sing along . . . "Heavenly sunshine"

Yesterday the clouds parted and we were treated to a day of sunshine. After 20 some odd days of rain, this was no small matter.
Our magnolia's are starting to really bloom. We have several varieties and this is the earliest.

Even the raspberry patch was feeling like stretching forth its leaves just a bit.

My pond plant the Floating Heart Flower is just starting to bloom.

Later in the afternoon we were invited to Terrence and Bea's for dinner with her parents. Apparently Terrence has been working on a project and we were to come have a look at it. Was it this . . .a new bulletin board? No, although I loved this as well. This was Bea's project. Her dad made the frame and she covered a piece of thin plywood with batting , some beautiful fabric and some ribbons. I just thought she did an amazing job. I just captured the top of it so you could see the detailing. Oh look, you are treated to some pictures of her sweet little niece Camryn as well as Bea's little cousins and also their friends, Ben and Kari.

Bea set about making us a wonderful dinner of pizza.

She also made a spinach and artichoke dip and a tray of veggies and dip. We were treated to some Strawberry crumble for dessert.

She made me a pot of green tea. My throat had been bit sore in the afternoon and there are a lot of flu bugs floating around. (pun intended on the floating). Not in the tea . . . .in the air.

This was Terrence's project. Sons and their dad's. The apple never really does fall far from the tree does it? Both of our sons have varying degrees of similar traits from their dad. As we were raising our children we often wondered what they would be like as adults.
Now we know, the beans are all spilled and we see the fruits of our labor. We are infinitely blessed Terry and I. Is it because we have clever children that can build wonderful workbenches or have worked hard in their careers to established homes for themselves and their girls? Well perhaps that is a part of it. I think that when we see that they are making a life for themselves, independent from us and yet including us, we realize our job of parenting is complete. We will always have the heart of parents and yet we no longer are required to parent. We pray for them, and love them, that is what we do. They are building homes with a foundation of the Lord as the center, and we find so much joy in that.
I suppose I am thinking of the blessing of parenting today because we have friends who are just embarking on this adventure.
This morning we are waiting for some dear friends to welcome their little one into the world. It's been nearly 30 hours since they last slept and the labour began. Please pray for our friends Todd and Nancy as together they labour and await the child that will know so much love.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lovella, I love your magnolia tree. I still miss mine from our old place..I have none here so I will enjoy yours instead!! I think you have every right to be proud of your family...and just when you think you are done raising your family..up come the grandkids!! but that is only fun!!
    I will pray for your friends and their new baby..

  2. Great picture of spring ~ trees budding, blooms bursting, Bea baking and babies being born! We are truely blessed! (and its no longer raining!) The sense of renewal is here, now to fully welcome it!

  3. What a sweet day! Come on, raspberries! I just think the idea that you of all people have "floating heart" in your pond. A mission: collect plants with the word heart or are shaped like a heart. Or "love." Your kids all sound like project that have finished well.

  4. I too am so glad that the beautiful warm sun is shining so brightly into our hearts today! It is so joyously refreshing isn't it?

    I love Bea's oven, the stove part is so fun b/c I believe it would be so easy to just wipe it down right?

    And I will join you in prayer for your friends labour, may the God of Heaven and Earth be with them right now as they venture out onto this new course. Oh Lord, grant them your wisdom to teach this little one the only true path that leads to you! For you are forever grateful and are always there to comfort us in our pain. Please Lord remove from Nancy any pain she may endure and comfort Todd to know that everything will be taken care of, in your name Holy Father may you have all power and glory and honor forever in this new life of theirs. AMEN!

  5. Demara, that was so sweet. You are such a sensitive child of God.

    I have the same oven, it is really easy to clean, just wipe and cook.

  6. I love the pictures - the food (which looks yummy!), the plants coming to life, and - hey! - I've got the same stove, too!

    Todd & Nancy and the new baby are in my prayers!

  7. With all that rain, and a little more sunshine needed, I vote the baby gets named "Emily Sunshine".

    (The kid in TX will never know about it...)

  8. Oh i love Bea's project that's such a good idea. And ofcourse Terrence's is good too! Lovella your pond plant is so cute. I will pray for Todd and Nancy. My labour is still fresh in my mind so i totally feel for her.

  9. I just got the call . . Its a boy. Ethan Gilmore . .. 7 lbs, 5 oz. Mom and baby are doing just fine.

  10. Girlfriend, I SWEAR Canada is north of me, yet it looks like you live in South Carolina, for heaven sake! I am barely getting the tiniest of buds on my lilac bush, and you've got full blown blooms going on!
    Did I mention to you that I loved your Bisquick blog?!!

  11. Such lovely Spring photos! I enjoyed this post so much...especially regarding your family...what a treasure they are!

  12. heavenly sunshine...was just singing that song to my baby this morning. i've been trying to think of all of the songs i grew up with in sunday school so that i can teach them to him :)


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