Spring clean up Part 3

I would like to say for all of you that wish for a spa afternoon your envy is well noted and not without reason. I'd like to send out a special thank you to the contributors of this delightful afternoon. I felt a little like a reporter. It was pretty rough but I did it for you.
In between treatments, I was invited to sit in the lounge and enjoy a cup of tea and some dried fruit. I made sure my contributors got their money's worth. They have the television channel on the food network. I thought later when I looked at my pictures, "oh for goodness sake why didn't I wait until the Barefoot Contessa came back on the screen". My first treatment was a Hot Stone Massage. It was amazing. I'm 48 and I just had my first massage. I equate it a little like that yearly vacation, . . .if you never go, you don't know what your missing. I asked the technician if she had a favorite age clientele and she said no but that she had an 89 year old lady have her very first massage that morning. She said it was ever so lovely giving her one. I thought about that and had to agree that it is always so nice treating some one so deserving.

My next treatment was a facial. I wondered about the strapless gown picture and decided I never had the strapless gown as a bride and so one shoulder shot should be OK once in my life. If you are 20 and reading this, keep your lovely skin out of the sun. She was pretty funny though, I asked her if she ever went to tanning beds and she confessed she did. I didn't hold much weight to anything she said after that.

Last but not least I had a pedicure. This is one treatment I have done in the last few years, at least once a year. I really don't want to end up with bad feet. So . . I have one for medicinal purposes.

A little paraffin on the feet to make them extra soft. I also thought I should mention that although the place indeed was a little fancy schmancy for my comfort zone, they were very nice and I was made to feel quite at ease.

A little OPI polish. Such fun. I was thinking about the 89 year old lady that had her first massage. I felt pretty young at 48 having my first massage and now the next generation will bring that age percentile down a bit more I'm sure. It is amazing how times have changed. My mom would have never expected that kind of pampering. Pampering for her was her weekly set at the hairdressers. She only started doing that in her 60's and enjoyed it immensely. I have had life so much easier than she did, and some I'm sure will have it easier than me. Really, I guess it is all about being content. I was absolutely content not having an occasional massage, that was until yesterday. I've tasted it, enjoyed it and I want more. I've promised myself that it will become a yearly addition to my spring clean up. When I was all finished, my beloved came and picked me up. He had taken me for lunch ahead of time and dropped me off. He thought I would be limp rag afterwards and not be capable to drive home. We went and had a pizza and came home to . . . well, more relaxation.
Well, I've a fun but busy day. I woke up at the crack of dawn to post this so that I can be about my day. We are celebrating my friend's birthday tonight so I have yummy things to prepare. I will be sure to take my 30 minute walk. Have a delightful day my friends.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday and I am glad for you, you deserve it. Now I hope some warmer weather comes our way so you can show off those toes.

  2. I must say, I love that they offered dry fruits (bound to loosen things up "down there") and yet, on the TV, was an immodium commercial!!!! I love your blog!!!

  3. 89 huh?? Well, I must confess that at 59 I still don't know what I am missing !!! and I'm not sure but that I may be the odd one that would think of a spa more like a doctor's visit!!! So, anyone want my space??? smile
    Sounds like you enjoyed it , Lovella and I'm happy you did!!!

  4. i had my first full body massage a year and a half ago while on vacation in kauai. i felt like jello afterwards. next vacation i promised my husband that it would be his turn to get one (he was quite jealous at the time:))

  5. Glad you had a lovely day - next time take your brother. You know how much he enjoys that spa :-). He has a sport pedicure for medicinal purposes too, I'm sure! Here's wishing you an early Happy Anniversary!
    Heidi P.

  6. Oh a massage!! How delightful! I had one and I loved it. Here's to many more for you...you deserve it!

  7. Also thought I might add, the daffodil count here in San Diego was 51 as of Wednesday, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

  8. Wow, first time I checked out your blog and I'm jealous! LOL.
    Sounds like a wonderful day. It's been a long time since I've been pampered like that :)

  9. Okay, now this is the kind of spring cleaning I can handle =) Sounds like it was a wonderful day!

  10. oh you have gone and done it. Now I want to go...
    I love the Orange. Its so peaceful, you just have this feeling, with the scents, the orange water, and the music ever so faintly in the background.
    What a great day!

  11. Looks like you had a delightful time Lovella! And I have often thought about working in a Spa, because I love massaging people and washing their feet, because I know how much I like it. I do free massages!

  12. What a wonderful treat! I am too in need of a spa day...work is very stressful now as report cards loom closer! Oh well, only one more week until spring break.
    Travis and I had full body couple massage on our honeymoon - fabulous!
    You must feel refreshed - have a lovely weekend =)

  13. I had my first facial/massage a couple of years ago and thought I'd get it done more regularly since the pamering was sooo nice.
    I haven't had one since then. LOL Now that you've brought it up, maybe I should book in for one....
    Glad you had such a relaxing day!


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