paska family gathering

Welcome to the family . . .paska . . .gathering.
We had a special little out-of -towner Abby. She is my niece Chrissie's little girl. As is just the way it goes sometimes. . . . Chrissie was all packed up to come the 3 hour drive to pick up Abby who has been here for the sprink break week, when one of the boys got sick. Poor Chrissie had to turn around and go back home. We all felt so bad for her. Abby is quite happy with her Papa G. who is my brother Gerry.

It didn't take long for the boys to get right down to business. That is my nephew Ken on the left and Stuart on the right.

I baked paska for part of the day and looked forward to the family coming over in the evening. We will be away over Easter and so if they wanted the Paska they needed to come for an early Easter get together.

It was so wonderful seeing some of the ones that live a little out of town and we haven't seen for a bit. The picture above is my nephew Bryan and his wife Colleen. Sitting on the arm of the loveseat is my sis-in-law Mary.

I had posted all the potential names for the '50 merc on the fridge but I soon noticed that the girls were more concerned about what names we could not use. Apparently you all have very good taste and now you have gone and named my future family. Aren't you clever.

Usually I slice the paska, then I ice it and put the sprinkles on but this year, I let them all ice and decorate their own. No complaints.

These are my two sweet little great-nieces. Abby in on the left and Annalise is on the right. Their moms are sisters, can't you tell?

They like nice little ladies had their snacks at the table. That is their Omi behind them (grandma).

To balance out the sweet we had a bit of fruit and some Artichoke dip and tex-mex. That is my brother Ken . . . oh, he is preparing to sprinkle.

And, . . . Bea has the two pups Tobee and Olive (ken and natalie's pup) . Alright, tomorrow, I'll post the boys in the shop with " . . ." and the name of the '50 merc.
Have a great day my friends, I'm off to wash some floors and go for my 30 minute walk Incidentally, if you did not see the Paska tutorial and would like to make it . . .you can find the recipe on my sidebar . . . Paska.


  1. The paska looks delicious! When do we get to have a paska party?

  2. Nancy, oh my goodness, still no baby? What are we day 7 overdue? You totally deserve a paska party.

    I was writing my post and praying for you at the same time.

  3. I'd be in for a paska party! hee hee Thanks for the heads up that you'll be away over Easter, Lovella. This time we won't all worry about you. :)

  4. What a beautiful family, and what a wonderful tradition to use get everyone together-paska memories!

  5. That Paska looks so delicious Lovella!!! Hmmm...the mennonite herritage (maiden name was Martins) in me is jumping out of my seat with wanting to eat it! Yum! And I can't wait to see which name Terry picks...

  6. Thanks for the pics, Lovella..seeing your family members are mine too..I enjoyed the visit!! Lovely Paska!
    Good thing you had pictures..otherwise your comment about your brother, "Oh, he's getting ready to sprinkle!" could have conjured up quite another image!! smile

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful family gathering. Your grand-nieces are very cute... love Annalise's pretty dress! Oh and the grand-pup is very sweet as well =)

  8. Great family photos! It sounds like you all had a great time together - as it should be. :)

  9. Nice looking paska Lovella. My first batch turned out good yesterday but I should have doubled it. Us 6 alone have eaten 3 loaves in 1 day. I only have 1 left so I'm planning to do some more on Monday. I am out of eggs though and my chicken farmer cousin is out too since he had his birds shipped this week. I might need to go shopping first.
    Can't wait to find out the name of the truck.

  10. Oh my! Look at that paska!

    My daughter is "Abby" -- she's playing with the SMILEY ball in our front yard.

    Happy Weekend!

  11. The photos are great, Lovella! It's good to see happy people enjoying yummy food!

  12. I know I'm going back a few posts, but I had something happen the other day that I HAVE to tell you about. I was telling Jennie how disappointed I was that my mom didn't bring me any paska, and she said ... get this, "I don't really like paska." WHAT???? How can you not like paska? I told her that she's not a true Mennonite, and she said, "No, that's true. I'm not." She then went on to say that she's only had dry paska before that's fallen apart, not moist paska. Then I asked her if the paska she had you only iced on the top or all over the side and she said only on the top. Aaaaah, that explains it, too. Can you believe that? Sorry for outing you, Jennie, but it had to be done. Poor, poor, Jennie. :P


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