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The centerpieces were put together. Daffodils, dozens of them . . put together by my mom and my sister in laws Mary and Heidi. In 1978 the daffodils were blooming everywhere. We had a early spring I suppose. Funny no one mentioned global warming that year.
The groom and his men decorated the cars. Terry and I were looking at these pictures together this morning and having a good chuckle at the wedding cars. Back then, the car needed to be clean and have copious amounts of plastic flowers attached and we were happy. We made those wedding car flowers ourselves. We spent evening after evening making flowers. It was probably my mom's idea to keep us in a state of purity before the wedding. No idle hands for us.

The samsonite luggage was put into Terry's Camaro. We sold that Camaro later when the family arrived. Funny how that happens. For some reason, there was a huge effort put into finding the bride and grooms get a way car. We hid it the day before at the back of my brother and sister in laws property. We were so relieved to see that no one tampered with Terry's car. That would have not been a good start to the honeymoon. If you know Terry you will smile and agree that would be important. I can count the number of times I've gotten into a dirty vehicle to go to church.

Terry had finished the banner for the reception. He hand drew those letters and carefully cut them out. It took him many evenings. Another one of my mom's no idle hands ideas. We picked the same motto as my mom and dad had when they got married. I even walked down the aisle to the same rendition of The Lord is My Shepherd. You can't get much for sentimental than that.

The wedding cake that I still today think is beautiful was delivered. My mom made the fruit cake which was later stored in our freezer. I wonder who ate it?
We had the rehearsal dinner at the same Chinese food restaurant that Terry proposed marriage. We still eat there sometimes just for the memories.

After that, I went home to the last night that I would sleep in that single bed. Never ever since that day have I chosen to spend even one night at my parents just for the fun of it. They never invited me. I never asked to come. No regrets, not this girl. I should mention that we always lived in the same town as my parents so there was no obvious reason for them to invite me over for the night. They knew that night that they were giving their little girl to another . . . (to a 19 year old no less . . they must have been a bit nervous). So many times I've been amazed at the wisdom that they had. I suppose by the time your 5th child gets married, you figure a few things out. We thought about that many times since we too gave our blessing for our sons to be married. Tomorrow will be our anniversary, come back for a visit and I'll give you a peek at my groom.


  1. You present such warm memories that make even the reader feel apart of the event! Your sentimental and detailed rendition glow with the moment! I am also amazed at all the pictures you have! Me thinks that your fetish for snapping moments with your digital is actually part of your genetic makeup! What a wonderful vice that will capture more historical minutes for your children's children!
    Bless you and Terry on your anniversary! Eventhough we weren't at your wedding, we are blessed to be around for your many anniversaries, and for knowing you two!

  2. You still look the same Lovella, how lovely! (People say that to me all the time too. But it IS the case with you too.) That cake was so beautiful and was the Reception held at Central? It looks like their gym there. If not, it still looks very familiar!!! You two were married the year my husband was born, how neat is that? I will always know what anniversary it is for you two!

    See you tomorrow~

  3. You have a wonderful heritage.. so full of love!! I always love weddings, new ones or memories of old--both are great! The pictures are so neat...I was there, of course!!
    You were a beautiful bride !! and still are.

  4. Lovella that is the most beautiful cake. And i love the wedding colours!

  5. I just love your stories and your memories that you share with us!

  6. Well Happy Anniversary! Next year will be a big one although I think in this day and age they are all big. I hope you two have a wonderful day doing whatever makes a wonderful day for you two.

  7. LOVE the might remember reading that my cake was made as a fulfillment of a promise made at my birth. I look at all cakes carefully now...yours was a beauty.
    We didn't do car decorations! My dad DID take a picture of me in bed the day of my wedding, after serving me breakfast in bed. I wonder how many women have that same picture...the last time they slept in their childhood bed before becoming a married woman.
    Can't wait for tomorrow, I want to see your dress!
    (And I read about one group of women that have a yearly "wear your gown" party, where they get together and wear their bridal gowns, backs un-done if necessary to fit. Wouldn't that be fun?)
    Mr. T is a blessed man. And I wonder what he wore to his wedding!

  8. Jill, I can beat that, I begged and prodded until both my daughter-in-laws tried my dress on. Poor girls, I think they thought I was hinting that it would be lovely for them to wear my gown. I feel a little excited for tomorrow myself. A lady that my mom knew for years made my cake. It was special to know the care that went into it.

  9. What a beautiful cake! I love Daisies! I enjoyed reading this post. I enjoy reading all your posts but this one brought back memories for me. I remember when we got married we fluffed a couple hundred of those plastic flowers ourselves. Someone stuck one behind the gas tank door in our going away car. When we stopped for gas on our honeymoon we saw it in there and had a good chuckle and decided to leave it in there. We kept it in there for a couple of years and then had to throw it out cuz it was in pretty rough shape. But it was a fun reminder of our wedding day everytime we filled up with gas. Have a great Anniversary celebration. I am guessing it's 29 years but I am not sure. Whatever it is, a wonderful celebration is well deserved. Love you both!

  10. This is so sweet. Can't wait to share some more memories tomorrow of your special day.

  11. What a beautiful way to "introduce" us to your anniversary! Happy anniversary!

    I've never seen cars decorated with flowers - we only use white ribbons here and on the odd occasion, a bridal doll on the bonnet of the car.

    Looking forward to meeting your "groom".

  12. Your reception looks like our set up. We got married in 1977. What fun memories you share with us. Blessings on your anniversary. You had excellent timing on your spring clean up!!


    Oh yes - and feel free to link me.


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