Sing along . . We're leaving on a jet plane . .

The kids came over today to see us . . . . . they missed us. Or did we miss them? Definitely we missed them. I thought I would just give you the preface of the vacation . . .(honestly there isn't much to tell . . . but what there is to tell . . I'll tell tomorrow.
We have our passports . . .. we can't go anywhere without them anymore.

Scot and Kathy our tour guides have theirs as well. If you are going to leave Canada for a bit, you better have a Tim Horton's to go.

I have my pink suitcase and Terry has his blue one. (One year after a family vacation . . .let's just say I was a bit surprised when I dumped out the suitcase to do the laundry . . .I didn't recognize the clothes. We never really knew who grabbed the wrong case but that explains the bright and cheery luggage colors. Fifty dollars later the suitcase was picked up and ours was dropped off.)

It's always so amazing how much more exciting the airport is on the way to the destination than on the way back. I always look at the airport coming home and wonder what I saw in it just a few days earlier. Scot has his Fine Cooking magazine along so he and Terry can cook up some fabulous dinners for us girls. (Honestly, looking at the picture, I can't imagine what he is doing holding that magazine. Kathy . . .any idea?)

Up up and away. So where did we go? I'll give you one clue . . .it was our first time there. Scot and Kathy have been there numerous times. Tomorrow I'll post the rest of the vacation pictures and the whole scoop. No, . . .we didn't go on a Safari.


  1. Um, Mr. T already HAS a tan in those pictures. So what was the point in taking him along down to palm tree land? OH, I know...(sing it with me) Midnight at the Oasis...send your camel to bed....

  2. Well I for one am glad that you are back home, safe and sound. Can't wait to hear about your trip although I do know where you went. Thanx for the heads up.

  3. Jill, Terry simply gives the sun notice that he will be giving it the pleasure of his company and he immediately begins to tan. So unfair . . .(pun intended).

    Love the song. Sang it from the office towards the family room . . .Terry thinks I've lost it. What fun.

  4. Haha Lovella I can imagine you singing too...So it looks like you went to California or Florida...that's my guess anyhow! Looks like you had a blast...and the food well it looks simply delicious! P.S. I hope you don't mind that I added your picture to my sidebar today!


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