my own town

I received word this morning that I am to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony of the town named in my honour. I know . . .I was shocked as well. Who would have thought? I have a hard enough time finding little pens and notepads with my name on it and here it is My own namesake town. Granted the population is quite small, but I have confidence that the numbers will continue to grow. I am tickled pink. After yesterdays kitchen disasters . ..this was fabulous news. Surely with my own town I won't have to worry about mundane things like is my chipped nail in one of the 7 dozen little cheesecakes for my friends open house that now will be offered to only my best and forgiving friends when they pop in for a cup of tea. Yes, things are looking up. I'm feeling optimistic as I venture into my kitchen this morning to tackle Lemon Bars . . . Have a wonderful day my friends and don't let anyone pull your leg.

PS . .thanks Stu for the help with Photoshop

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  1. Ooohh...Ohhh...I want a Lovella Town Tee-shirt!

    That way I can *eventually* say:
    "Been there, done that, got the tee shirt!"

    If I start with the tee shirt, I can do the saying backwards!

    Shoulda gotten the Dustin Oklahoma tee shirt while I was there!

  2. By the by, there is a street called Lovella Way in Sacramento Calif.

    If you ever go there, I guess you can have "your own way" all the time.

  3. Are you serious? There is a Lovella Way? I'm a little leary of believing anything this morning.

  4. What??? You doubt the Research Librarian, she with a sacred oath to provide verifiable knowledge to the masses?


    Go to Google maps. Put in Lovella Way, Sacramento CA.

  5. Love it Lovella... too funny! =)
    Hey, I just made lemon squares too! I'm going to post the recipe, so we'll see if they're the same!
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  6. Ya almost had me! Then I remembered what day it was. I remember when we came upon 'your' town. Fun memories. Kathy

  7. Well!! Jill is right! Not that I would ever doubt her , but on April 1st I'm not sure you can believe anyone! (My kids got me!)
    So Lovella you CAN have your own way in Sacramento and the street is lined with White Alder, Chinese Elm, Interior Live Oak, and Modesto Ash. Must be pretty and Maybe they even have your tee shirts!!

  8. You totally had me! Good one!

  9. How funny! The sad thing is, because of being so busy all day on Sunday, I wasn't able to read your post until April 2. I actually fell for it! Reading the comments reminded me of yesterday's date.

    Your little cheesecakes looked marvelous. Your incident with the stale crumbs reminded me of a pie I made for my then-boyfriend-now-hubby oh-so-many years ago. I was trying to impress him with his favorite pie. I decided to bake the pie just before leaving on the four-hour drive to visit him at college. I mixed everything up, even making a scratch pie crust, and popped it into the oven. It had been in there about 2-3 minutes when my mother walked through the kitchen and asked me if I had intended to "put those eggs in the pie?" The eggs were still in their shells on the counter! She helped me scoop the filling back out and remix the filling. Not good. The pie filling was crunchy. He proposed to me anyway, bless his heart, and he has never criticized my cooking and baking in 29 years of marriage!

  10. WHAT!!! You really made those mini-cheescakes with bits of your nail in them??? Ew yuck! :)I can't believe it!!!

  11. Hehehehheeeee. Giggles. You're so cute, Lovella.

  12. I almost fell for it except that I'd read someone else's April Fool's joke when they had help with the photo shop, too. :)
    Very well done, Lovella!


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