name the old truck

Yesterday as was expected, there was much discussion on how to "do" the old truck. The girls had enough of the debate and headed outdoors for a bit of a walk. These are seed pods hanging from a tree. I am sorry that I don't know the name of the tree. Anyone?
We have had enough rain for the cranberry fields when it is time to harvest. Unfortunately, it is not time to harvest cranberry fields and these are blueberry plants.

The discussions began. How much should the truck be lowered? That is an easy one. What kind of motor should it have? That one roused a bit of healthy debate. They agree that it should sound "healthy". Wheels? Magazines were passed back and forth, with some agreement.
Terry's job in the discussions seems to be to remind the boys that we have no intention have selling the farm to pay for the "ride".

Stuart put a milk crate inside and went for a cruise. I confess, I wanted to sit there as well.

These are some of the last pictures you will see of the old truck this put together. Terry and I neglected to have our picture taken together going for a ride and so we will need to do that one picture just for the record. The dismantling will begin shortly. They look in every nook and cranny for the rust that they hope they will not find.

I asked Bea to pose for a picture. She humored me with a look for the motor. There is none at this point.

We can't continue to refer to it as the old truck. I am suggesting that you help us come up with a name. I don't know what's in it for you except the satisfaction to know you named someones baby and perhaps every once in a while you will be held in high esteem for being the namer. Some people are confused that they can't leave a comment because they don't have a blog. Not so, you just click on the anonymous button in the comment box and leave your first name at the bottom of your comment so that you can be congratulated.
I'll leave the contest open for a few days so that you can give it some consideration. Incidentally, this morning I did some research online on the matter, and they said that people that name their vehicles and become attached are at a higher incidence or rage and insurance claims. Yada yada yada.
Like I say, lets name the old truck. Even though I suggested yesterday that it was a boy truck, I had another look, it is in fact a girl truck. Girl names, that is what we need.
Well, I'm off for my 30 minute walk, have a wonderful day.


  1. Hey Lovella,

    It's so much fun to read your daily adventures. The "old truck" looks pretty cool ... I think I will have a very jealous husband. How about "Betsy" or is that too much like the name of a cow in the back pasture? Enjoy the fun of restoration!

  2. A girl truck?? Are you certain? What makes it a girl? Is it all the attention and caressing it will demand? Perhaps. I still have a hard time thinking of it as a girl. Mercury, big nose front, huge, hard, metal grill, stainless steel dashboard, loud rumbling noise, ... as for the name ... are you sure its a girl?? Then it will have to be a tough girl name, like Bertha, Bexter (a derivative of my own name :), or Bessy. I am not very good at naming, so it will have to be your call. I still think its a boy truck, "Merc. The green machine." How are you ever going to decide? I imagine the boys will want a say in it too! Have fun with the challenge of naming the baby.

  3. Oh boy, I'm so impressionable. If you want to leave a Boy's name then go ahead and the "familia" will make a decision in the end. I'm hoping to call an extended family gathering for next sunday and perhaps a decision will be made then. I know that names of boats are all girls . . . right?
    Interesting that Nancy and Becky are suggesting "B" names.

  4. I figure for the next few months all you will see of Terry is his back hunched over the truck.

    And since the truck is green, I nominate the name ESMERALDA:

    Means "emerald" in Spanish, or Prized Green Gem.
    In Victor Hugo's novel 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' Esmeralda is the Gypsy girl whom Quasimodo is in love with.
    (Another nickname for Terry when he if he becomes too involved with the truck to suit you?)

    Another literary connection for Esmeralda would be in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" in which Esmeralda was the name of the mother of hobbit Meriadoc Brandybuck, and also the aunt of Peregrin Took.

    Lastly, in the Bible, the 12 Tribes of Israel each had a gemstone associated with it. Ex28:17 The tribe of Judah, the tribe which Jesus is associated with (Root of Jesse, Lion of Judah) is Emerald.

    There is also an emerald rainbow mentioned in Revelation 4:3, which is over the throne in heaven.

    The center color of every rainbow is green by the way.

    Plus I think the name Esmeralda is just plain fun to say!
    "Let's take Esmeralda out for spin" sounds like fun!

  5. Jill, research Jill, as she is affectionately known in these parts, . . .researched . . to find a name.
    How impressive is that?

    No pressure my friends, but I have to say, there is a dedicated soul to blogging.

    I'm sure the rest of you are deep in thought and perhaps asking your husbands and loved ones for additional ideas.

  6. Otee?

    Otis from the farm

  7. My vote is for: Meranda as in Meranda Mercury.

    Happy refurbishing! Your life will be busy!

  8. . . such fun, I can't wait for Terry to come in from the barn for lunch.
    Let's review . .
    Bertha, Bexter,Bessy

  9. What fun!! I say it is a girl truck.. a guy wouldn't put all that work into a 'boy' truck....
    I suggest Mercedes as a name
    1. this truck will be 'high class'
    2. Mercedes mean 'mercies' which descibes the work it needs!!
    Ha-ha !!! Shan't be a bit hurt if you choose another name!!!!

  10. I personally think she looks like a Lilly or a Katie or Patricia maybe. Girlie names, I know but they are pretty. I have named all my vehicles...Thelma the Toyota Tercel, my first car. Buggs, the Rabbit I drove for a while back when and my present car is named Cherrie, because she is a beautiful deep Cherry color and I hand picked her! ;)

    (if you decide she is a 'he', you could name him...Bertuzzi or Naslund, or even even Linden...just a thought!)

    Have fun!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. By the way, we call our cars "My Car" and "Your Car" and the motorcycle we call "the honda"

  13. I love ol' Bessie. I too think it's a girl truck. I don't know why, but only girl names come to mind when I see it. So funny.
    How about Eclipse?
    Or Millie?
    Or Marilyne?
    Or something hilarious like: cupcake or muffin or sugar lips?

  14. A restoration! Oh you are in for some fun. And I agree with Jill - you'll be seeing a lot of your beloved's back in the coming months.

    As for a name, I vote for Emmie. It looks like such a friendly truck...

  15. Okay.

    The jig is up.

    Darla aka 'running wildly', as figured out that I have been using the computer to post messages at various blog sites around the world.

    I thought just being a mild mannered dog, just minding my own business, nobody would be the wiser. I should have known better.

    If the cops come calling, you ain't never heard of me.


  16. Oh Boy,
    See, I had read the numerous comments left on Darla's aka running wildly site but I truly would have never guessed that it was the same Otis as Otis from the farm. He seems almost human. Hmm.
    That hound. He is far smarter than I would have ever imagined.

  17. Yeah, Otis was pretty mouthy on my site in his comments about pet sitters and how he only got a bowl of dry food when you guys left for a weekend.
    I had to delete his comments before Tiggie and Hart read them.
    I did give him Uncle Scott's number though.

  18. We're hooped. I well remember Uncle Scott's personalized spoiling of the 2 ridiculous boy cats.

    I had no idea Uncle Scott would travel across the continent, he is special isn't he?

  19. okay i'll try again. the visual verification thing won't work for me. anyway i came up with annabelle or ruthie. no research or anything wen't into that thinking but those are my choices.

  20. This is so much fun! I bought a neat little car (when I was just 17) that was already several years old and was the envy of all the young men around campus - my best friend and I decided the car was a great way to attract the attention of the guys! Anyway, she (my car; definitely a girl-car since the guys liked her so much) was a tad eccentric about running sometimes, so we named her Essie Faith, since I had a lot of faith that she would keep running (but when she wouldn't run, there was always a cute young man around to help out!).

    I don't have a clever suggestion for the Merc's new name, but this was a nice little opportunity to reminisce. She's a beaut - I hope she gives you and Terry lots of joy. (Hey! How about "Joy?")

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I apologize for the deletion...I was fighting with the word verification, and accidentally posted twice (user error, not Blogger!). ;)

  23. Mabel.........

    why??? i dunno.........

  24. Oh, I like Mabel too! What color will it be when it's done? If it's a boy I like Clyde or Ike. If it's a girl I like Madeline, Maddie, Olivia, Suzie and Rose.
    What fun!

  25. Georgie-anna (a strong name, not sure if it has a meaning but I think it sounds nice..for a truck.) or Miss Sally (I don't why I thought of this one...perhaps it's because I think once you get a motor in it, it will go real fast.) or Grizzly (Again a nice strong manly name...because the truck looks strong.) or Willis (in case you or Terry like to have conversations with it and you wonder why or what it's doing sometimes when it doesn't or if it doesn't do what you "whatcha talking about Willis?")or Tawneer (kinda like John Deer) or just Tawner...I think I like Tawner the best out of all these suggestions though.

  26. I can understand the confusion in figuring out whether it was a boy truck or a girl truck. Sometimes you have to pry a bit, and they will generally let you in on it after a few gentle questions. You could go for a name that could go either "Pat"?

  27. Staying with the green theme, which incidentally is my favorite color - i suggest Jade. Not gender specific but quite beautiful!
    (Rick is a tad green with envy)
    OOOOH, I just changed my vote - how about ENVY?! Yes, that's it!!!

  28. what about Cassandra, but Cass or Cassie for short?

    Or perhaps Lucy.. because the truck has class yet is a lot of fun.

  29. The truck is SWEET. I suggest the name Annabelle for the truck. We had a 1954 Chev by that name and it would be fun to know of another vehicle carrying on the name - besides it's such a contrast to the truck that will sound 'healthy'.


  30. Me again - thought I'd clarify what I meant by my last sentence. The contrast - Annabelle sounds soft and feminine but then - suprise a healthy rumble comes from under the hood - maybe the exhaust too - tough and tender truck.

    Kathy (on our guest's computer)

  31. after reading all of these great suggestions, i cannot think of a single original one on my own. i DO love ruthie though, so i'll second that one.

  32. I have been thinking about the naming of your truck. How about Terrella or Ella for short. Thought it just fit right in. Kathy


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