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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Beatrice. She was born in a land far away and moved here when she was still a little girl. She was born with a disposition that others strive to emulate. The very first time that Terrence brought her home to meet us she won our hearts. She has a gentle manner, very much a lady and loves life and all it has to offer her.
She grew up to be a beautiful young woman who married our son Terrence. At this point you may be scrolling down to see the wedding picture and the funny thing is I had one in here and thought to myself, no, they will need to wait until the anniversary posting early this summer. If you think I'm being a bit strict, I agree, you have no idea how much I want to show you what a beautiful bride she was.

If it seems that this is Bea week , I suppose in a sense it is. She is a teacher and this is her official first spring break. It has provided me with opportunities to spend a bit of time with her while Terrence is at work.

Since you are not yet allowed to see the picture of the bride I thought I would treat you to their engagement picture. They were married early that June.

Last May the day she handed in her very last paper in university we as a family boarded a plane to Maui. It was there that we saw Bea relax for the first time since we first met her. As I said earlier she loves life. Our room on the second floor was directly above their room. Early one morning we were relaxing on our lanai having some coffee when Bea poked her smiley face over our balcony. "Hello" she said with a glint of mischief in her eye, . . .what happened after that was a bit of a blur for all of us and she spent the rest of the vacation sporting the cast that she is unsuccessfully trying to hide in the picture above. This was just one of the many times we have had opportunity to see what she is really made of. She is a non-complainer. Period. She stood at the waters edge while the rest of played in the waves, and claimed that she was just fine and never once moped about.

Those of you that know our family personally will attest to the fact that I brag regularly about my "daughters". Somehow even though it seems a bit rude to unabashedly brag about our children the ones that have come to us by marriage is a bit different. I like to think of it as congratulating the parents who raised them on a job well done. We are constantly amazed at God's goodness and faithfulness in His leading and direction in our sons' lives.

OK, I won't pretend this is her birthday cake. This cake is actually one of the test cakes for their wedding. It is a coconut tres leche cake, very yummy and at some point I'll give you the recipe for how we made 30 cakes for the centerpieces for their wedding.

Bea is all about projects. What other girl would bring her sewing machine along to her party so that she can continue to sew a few stitches between meal courses? Bea is presently working on her "couch" as she calls it. We keep saying a couch? She says, oh I mean a chair and she smiles. She found a perfect little upholstered chair at the local thrift shop and is now in the process of recovering it.

As is typical with all parties, there needs to be some fun. Tobee and Camryn provided that for us. This was Camryn's first experience with Stu and Karlee's little pup. She didn't even have her jacket off yet and she said "halten" (German . .for hold) Tobee is looking at Karlee to see if he is safe.
So Bea, . . Dad and I want to wish you a wonderful Birthday. We are blessed to have you as part of our family. It is our prayer that God will continue to make His face to shine upon you and to be gracious to you and give you His peace.


  1. Happy Birthday Bea!
    You are a welcomed addition to the extended family as well! Hope you have a special day! Love it that there is another "craftymamma" in the family!
    Love ya,

  2. wow! what a wonderful mother-in-law you are. It also seems you have pretty great daughters-in-law, although I don't know them personally. I hope that our 3 sons will be blessed with wonderful wives as well. Have a great day.

  3. Corinne, I sure hope you do too. With four kids in your family you will have so much fun when they are all grown up. There will always be someone stopping by.

  4. thank you for the sweet birthday wish, mom and dad. i am extremely blessed to have gained such a remarkable second set of parents! thank you for your prayers, support and welcoming arms … what a special gift.
    with love ~ bea

  5. . . .okay, I need my hankie. :)

  6. Me again. I was wondering, what far away land is Bea from?

  7. I was wondering that too! What a sweet mom in law you are.
    I cant wait to see their wedding pictures!

  8. Happy Birthday, beautiful Bea!!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Bea! I hope that this year brings you more than you expected, and plenty of what you need! It is a joy to see you at work now, and I hope that when we return to school, this last leg will be delightful for you!

  10. Dear Bea, Looks to me like you girls have had a fun filled week. I said in an earlier comment some time ago "Happy Birthweek" always makes sense to me. Life is worth celebrating! You were a lovely addition to this family on your wedding day and I know you bring much joy and laughter into Lovella and T's lives. Enjoy your day! Love Kathy

  11. What a wonderful mother-in-law you are, Lovella, and Bea sounds like the perfect daughter-in-law! I hope that someday my son will present me with a wonderful daughter-in-law like Bea. My daughter did her duty and found the perfect son-in-law (but they live too, too far away).

    Happy Birthday, Bea! Be blessed!

  12. Happy Birthday, Bea!

    Lovella, brag away - you've got beautiful, industrious girls! We're not planning on giving away any of our children, so we're just going to adopt our "children-in-laws" -- works for me! ;o)

  13. Happy Birthday , Bea!! (I guess if I screamed loud enough outside my front door, you might even hear me, but I'll send my wishes the polite way... Brag away, Lovella, then you will be all practiced up when the grandkids come!! It's part of the obligation of grandparents to brag about their grandchildren.
    When in-laws fit so well into a family --what a blessing!!!!

  14. It sounds like a perfect fit! Children are such a blessing from the Lord!

  15. Happy Birthday to Bea! I think that it is so awesome that you have the relationship with your daughter-in-laws like you do. I'm happy that Terry (as we used to call him in school) found such an fantastic girl to share his life with:)

  16. Happy birthday Bea hope that your blessed and showers with lots of good wishes and presents!

  17. Birthday girl Bea!
    May this birthday be the BEST of all your birthdays to date...and the WORST birthday compared to all those that you will have in the future.
    Better and Better and Better...

    (and send "fabulous daughter-in-law" mojo my way, OK?)

  18. Hi...just snooping around your blog. I linked up from Fiona's!
    I have to say that you and I are kindred spirits in regards to books. All the authors you listed on your profile are my favorites too!

  19. This is a truly beautiful sentiment to your "daughter." I adore my mother in law and from the other side's perspective, let me tell you it is wonderful to know that your husband's mother loves you so much. The relationship you have with Bea is so great. I just can't express that enough to you.

  20. You don't say "couch"? Most aussies I know use the word couch rather than.... sofa. We rarely use the word loveseat too. That's just a 2 seater couch.

    Happy belated birthday Bea!

  21. Oh how wonderful! You've been blessed to have a handy-man husband, AND daughter in-law, blessings for your son's household as well!



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