off to the big city

Hey, I'm back. What fun. Usually when we come back from a few days of rest and relaxation, I fling my suitcase on the bed, check the phone messages and the email and think about laundry. This is the first time we've snuck off since I started blogging and so when we came home today I had the additional delight of checking comments. Next time I decide to leave town, I'll let you know. On Wednesday afternoon we left our bungalow in the country and headed to Vancouver.

This was the view from our Hotel room on the 17th floor. The weather had been so miserable at home and so the blue skies were a welcome sight. We put our runners on and off we went. I'll give you more details of all we did in the next few days.

Really comfy bed.

The flowers were really starting to bloom. I just love spring.

We walked across the Granville Street Bridge to go to Granville Island. I went in search of Edie Hats for Jill, and had a delightful time when we found them. I will post more about that tomorrow.

The skyline was so beautiful, I just had to take pictures.

It was so great to get away, and I'll post more tomorrow. I need to finish unpacking and throw some things in the wash. I thought I better post something for all of you that were wondering what on earth happened to me. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last post.


  1. Well thank goodness you're back. Glad you had a good time and how nice that you made time to have a good time together.

  2. oh Corinne, you are priceless. I just loved it that you kept emailing me to see if I was OK. Glad to know that my younger friends are looking out for me.

  3. Lovella, Aren't you, like, north of me here in Michigan??? How come you have so much Spring, and I have so much snow??? Something is not right! Actually, it has been in the mid-40's the past 2 days, with mid 50's by Tuesday. Then more snow by next weekend. That is just SO wrong! Your get-a-way sounds wonderful. When things simmer down here, I want farmboy and I to take off, perhaps the upper peninsula?

  4. thanks for sharing the pictures! an absolutely beautiful view that you guys had! glad to hear that you had a good time and look forward to hearing more in the days to come!

  5. Welcome back! I actually knew you were away but I figured, being the blogger babe you are that you may have brought a laptop along and plugged into the internet outlet in the hotel room so that you could keep all your readers up to date. heehaa Glad you had a nice time. Lookin forward to your posts in the days to come.

  6. Oh goodie! A trip to one of my favorite cities WITHOUT the long leg cramping flight! Post pictures and then dump the rest on the web so I can wallow in beautiful Vancouver!
    (LOVE the bed!)

  7. I am so glad you're back! And I can't wait to hear what you all did in Vancouver!!!

    I'm so glad I could make you laugh at the disclaimer you MUST have had a VERY relaxing time! :)

  8. How nice it must have been to get away for awhile...welcome back!

  9. I see Terry has his eyes open now :) I'm glad you had a great time and look forward to reading about it.


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