shopping dinner and friends

The floral arrangements in the hotels are always incredibly beautiful. This one really was.

We found the Olympic countdown clock. They now have someone guarding it 24/7 because of the people who are determined to destroy the plans and excitement of the upcoming games.

We walked down to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner and didn't quite make it to sit in the old rail car but at least we were close enough for a picture.

After the first day of sunshine we were treated to British Columbia's liquid version. After the rain cloud passed, the rainbow came out and we were amused that it ended at the pot of gold, one of Canada's largest banks. Every thing seemed to take on a gold hue.

The Japanese flowering cherry trees were in full bloom. Our buds on our trees haven't even begun to open yet.

We walked down to Stanley Park to see the damage from the winter storms. I talked to a couple of gardeners that gave me tips on pruning my Hydrangeas. They were really nice and I'm learning that people really are interested to chat. For years I would have never assumed to begin a conversation out of the blue, but lately (it must be my age) I just realize I have nothing to lose.

This pot of plants was at the bottom of the elevator and it smelled of spring. I just really enjoy (oh for goodness sake, my mind is not cooperating, and I can't remember the name of the pink ones) Someone help me. . . . 20 minutes later . . . Hyacinth . . .came to me while I was drying my hair. I guess I'll give the prize to me.

We sat at our favorite spot at Starbucks and watched the show go by. I don't need to tell you about interesting people. I could tell you some funny stories but I won't tell you about them because sure as can be, later on in the day, it will bother my conscience and I'll come and delete that section. (I have done that a few times in my blog)

Jennie, this one is for you. The biggest Canucks fan ever. I think you should do your car up like this. Or is it yours?

On Friday I met my friend Hilda for some shopping. Our husbands were in a meeting for the day and so we took advantage of some girl time. Hilda does not often shop for herself. She spends her time enjoying her family and friends and she relishes making their house a home. She realized soon after we made it to the Petite section that I was on a mission. She spent 2 hours in a change room while I was a personal shopper. I could do that for a job. I had a very fun time and I think she did too. We could barely carry everything back to the hotel. It was wonderful, thank you for humoring me Hilda.

In the evening we attended a dinner together and had a wonderful Prime Rib Dinner and later a Chocolate Dessert Buffet. Sorry I didn't take a picture of that.
We have known John and Hilda since our kids were little. We have always attended the same church and our kids went to the same school. It wasn't until be moved onto our farm, 12 years ago that we really began to understand their heart for helping people. Terry had never lived on a farm and John and his son Robert were so willing to teach us all we needed to know about farming. On more than one occasion they rushed over to help Terry figure out a problem. I posted this picture because I just love Hilda's laugh. Such good friends.

So, that is the end of my little holiday. I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow I plan to post my recipe for Easter Bread (paska). I started to make it this morning so that I could post the pictures tomorrow. I got off to a bad start when I couldn't figure out why my blender was making such a dreadful racket. I slowly poured everything out when I realized I had the little plastic cap blending nicely in there as well. So, I started over. Monday morning, what can I say.


  1. What a fun holiday! And beautiful pictures.. the flower you couldn't remember but I'm sure have by now is hyacinths.. you had just mentioned Hydrangeas so that temporarily knocked out any other 'h' names...I know how it works (or doesn't, rather)..ha-ha! I'm so happy you had a lovely get-away, Lovella!!

  2. Love the rainbow! How funny it ended at a bank. Send it to them and see if they want to buy it!
    Speaking of buy, what did you get on your shopping spree?

  3. Julie, you are right, it was the hydrangea that knocked hyacinth out of my head.
    Jill, I did send it to the bank, I didn't thinking of asking for some gold in return . . .shoot.
    I bought some sale items of Banana Republic. I got a skirt for $25, 4 shirts for $35 each. It was a skoopum deal. I also found a bathing suit. Horrid job but I got it done. Perhaps, I'll post some pictures of those items. Thank for the idea.

  4. Your little holiday away seemed like such a wonderful time. I giggle everytime I see your pictures because you take pics of things most people would be too timid to. So cute.

  5. Is that Hyacinth also known as a Cinderalla Lavender? Because it looks so much like the flowers I love! i love cherry blossoms too...And wow what a neat car! I'd drive it!!!

    And thank-you so much Lovella for pouring out such beautiful blessings over there at my e-place.

    Love you~

  6. That car is hilarious! I'm sure Jennie will love it. I can vouch for her that she really was needing a Lovella fix. She genuinely seemed worried about you. So cute!

    I had totally forgotten about paska! You've made me nervous and excited with anticipation for when my parents come, hoping that my Mom will have made me some as she knows how much I LOVE it.

    P.S. I forgot to ask you if it's ok for me to put you on my sidebar of my blog. If not, that's totally fine. I won't be offended. I know some people like to keep theirs more private.

  7. I love love love that car...Mine may look similar...I have a Canucks license plate holder, two window stickers and an air freshener. When they make the playoffs, I'll put on my magnetic door Canucks symbol...I am silly about the Canucks! :)

  8. Your post today reminds me of how fun it is to have a holiday in the city (I'm usually a camping girl). There is SO much to do. It IS our age that let's us be more bold conversationally! I've noticed too. Hilda are you reading this? You have really hip glasses.


  9. So fun. I love spring, Vancouver, shopping and Starbucks. I miss all those things so much so it is so fun to live vicariously through your blog. I haven´t seen a spring in the valley for almost 6 years. Thanks so much for the pictures.
    Happy Monday!! Leana


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