babies . . .it's spring.

You might recall 3 weeks ago I told you about our friends Todd and Nancy and their new little son Ethan. We received this birth announcement and I thought it was so beautiful.
Yesterday little Ethan came to visit. What a sweet little fellow. He was well fed and was not the least bit interested in showing me any tricks. He was as relaxed as a baby can be.

Looking at this picture now, I'm wondering if I'm squeezing him a might too tight. If I did, he wasn't overly alarmed. I was just tickled pink that Nancy called to come for a visit. Thank you for that special treat.

Spring on the farm means babies of a different sort.

What comes out of a brown egg?

Brown chicks of course.

It appears that they are calling a meeting. I sure wish I had the sound to go with this picture. Just say peep . .peep . .peep really quick and it will give you an idea of the sounds. It takes about 19 weeks to raise a chick until it is a laying hen.


  1. I love the photographs of the little chicks!

  2. Ethan is adorable! What a gorgeous baby.
    Tiggie thought your post was VERY interesting. I caught him google mapping Canada. He's grounded, again. That cat. What are you going to do with a cat like that.

  3. Okay . . .I'm going.

    First I'm on house duty . . then barn duty.

    That Tiggie, its all just talk to make me work double duty. We need a young buck here so I can retire.

  4. What a cute little guy! The chicks are also very cute, although I have been in a chicken barn and the smell is not as cute as the chicks :)

  5. How fun! We're on the blog! And no, you were not holding him a little too tight ... he just likes making faces. He loved all the snuggle time with Tante Lovella.
    Thanks for the visit!

  6. Just remember ... I catch you holding any other little babies, and that's it!

    Ethan (or rather, his daddy)

  7. Oh Todd . . .what a hoot.

    Tante Lovella is going to have to develop a larger lap to accomodate all my favorite little friends.

  8. Aww.. love the picture of you and baby Ethan... Can't wait to see you with your your own grand child!
    Babies, I love them all!
    And chicks are sooo sweet. I know the to my ears...and the smell is OK too.
    I'm just a farm girl at heart.

  9. oh lovella i love baby chicks. Their so soft and fluffy.
    Ethan is adorable !

  10. Precious babies of all shapes and sizes and colors! I love it!

  11. There's NOTHING like a baby!!!!!
    I can smell him from here.

  12. Sweet, sweet baby! *and* adorable chicks!
    [;o) you're not running for a political office are you? *hee*hee]

  13. Beautiful baby Boy!!! The picture of the chicks is just so cute!!! Blessings for a lovely week....

  14. There are no dumb questions, but this one comes close:

    Did you get a whole bunch of eggs delivered and had them hatch into your chicks, or did you get a whole bunch of chicks delivered?

    You raise chicks that will eventually lay brown eggs, so their lobes are red, if I remember my chicken and egg information right.
    Right now in Houston it is very trendy to pay $3 for a dozen eggs, the dozen being made up from various kinds of chickens, so there is brown, tan, white, blue/green and I think there is a speckled one in there too. Retired chicken ranchers free range chickens as a hobby and sell the multicolored eggs at local markets. Boutique dee dah!

  15. Jill, that is not a dumb question at all.
    We had a truck full of chicks delivered. They came from a hatchery and those eggs would have come from farms that have brown laying hens just for breeding.
    One of these days I'll post a picture of our hens.
    Fancy eggs. How fun. I'll suggest that to Terry. I'm sure he'll be right on that. Right now he's pretty busy making sure those little chicks are learning to drink. They have little nipples that they are attracted to because they see the drop of water just hanging there. Sometimes they are a little slow and don't catch on and so he keeps an eye on them for a few days.

  16. Your father sounded like a wonderful man. He seems like one of the patients we fall in love with. I would have been honored to have been able to care for him.
    Also, the baby is really cute! Lucky you! I haven't held a baby in forever!
    You are one cute chick too!

  17. Life is just better with a baby to hold :)

  18. Wow Ethan looks so nice to cuddle!!! Just like a raggedy andy doll so nice!


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