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This is not an April fools day trick . . .this is the real deal. April 2 and snow. The fabulous news is that with snow comes snow bunnies. I had been sent this picture some time ago from my sweet little baby out of town niece . . .Shaye and wasn't sure where to post it.

Snow bunnies. Are they not the cutest? We have been blessed in our extended family with wonderful little nieces and nephews. We have a few more on the way and they are just so much fun.
With families come along the joys and also the heartaches. Last night we received a call from family saying that our little great niece Abby was rushed to the hospital. She is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes when she was only 7 months old. Last week she battled the flu and because of that her blood sugars became dangerously low. She is in the hospital. Her blood sugar went as low as 1.3. Please pray for Abigayle. She is so brave and has such a sweet disposition. I just spoke with Heidi her grandma on the phone and my heart just breaks for the trials that they as a family face.
I'll post an update as she improves. Thank you my dear friends, your kindness means so much . . .


  1. Oh, the joys and the sorrows of life.
    Little Shaye is soo cute and looks exactly like Tammy!!
    I am so sorry to hear about Abby..she will definitely be in my prayers.

  2. You're right...snowbunnies are absolutely precious!

    We'll keep little Abigayle in our prayers. I know this is a frightening time for all of you.

  3. Our sweet Abby will be in our prayers! Thanks for letting me know! Please keep me up to date if you can.

  4. Oh that little snow bunny is adorable almost does not look real, she's so cute! and as for Abigayle, yes I will pray for sure!!!

  5. I know, the snow. It's just crazy. So so strange. But wonderfully refreshing at the same time.

  6. Oh that is sad about your niece. I hope everything turns out alright. How did the lemon bars go? I actually have some in the oven right now. Easter somehow means many things lemon. And you really think your nail got into the cheesecakes? and will you really not serve them at the open house? Oh, I would be crying for a week. And the snow. It is Rudy's birthday today and I don't think it has ever snowed on his birthday.

  7. What a perfect little snow-bunny.

  8. Corinne, Easter does mean lemon things for some reason doesen't it?

    No, I really don't think my nail was in the cheesecake. I think the chip was in the dishwater or it probably broke when I was making the bed. I tend to be a bit paranoid. The lemon bars were quite yummy.
    Say a big Happy Birthday to Rudy for both of us. I remember one year it snowed on Easter so I guess it does happen.

    Abby update. . .they discharged her and are keeping the bed open for her in case she needs it. Please continue to pray for her, even though the blood sugar can come up, often it is a while before it stays stable.

  9. Your blog is just another extention of a prayer chain for little Abby and her whole family. Trusting together with you that God will touch her little life, and that He will encourage them as a family in the days ahead. You're little snow bunny is so sweet! Those little ones have a loving and caring Auntie in you! Kathy

  10. Praying for little Abigayle's blood sugar to stabilize. I'm glad she was able to go home; hoping she gets to stay there.

    Your snow bunny is cute as a button! Snow in spring ... my hubby and I lived in Maine for several years. It always snowed there one last time in late April (right around my birthday). April was also always a very gray and gloomy month in Maine (in fact, I guess it still is - lol).

    You sound like you've been very busy cleaning and baking. Your mini cheesecakes looked quite yummy!

  11. We want more snow bunnies! And flower patch fairy-babies, and sand castles princesses and autumn leaf lady bugs. And we want them where we can take their pictures and kiss their adorable cheeks and where we can watch them turn into awkward teens and then radiant adults.
    I want all those phases for Abby.We'll be praying for her and her doctors and nurses and folks.

  12. Thank you so much for your prayers!!! Abby is doing a little better tonight. She is very weak, but her blood sugars have come up a bit! I could NOT get through these rough patches without God's loving arms wrapped around me, and all the love, support and prayers from all those around us. So once again thank you!

  13. I just posted on my blog about my nephew Logan who has type 1 heart goes out to your little niece! We walk every year at the mall of america(walk for a cure) to raise money to find a cure...we pray it is soon! take care,Gail


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