and I don't think I've ever had a proper smore. Because when I've had them they tasted disgusting, don't know why, but probably because I didn't know how to make them know like what wafer or chocolate to get and so forth. You, however, made the smore look so tasty, mmm..

  18. Gosh, it has been SO long since I have been able to stop by! LOVE your new header! Lots going on here...again. My stepdad has been in the hospital...too many details, but we have been extremely busy, and gone daily. Hope to return to normal soon!

  19. We had Americans visit us over 10 years ago and they tried to make smores for us but we don't have Graham crackers here.
    Still looks delicious!


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