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The Japanese Blossoming Cherry trees are at their peak right now. Thank you Japan for gifting Vancouver with 500 Cherry trees in 1930 to honour the Japanese Canadians who served in WW1. Since then we have had a love affair with the beautiful blossom trees.
At the risk of boring you with a few more puppy pictures, I thought I would share a few more. Indee had her first bath yesterday, and smelled a lot better afterwards.

I snapped this pictures before she was drenched, a minute later the camera had to be put down so that I could assist. Quite the handful.

All cleaned up and time to do some farm work. Normally Otis sleeps the day away on the porch. He hasn't had this much awake time in a few years.

Indee has made her choice. She is Terry's dog. She is stuck to him like glue.

He was trying to put a post in for a run for her and couldn't see what he was doing for all the assistance he was getting.

This picture isn't at all related but it's my blog and so you'll just have to humor me. Last night we remembered what it is like to raise children. Indee cried and whimpered a good part of the night and I was wishing I had paid more attention to what the young moms are now saying about baby wise. Surely the whimpering will stop soon. Right? I was reminded of the 15 months that Terrence didn't sleep through the night . . .and the fact that they were 19 months apart. I can't remember how long Stuart took to sleep through the night, I wised up a bit by then. I was reminded that it is one thing to not be able to sleep because your body refuses to regulate its temperature and you just can't sleep and the sleep that does not happen because there is crying and whimpering in the night. I hardly remember those days, when I remember I generally remember their playing and being rough and tough like boys will be.
So tell me, did you sleep through the night last night? If not . . .why?
Thank you so much for visiting again today, I'm off for my 30 minute walk my friends.

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  1. Sleep? Not so much. We are in the midst of our nearly 18 yo sons rebellion, and it is heartbreaking. We are praying for the Holy spirit to go forth and do the work He was sent to do: convict of sin, righteousness, and judgment. And to give him dreams and visions of what his life will be like in rebellion to his parents, and thus in rebellion to God. We covet the prayers of others in the body of Christ.

  2. Oh, Cyn, we will be in prayer . .

  3. Cyn...I've been there. The book "Parents in Pain" by White was a great help. Also "praying for unsaved loved ones."
    It took awhile for our son to come full circle, but by his mid twenties he was back in the faith walk. I'll be praying!
    Lovella, I didn't know your boys were tow heads as little ones! Isn't is surreal to look at their pictures and wish you could have them over to romp for a day again at that age? Like my friend's poem pointed out, the endangered animals at the zoo are just endangered, the small child by your side will be extinct in a few years, you will never see that child as that person again, instead a new grown up person will take their place.
    And no, I for one am not bored by puppy pictures!

  4. Your boys were so cute ... and little blondies, yet too. I would have to say that I was awoken to whimpering and grunting during the night as well ... but after a good feed, the baby was back in his bed ... not a great quality sleep for me, but I think he had a great sleep. He's sitting beside me right now, yawning away ... oh to spend the day sleeping!

  5. Indee is so cute! Sleep...or lack of yes, last night for the first time we put Chelsea in a regular bed and out of her crib...unfortunately, this morning when Darryl got up and left for work at 5:45am she decided that it was time to walk up. I'm sure that it won't be long before she gets used to that.
    When we first got our dog, Gizmo, she cried for about 1 month at about the same time each day. (I think it didn't help that we got her shortly after she had 6 pups.) I hope that you get your sleep back soon!

  6. Lovella, loved your pictures, It IS your post - so do what you like-we all like it too!

    to farmgirl cyn - I will add my prayers to yours. found Evel Kneilvel's tesimony a real encouragement for people praying for loved ones out of relationship with God.(you can find a link to his testimony on my blog)

  7. Tired of puppy pics? How could that happen? They're nearly as adorable as sheep...

    I, too, love the beautiful blossoms we're finally seeing on all those flowering cherries!

  8. Oh Lovella, your boys are totally adorable! Don't you miss those days? I do!

    There is an easy solution to the puppy awake at night problem. Shall I share it with you? All you have to do is let puppy sleep beside you on your bed --- I guarantee you will have a peaceful sleep (as long as you have a King Size bed! LOL!).

    Enjoy that new babe. He's adorable!

    PS: Yes, I know puppy Schnauzers are much smaller. . .I still haven't broken Coco from the habit. . .she sticks to my like glue and is usually to bed before I am!

  9. I can't believe how BLONDE the boys were! And now they're so dark....well, especially Stuart. And the pup is still as cute as the last entry. Gosh, if only I could have my own litter.....

  10. Yup I slept through the night until I was awoken early by a "Demara I peed the bed"...then I woke up dealt with that and went back to sleep until I had to drive him to school...then it was time for me to get ready for an interview. Aw what a full day it was...now I'm going to have a snooze and then wake up to play 3 hours of volleyball tonight...sya. (and I still have not picked up stamps yet...oops.)


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