spring clean up

Tea cup of the month of March. I picked the one with the pretty spring flowers for the obvious reason that we are thinking Spring. This was another one of my mom's tea cups. The inside says Mother. We must have given it to her for Mothers Day one year.
This is what the 1st day of March looks like in my neck of the woods. On the Today show (which I watch nearly every morning for a bit) Al Roker said that our snow system would be causing problems in the Midwest. Sorry.

Spring clean up Part 1. I spent a bit of time in the chair of my favorite Dental Hygienist Marlene. I confess that I don't really enjoy the procedure. Who really does? I asked my beloved Mr. T that and he said he does. Go figure. He probably doesn't need much scraping.

Marlene is part of a team at my Dentist's office that is friendly and efficient. When I told her about my blog and asked whether she would mind having her picture taken she readily agreed. She said, "oh why don't we have someone take our picture together?" I said . . . "oh that's a good idea" and she called someone to take a picture and we had a really good laugh when she came around the corner bearing the camera meant for dentistry. I said . . "oh, I think my little digital will do the trick".

Spring clean up Part 2.
After that I went to see Tammy my hairdresser and had my locks properly aligned once again. I asked her if we could try to take pictures, and she agreed as well. I'm sorry Tammy, you are a bit blurry. I suppose that taking pictures into the mirror needs a bit of special care.

If there is one thing I appreciate is consistency. When I make an appointment, I really appreciate having an idea of what to expect when I arrive. While I don't relish having my teeth cleaned, I do love the friendly faces when I arrive at my dental office. We enjoy a bit of good natured bantering back and forth and with Marlene I've felt free to share my heart. She is a gentle soul both with and without the instruments in her hand. When I arrive at my hair dresser's I know I will be greeted with a friendly face. I have never arrived to a mood of discord. How lovely it is to have these constants in my life. This afternoon I'm off to Spring Clean up Part 3 which was a gift to the Spa. Perhaps I'll take my camera there as well. Hopefully they won't be too fancy schmancy for picture taking. I'm not much for pretending to be fancier than I am. Today is the first day of March, I trust you will find a way to celebrate.


  1. Adore the teacup. It looks like "me"! You look so youthful and sparkly in your picturs, no one would suspect you have two grown sons (tell the truth, NO grey hairs from that adventure?)
    I don't know how the spa could improve on your looks, but I'm suspecting you will be glowing enough from the experience to melt the snow from the rooftops. Happy Almost Spring! And three cheers for good dental care providers!

  2. well, OK, perhaps Tammy tweaked the color a pinch as well. Jill, you are as usual an encouragment to keep posting. I took a brief glance at your post this morning and as usual it is wonderful. I'll be back to give it a lengthier perusal before I attempt a witty comment.

  3. Hi Lovella,
    Marlene is my niece. She is married to Herb's oldest brother's son. (in case you're curious) =)

  4. I didn't know that, well, isn't this world small? Thank you Anneliese, I love knowing those connections.

  5. Hi Lovella. Well what is about spring cleaning. I had my hair done as well and the dentist is coming up this month. Also had the carpets cleaned. I don't have a spa appt. though, maybe I should work on that one.
    How did you take that picture of the tea cup? I looks quite amazing.

  6. It was lovely running into you this morning in 'real' life. I love your 'Beloved Mr. T' teacup! So so sweet!

  7. Hi Lovella, is that an x-ray of your teeth in the background of the "Dentist and You" picture? Wow if it is that is so very neat!!! Looks like you had a great first day of March~Happy Spa Time! Wish I were there...(hey we should have a blogger spa party sometime?)

  8. What a clever idea- a personal pre-spring cleaning. You will be radiant before this day is through. I too have reclined in that dentist office and had Marlene clean me up. She is so pleasant,like you said, consistant. Your hair style is so perfect for you. Each season your little changes suit you perfectly. Kathy

  9. Lovella, like I said before, you look marvelous! Even with a dental cape! Too funny, girl! And, I love you for that!
    The March teacup is perfect. I look forward to the daffodils showing their graceful heads and carpeting the meridians on the freeway!

  10. You crack me up taking photos at the dentist. I just couldn't help but smile reading through the post. So quirky and soooo funny. You truly have become a bloger.

  11. I keep looking at the raspberry bush pictures you keep posting.
    Nope, no raspberries yet....Darn.

  12. Corinne, I took the tea cup outside onto the porch. I find that if I try to take the pictures of anything shiny in the house the flash goes off and I get a bunch of glare. All the monthly tea cups will have a different outdoor "pose". Go to the spa as fast as you can, it was fabulous.
    Demara, all those Xrays and the Sears size catalouge are all my teeth and the stories they tell.
    Jill, I said to Terry this morning, I'll keep taking the same picture out my front door, that way they will recognize my house when they drive by.

  13. I love the mug on your side bar! I think it is so funny that you took your camera to the hair app, and the dentist. I think like that too. Sometimes, I dont have my camera, and I think, "this would have been a great picture to blog..."
    By the way, I would love to see the picture you mentioned on my blog. I have racked my brain, and cant think of what it would be. Please do!

  14. Ok, I'm a bit behind on my blog reading, so I'm reading backwards on your posts. I go to the same dentist as you (best dentist in town) and used to have Marlene as my hygenist, too. She is super nice. I now have another girl, but I can't remember her name off the top of my head. If I had to choose, I'd DEFINITELY rather go to the dentist than the doctor. I'm with your hubby, doesn't bother me, but if I ever have to get a root canal or something, I may change my mind.


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