growing up with a neighbor girl

I grew up on a farm and lived there from the time I was born until I was married. There was a little girl that lived on a farm about a mile away. Her family attended the same church as we did and we both attended the same school. Shirley is pictured above in the middle of the picture. No doubt my mom was attempting to capture my brother Gerry in the sand pile with Shirley and me as well. Taking pictures was not an every day event in our home and this one is special since it is one of the very few that was taken of us this young.
This picture is typical of a day that Shirley and I would spend together. Judging by the clothes we are wearing, it appears we were in grade nine. We are both wearing Seafarer jeans and although it is blurry we both have one the same style shoes, shirts and sweater vests.
Don't you just love the color of the house in the background? That was quite typical in the 60's to have a multicolored house. I guess they didn't know what color they liked best? I have no idea. This picture would have been 1974 I think, I guess they were still enjoying multicolor houses then as well.
Shirley and I were quite inseparable until grade 10 when she left the school we were both attending. We still remained close and she was my maid of honour. Since then there have been countless dinners and much reminiscing each time. Our husbands have put up with a good deal of listening to us talk about a time long before they entered the picture.
We still live in the same town and now and then find one another at Starbucks and then do the quick catch up. It always ends with . . .OK . . . we really have to get together, and one of these days it wil happen. Her family is almost grown up, and then perhaps we'll have that dinner.
In the meantime to the one friend I have had my whole life . . .Have a very Happy Birthday Shirley.
I'm off to do my 30 minute walk. My email isn't working right now and so if you have tried to email me and haven't had a response, bear with me, I'll hopefully figure out what the problem is soon. Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. How neat it is to have that one long time friend that you can still bump into and catch a quick update, or enjoy a reminiscent moment with. One morning I was at Bread Garden waiting for to meet me for coffee. Shirley and her hubby were having coffee together. We talked for a moment as they were leaving. As I took a seat near the window I watched as they walked to their vehicle arm in arm. They were certainly enjoying their friendship! Happy Birthday Shirley, enjoy your day with those you love. Kathy

  2. Happy Birthday Shirley! It's very special that you have a childhood friend around ... I think people move around so much now that it makes it almost impossible for most people. Very cool! And, how fun to reminisce ... enjoy your friendship!

  3. Yes, I remember the 'multicolored houses!' The 'why do I have to chose only one color?' fad also expressed itself on the inside of homes then!! Fun.

    And there are few relationships as special as those you keep for a life time.

  4. I too have a "neighbor girl friend" that I grew up with and though she lives in another province now and we only see each other about once a year we chatter away as if never apart!
    And get this...her name is Shirley!

  5. And the cat in the picture was named....????

    Tiggie, FOC

  6. There are so many wonderful things about living in the same town you grew up in. The Lord has moved my husband and I all over the United States (well - all over the world for hubby). There are benefits to that life as well ~ and I know we have always gone where the Lord has called us. He has blessed our lives with wonderful people from everywhere. But when I read posts like this one there is a little part of me that just wishes a bit for that longevity of ... place and relationship. Your post was lovely to read!

    Happy Birthday, Shirley! :o)

  7. "Those were the days, my friend
    We thought they'd never end
    We'd sing and dance forever
    and a day......."
    Thanks for honouring me on my b-
    day. I can't believe that you
    remembered. Yes we've come along
    way and I know that we will be
    friends for life. I am
    counting on many suppers and
    and coffees together.
    Thank you to you all for the
    many birthday wishes, I feel
    very special indeed.
    your very old... friend, Shirley

  8. That's a very cute little kitty that Shirley is holding...


    Happy Birthday Shirley!!!

    Oh and Lovella I did see a multicolored house the other day in was very remimded me of how a person might paint the INSIDE of their house.

  9. that is so great. Those friends are so precious. I would give my left arm to be able to run into mine at Starbucks. She lives in a different province now, but we talk everyday.
    You reminded me of us with your post!

  10. It's cool to have a life long friend. My friend, David, and I met when I was 4 and he was 3. The family story goes that I walked up to him and put him in a head lock and said "You're gonna be my best friend" and he said "Yes M'am!"

    42 years later we're still friends and he is also my husbands best friend too!


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