joyful joyful we adore Thee . .

Joyful, Joyful we adore Thee,
God of glory, Lord of Love,
Hearts unfold like flower's before Thee,
Hail thee as the sun above,
Melt the clouds of sin and sadness,
Drive the doubt of dark away;
Giver of immortal gladness,
Fill us with the light of day.
Henry Van Dyke 1908
Sometime ago, I shared with you the hearts desire
of my niece Tanya along with her husband Chris and daughter Anneliese.
They have been waiting for the Lord to bless them with an addition to their family.
This week they received the wonderful news that a little boy will be
born soon and will be the answer to their prayers.

We want to congratulate them and assure them of our continued prayer and love as they
wait the final few weeks.
Well, I'm off to do my Saturday work. The sheets are in the wash,
I'm going to bake some buns and some Rhubarb Bar.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. That is so exciting!!! I hope all goes smoothly and the adoption process will be quick!

  2. Isn't God wonderful how He answers the desires of His children's hearts.
    I think the fact that they had the meeting with the birth mother on what would have been Tanya's due date is such a precious confirmation of God saying. "Here is your baby !"
    Now just to w....a....i....t !

  3. how exciting! I love that hymn.

  4. Excellent news! God is so gracious and compassionately GREAT!!! WTG God!

  5. I am so happy for them. God answers prayers

  6. God's loving hand has been on this little child that Chris and Tanya will welcome into their family. God is watching over all the people and details surronding this little ones life. I will be praying that God will be everything you need during this season of your life. How special it will be for Anneliese to have a baby brother. Kathy

  7. I couldn't read the hymn...I had to sing it! Wonderful "baby news" for Chris, Tanya and family!
    Hey Lovella, are we going to get the bun recipe??

  8. Happy news for your family and we'll be praying for the birth mother as well. A tender time in so many ways.
    Is there a story about the embroidered quilt in the first picture.
    By the way, our email is not working...Bernie is *still* thinking about Accords.


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