Monday, April 23, 2007

indee comes to the farm

Meet our new German Shepherd Puppy . . . .Indee.
We bought her yesterday afternoon.

She is 16 weeks old.

We were so curious to know what Otis would think of her. We just laughed. He sat a little straighter and walked a little faster and pretended to know how to sit on command.

It was just a hoot. Every time Terry told the puppy to sit, Otis was right there sitting. That boy might be a bit daft but he can smell a treat a mile away. So Terry was holding puppy class with the big galoot and the little pup. Poor Otis never got a moments rest from the time she got out of the truck. Within 10 minutes they were drinking out of the same pail of water. . . together.

Tobee (aka Mr. Stinky licker . . nicknamed by Stuart) came right over to check out the puppy. Poor Tobee (aka Mr. Stinky licker) did his best to be assertive. He charged Indee and barked to let her know that Indee was indeed the bottom of the totem pole. I really have to start posting videos. It was too funny. Tobee (aka Mr. Stinkylicker) brought over a pink Tshirt for the required Tshirt for puppy class. Tobee (aka Mr. Stinkylicker) had no idea how big puppies can be. The Tshirt had to go back to be exchange for a big puppy Tshirt.

So, as you can imagine we'll be into puppy training on the farm. Otis and Indie at puppy class. Otis has decided to share his blog as well. Such a good boy, he's so good natured. From every indication it appears that Otis is really happy with his new little friend.

On a completely different topic and one that is very close to our hearts, as I have earlier posted my niece Tanya and her husband Chris are waiting to adopt a child. They have a meeting this morning with a birth mother. This meeting is so important to them. You can read a little more about them and this morning on my brother Gerry's blog. Please pray for them.


  1. Awwwwwww.. Indie is sooooo cute.. I love German Shepherds, they are the only dog I really like or have ever owned..except for Cyris who was a wolf/German Shepherd cross but was totally 'wolf'in nature.
    What fun you will have with Otis and Indie....
    Beautiful pictures!!
    You know Lovella, I had an idea. Your farm is sooo beautiful now, it would be fun if you sometime (if you ever have a non-blog eventful day) post before and after pictures. I remember when you bought your farm!! You have transformed it!

  2. oh thank you Julie, that is actually a really good idea.

  3. Indie is adorable! Are you sure it is not "Indee" though? How did you come up with her name? I'm so glad you have a little girl this time, to balance all that boy stuff in the family. Two boys cats and Bernie, I sure miss my girl kitty!
    The farm does look gorgeous in the background. How long have you owned the property?
    Tell Otis he is still my favorite, and always will be.

  4. What a cute puppie and I love the name. It might be time for us to come over for a visit with Max. He sooo loves to play with other dogs but most of them are old and can't keep up with him.
    Have fun!

  5. Just a note to welcome Indie to the farm. He is cute! You better hold him often now because if he takes after Otis, those days will be gone soon. Enjoy! Kathy

  6. Jill, what was I thinking? of course it is Indee. I'll go make the changes now.

  7. now that's a good looking pup. congratulations. I'm thinking a new pup on the farm got Otis' attention. He's thinking that if he does not shape up a little, the new kid on the block is going to be getting top spot.

    as an aside, can you read my blog today? Chris and Tanya are visiting with a birth mom this morning. they need everyone's prayers.

  8. And she has a theme song too:

    "Indee Mood" by Glen Miller

  9. Indie is soooooo cute!!!! I can't wait to meet her in person. Shaye loves puppies too. She'll be thrilled.

  10. Ok, all I can say is that I want to take the puppy home. Adorable isn't even the right word.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


    . . .we surely do.

  13. Indee is soooo adorable! We once had a german shepherd too, and she was such a lovely natured dog. Very loyal to my Dad, she absolutely idolized him. Otis is being a very good boy with his new sibling. Glad that they are getting along well.
    Enjoy every minute of your new pup. They grow up so quickly!

  14. Indie is very cute! and he looks very cuddly too...lucky bums! I want a puppy...Oh it is such a beautiful day today I wonder if Otis and Indie are chasing eachother around the yard today? And Lovella I replied your comment over there on my blog for you...thank-you for the blessings...*wink*

    On another note: I just have to get stamps and your next puzzle piece will come soon!!!

  15. Indie is SO adorable! What fun you will have with your new baby. It's nice you have Otis to teach him how to be a farm dog! Not that he needs lessons, but every family is different, you know! :)

  16. Puppy breath...there is nothing like it!!! Sweet photos! We had a German Shepherd when I was growing up. Once the babysitter put my sis and I to bedf upstairs, Fritz laid at the bottom of the steps and would not let the sitter upstairs to use the bathroom! He would also go to the head of our beds every night and pause for a few seconds, as if to assure himself that we were breathing and all right.

  17. awww!! Indee is adorable!! so great to see the pics!! it's always so great to compare the older and younger dogs :)

  18. What a cutie! So, I'm curious how you came up with the name Indee (also very cute). No contests this time? Can't wait to meet her!

  19. SOOOOO cute! Congrats and welcome, Indee.

  20. What a precious puppy! Oh my - everyone in blogland is getting blessed with new puppies and kittens; now I'm starting to want another one!

    I had to *laugh* at Stuart's nickname for his dog. Okay, now I'm really rolling on the floor - My goofy almost 17 y.o. son thought it was Mr. Stinky *Liquor*. He wanted to know what their dog was drinking - lol! Dog breath is actually a common topic of conversation at our house (aren't we exciting?). We're big on Kibbles-n-Bits Brushing Bites! It really does work (but it's hard to find around here)!


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