celebrating times two

Yesterday the women of my family celebrated. We actually had two reasons to celebrate. The first being that it was my niece Tanya's 30th birthday. (she is sitting at the end of the table)
The other reason we celebrated was that she had her new little son Jaydon with her. You might remember awhile ago I shared with you that Tanya and Chris were hoping to adopt a child. Their prayers were answered and now Jaydon has joined the family.
In the picture above you see from left to right my sister in law Mary, me, Karlee (my daughter by love) then Chrissie, (Tanya's sister and my niece), Anneliese and Jaydon (Tanya's children) and Tanya in the middle.
In the picture above you see Tanya in the middle, then Lori (my niece), Natalie (my niece), Colleen (my niece) and Leona (Tanya's mother in law) . .Heidi (Tanya's mom took the picture),

There you see the two proud grandmothers (Leona and Heidi) and me holding 12 day old Jaydon. Heidi arranged a surprise for Tanya at a spa with treatments for herself, Leona, Chrissie and Tanya. I had the privilege to babysit the sweet little guy. In the picture below you see Anneliese proudly holding the little brother that she has faithfully prayed for.

As I sat enjoying the lunch together with the women of our family, I looked around the table missing those that couldn't be there.

We are incredibly blessed to enjoy each others company. We are incredibly blessed to have reasons to celebrate. We are incredibly blessed to have each other.

Really, when I thought about it later, though we are all different in our personalities, (some of us are quiet and some of us are exuberant) our common thread is our desire to belong to our family.

No one is more important than the other. No one is absent without being missed. No one knows joy without the rest of us rejoicing and no one knows pain without our heart aching along with them.

Sitting at the table with me yesterday was my two nieces (Tanya and Chrissie) Tanya's daughter Anneliese and Tanya's son Jaydon (who are all from my brother Gerry's family). The rest of the table was all filled by marriage. Are they any less my family? Absolutely not.

Our family is like a rope with many threads twisted together. If one thread is loosened, the rope isn't as strong. I am thankful for every thread represented to make our family rope. We are in the midst of a family expansion with four of the girls at the table expecting. Our parents have gone to be with the Lord for quite some time and yet their legacy lives on. Yesterday as I looked at those girls, and the little guy of course . . .. my heart just loved them all.

Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off for my walk.


  1. What a blessing it is to enjoy family. May the Lord continue to shine His face upon you all.

  2. Ah Lovella, you said it so beautifully. I am sitting here at work still feeling a warmth all over me. It was such a nice time together! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. What a great celebration! I love that the women in your family make a concerted effort to get together ... how many families actually do that? Enjoy those times together. The new little baby looks adorable (and you holding him). How old is he?

  4. Amen to the above comments!
    Yes, family is much to be treasured and the 'connections' need to be made to keep the 'rope' strong!!
    Life is so much easier with the comfort and joy and support of family!!
    God bless!

  5. looks like you guys had fun. I know Karlee told me she had a good time. Such a cute baby!

  6. Lovella, I love your new fresh blog presentation...
    What a sweet gathering around the table. May God bless you with many more celebrations with family. You're so right about people being missed even though the group is large already. We are starting our long Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. My husband is flying up from California and we have a lot planned! Blessings...

  7. What a lovely day! And what a beautiful new look! I like it!

  8. I knew that our lunch would make it to the blog!!! What you said is so true, family is such a blessing!
    P.S. I love the new look on the blog, someone's been doing a little renovating!

  9. You are absolutely right! Family is strong, and a loose strand can weaken it.
    Your family is so beautiful. Also, love the new layout. Quite impressive.
    As to my post, that would have been absolutely the way life would go! Love your spin on it!

  10. Oh, the chatter that must have occurred! I love being in a room of women and feeling the synergy and the sound of life! There is nothing that can mimic or cause even more joy than that of women laughing! May we all realize our potential and enjoy each others' company as much as you have!

  11. love the new blog layout as well!! Jaydon is beautiful and it is a blessing to read about the blessings of your family celebrating life together!! :)


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