bedding plants

Well the bedding plants are in. Last week, it was a mad dash to plant when Terry said he was going to go get a load of bark mulch. He loves his bark mulch. Normally I don't put my bedding plants in until after the May long weekend but we've had a nice stretch of weather so . . .in they went.

My chives are blooming so pretty. I need to plant a little bunch just for eating, these have become more of a flower than an herb.

This little pot was a wedding gift from Terry's Uncle Elvin and Aunt Wendy. A sweet little antique pot. It's been planted many times over the years, and this year it will sit on my patio table.

Tonight is the series finale of Gilmore Girls. What is with that? I didn't know the show was going to end. I only got into it a few years ago when Karlee and her sister Haylee told me about it. Now it is about to end, and I'm not happy about it. How abrupt. I can't imagine any ending that will suit my idea of grand finale.
Terry watches car shows while I watch Gilmore girls, in opposite ends of the house. I suppose I'll be watching car shows at his end after this. How sad. Terry has affectionately referred to the show as the fast talkers. He has watched about 15 minutes with me total.
I realize this is a totally useless post, but in my state of mind, that is about all I can come up with. Perhaps, with a good ending to Gilmore Girls, I'll be back on top of my game tomorrow.
Today is Willies 50th birthday. We have been praying for him and Trudy and their family. They have been seeing answers to prayer everyday. We will continue to pray that God will bring Willie back to full health.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off for a walk.


  1. No post is useless, Lovella!
    Your chives are so pretty...I have a couple of bunches too that I leave just because I think they are flowers!
    We put all our bedding plants in on Saturday, with fresh soil. It feels so nice to get it done, doesn't it? Now we can watch them grow!!(if the deer don't eat them!)

    Such good news about Willie!!
    Thank you, Lord!!

  2. Your chives look so pretty, Lovella..I think they have a place in the garden just for looks! My bedding plants are not in yet but soon! I love getting my hands in the garden hands and nails aren't the prettiest in spring!
    God is faithful...good news about Willie. I'll keep praying.
    I agree with post is useless!

  3. Bark mulch wars! For six years the mulch went in the same week that the jasamine bloomed, and all I could smell was the mulch.
    This year we finally got it right! Except this year Bernie decided to do it all himself. There is a lot of cheap labor available here so we like to support others when we can. He bought the mulch from a local nursery and it has sprouted weeds like crazy. I told him he should take it back to the supplier and get his money back. (Ha!)
    We're going to have to put our second round of bedding plants in soon. The pansies are pooped, and a heat tolerant planting must be done.
    My chive patch is always raided at the last second when I put baked potatoes on the table, then remember and dash outside to grab and handful, and snip them at the table. Silly me. At least the herb is the freshest it can be.

    Happy Birthday to Willie...a lot to celebrate for sure!

  4. Oh, your garden is looking lovely! I need to get busy in my yard ~ I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes to the outside this year! Still praying for a full recovery for Willie.

  5. Last week, I was picking up a few things at the grocery store and I stood where there was supposed to be chives. I said, Oh great, no chives, and Terry looked at me and said, the big bush won't work in the garden?
    I often run out to pick chives at the last second. I think I'll plant a herbal pot to leave on my patio, maybe it will sink into the deep unused caverns of my brain.

  6. Yes, I too was shocked that tonight is the series finale of Gilmore Girls. Sigh. I'll be sitting here with my girlfriends eating popcorn. Sigh.

  7. Terry actually watched 15 minutes of the gildorf girls? it must have been a slow day in the barn.

  8. Not a useless post- I've been thinking about that grand finale too! I can't possibly think of a nice "happily ever after" ending for one of my fav shows. I've been gearing up for dissapointment for the last couple weeks now. Tammy wonderfully trained her brother to paitiently watch all her favorite shows- so it's never been an issue- he was watching it long before I came into the picture. So I can count on Ken to watch it too!

  9. A herbal pot on the deck works great, Lovella..a few years back for Mother's Day my daughters gave me a large pot filled with herbs and lettuce for the deck. They found a large wooden spoon and fork set at the local thrift store and stuck them into the bowl...neat idea, it looked like a huge salad bowl growing on my deck!...anyone remember those large wooden forks and spoons that we used to hang on the kitchen wall?

  10. Your patio pots are beautiful --- and the bedding plants make you REALLY believe that spring has finally arrived!

    Praying for Willie yet. . .

    Enjoy a blessed day, Grandma-to-be!

  11. I can identify...I've composed many totally useless posts in my head...I just can't understand what they never make it to either of my blogs.

    The flower beds looks great!

    Still praying for Willie...

  12. Lovella, thank you for your sweet comment about our tea. It was an honour to have you and we really need to start doing those sort of things more often. you, Karlee, mom and i should try to get down to Bellingham for lunch some time soon.
    I am sooo sad that Karlee is working tonight because i wanted to watch girlmore girls with her! I can't belive that show is ending . i am alittle bitter about it because it seems like everytime i find a show that i like they end it. Oh well! Oh and i am going to start posting recipes!

  13. I can't believe that you got your plants in all ready! Way to Go! Darryl said the *exact* same thing about Gilmore Girls! He also can't watch it.

  14. My chives are coming up but no flowers yet. Our spring is soooo slow this year...

    In fact there is a 4 letter word starting with s--w in the forecast. can you believe it??!! It won't last but it is getting ridiculous.

  15. Lovella - how can you say it's a useless post? It's always fun to read about what's going on over there at the farm, and now we know what you're going to be up to tonight - I guess no surprise parties, eh? You should do a post on that chocolate cake - did you take pictures while you were making it? I'd love a recipe.

  16. OH lovella...that "little" pot looked so big to me until I read padio table and realized it was sitting on the table, yikes, so funny! And I love those chive flowers. Thanks for your faithfulness and support!!! I love your blessings.

  17. I have missed you, Lovella! You have such cheery posts! I have been MIA lately, I know. As I mentioned before, we have lots going on here. Son in rebellion, but still home (thank God), step dad in hospital with pneumonia and blood clots in his lungs, daughter getting married in July, etc... Much more, but can't get into all of that...but it was good to stop by and visit! I will try to be more faithful!

  18. I like Gilmore Girls - or did - but they don't run them on TV here anymore. :(
    It's been "seasons" since I last saw it and I have no idea where they are up to now.

    By the way, I love that antique pot!

  19. lovella
    thankyou for always giving little bits of updates. i recieve and e-mail from trudy almost daily and so incredibly thankful for God's mercies. yet i am mindful of all those who people who are still waiting for God to answer them in their cry out to him. sometimes you wait and wait and he seems far away while others live the miracle. God knows what he is doing i just pray for those who are struggling in the waiting.

    your garden looks so appealing...........would love to have a visit and a cup of tea in it.....;o)

  20. I echo what the others have said about it not being a useless post. If it's something you're thinking about, then it's fair game (as you can tell by my blog and all the TV talk I put into it). ;)


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