naming the '50 merc

As promised earlier in the week, the names that you all selected have been scrutinized and everyone in the family has had the opportunity to have their opinion heard.
As with all new babies, you need to really look at them and make sure the name fits. Remember how I told you that this would likely be the last time you would see it kind of together before it's dismantled? Well this week the dismantling began. Terrence came over several times and helped removed fenders, the box and the hood etc.

After copious amounts of Paska were consumed the boys went to the shop. I followed them out there in the pouring rain to take some pictures. When I looked at the pictures later in the house I of course wasn't happy with all my results but I wasn't about to brave the monsoons again to do retakes. So . . you'll have to use your a imagination a little.

As you can see Terry has been busy spot welding some little holes. This week I plan to take a few more action shots. I was a less than a supportive wife this week. Occasionally I would think of running to the shop, and I would look outside and the monsoons would discourage me from venturing out.

So far, they have poured over parts books and the Internet looking for the best place to order parts. See, this is something us girls can identify with. We love making decisions regarding redecorating right? So, . . . I totally get it. This is apparently a really good time for them. Have at it boys.

It appears to require a great deal of concentration . . .. It's incredible how different men and women really are. Honestly, I couldn't have budged the girls from the couches on Friday night with . . ."do you want to go out in the pouring rain to the shop to see the old truck . . . .taken apart"? We love our men to have ambition and hobbies and motivation to accomplish wonderful things but we just don't see what there is to look at so long.
Then they moved over to where the parts were and just stood there and looked at them. I was happy to take the pictures and run back to the house to visit with the girls.

So . . Terry has named the truck Miss Ella. Thank you Kathy for this wonderful suggestion. Terry liked the shortened version of my name. I thought that was very sweet. I was very touched. I asked him if I could give it a second name and he said sure . .why not? So the name of the truck is Miss Ella Esmeralda. Esmeralda was Jill's suggestion. I pretend to like things simple and for the most part I do . . but you know? I have this side of me that is a bit fancy. I guess when your parents bless you with three given names at birth you can't help but have a little flair for fun things.
There were quite a few nights this week when I would venture out to the shop and yes, you girls were right, I have seen his back a lot. I really don't mind though, he's in his element, and this is his sport, he's waited a long time to have this fun. Oh, and incidentally I found one more casual chair for the shop, so now I can invite 2 friends over to watch. One chair for Kathy, and one for Jill. How fun.
So Miss Ella Esmeralda it is. I've been trying to think of an appropriate prize for these girls all week long. Aside from the fact that I think it would be wonderful if they could be here to have a ride in her when she is all done, I'll have to give it a bit more thought, I'll let you know.
Thank you to all of you for all the name help. It sure has added a bit more fun to the week.
Well, the sky is becoming light and I can see some blue. Today, we will venture outside for some fresh air. This week we have seen a lot of rain and I'm feeling a little cooped up.
Whatever you do today, I hope you have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. What a wonderful surprise I woke up to this morning. Miss Ella she is! I am honored to have suggested the name that was chosen. I kinda have a sneak'in hunch T had already thought of that one himself, but none the less I'm delighted. The men folk looked to be having a great time together! And 'hats ON' to you Jill for the second name. KAthy

  2. I think Miss Ella Esmeralda is a perfect name! She sounds like a character in children's book that would feature all the car work stuff that the boys like, and then a "rescue" adventures that everyone would like, then a few comments about lady stuff that girls would like. Miss Ella E. just seems like that kind of old gal to me.
    Thanks for including me in the naming! I am honored. And I'll look forward to at least virtually sitting with you in the garage.

    Oh, and Bernie says
    "He has RACKS in his garage. He even has racks! Most people just have to put all the parts on the garage floor!"
    Oh this is just killing Bernie.

  3. Great name Lovella! You're right, it really does suit the truck =)

  4. I think the name is perfect! Cute and whimsical! (My hubby would drool over the garage, so I can't show it to him!)

  5. what a wonderful name and it suits her too. She's going to be a beauty once she finshed.

  6. I too agree that "Miss Ella Esmeralda" is a most fitting name for the truck, I do think it has a ring of 'mischief-waiting-to-happen' -- I'm sure there is a gleam in Miss Ella's eye under that hat of hers !!

  7. Great name for your truck. What gender do you think our truck is? Do you think they could be friends? Ijust caught up with your posts from the last few days. Thanks again for the great get together and the great Paska.I'm so glad that we have been friends as well as sister-in-laws all these years and that our kids are also friends. We are very blessed.

  8. Oh my goodness Mary our trucks will be not only friends but cousins for sure. Why with you having the Ford and us the Merc well they are bound to be wanting to go out for rides together regularly.
    When its all said and done, they will surely want to have their picture taken together.

    I think that your beautiful truck must be a boy truck. It seems that since he was bought brand new by your dad to cart around carpenter tools, well . . back in those days, they didn't allow any women folk to be hanging out at any construction site. Perhaps we should think of a name for yours as well.

    We sure had a great time with all of you as well.

  9. It's so fun catching up on all the fun you guys are having out in Abbotsford. I sure wish I could have been there with you for the Easter celebration. I guess no paska for me this year. I love the name Miss Ella for your truck. I think my Mom & Dad's Ford should be named Henry after my Grandpa. Wait...Henry Ford. That's perfect!

  10. Those are absolutely wonderful photos! And what a beauty that truck is! Boys do need their boy toys, don't they?


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