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I wanted to show you the gorgeous roses that we (I) got from Stuart and Karlee yesterday. We also received a beautiful card from Terrence and Bea that Bea had picked out for us several years ago. That may seem funny to you but it was a blessing to me because I thought that was so sweet that she still feels the same about us as a couple as she did when she first got to know us. We had such a nice time with the kids for brunch yesterday. Terry and I will be having a private celebration later in the week. No kids invited to that one. (smile)
I took this picture of Terry pruning the hedge last Friday. If the snow won't leave . . .just cut if off. It sure did look funny from the kitchen window. He just isn't one to be dissuaded from the gardening calendar even if the weather is not cooperating. It's March and it is time to prune the hedge.

Happy Birthday to Terry's little sister Brenda. I am sure that I have never seen a brother look more pleased to hug his little sister. I obviously wasn't part of the family at that point so I don't know the shenanigans that went on to take the picture but I'm sure that there was plenty of giggling going on. I always enjoy Brenda's giggle.
Brenda is known for her ability to fix anything. If you are her neighbor and need your toaster looked at, drop it by, she'll get it done. It must run deep in the family genes. She has been known to fix her blow dryer, and pretty much any other small appliance. If you need your hair done she will be able to do that as well. I hope you have a great day Brenda, . . .consider yourself hugged.
Well, my friends, I hope you all have a great Monday. I'm off for my 30 minute walk.


  1. hey! happy anniversary! enjoyed looking at the wedding pictures. hope you guys have a great night out later this week!! and now i have woken up to drizzle.. but it is nice and refreshing!

  2. I love the roses! The color is SO beautiful!!!

    Happy Birthday Brenda!

  3. What beautiful roses!
    Isn't it nice when a brother and sister love each other?? loved the picture!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I posted earlier...the gremlins are at it again...I love how dependable T. is about hedge work. Atta boy, trim right through that snow! And you are so fortunant to have such a handy sister-in-law. The roses are gorgeous too. Have you written down what you did to celebrate each of your anniversaries? I did, mostly, but a few years I forgot. I wonder what we did?

  5. Oh my goodness Jill, I really wish I had been a blogger at least a private one and kept track of all our celebrations. We had quite a few things lost in a move. We had stored some items in a warehouse which was sold and we were not notifed to remove our things. There were quite a few things like old calendars and the boys school records that were lost. Could be much worse, our house could have burned down. Always something to be thankful for.
    It seems like there were a lot of blog problems today. I guess it is a monday.

  6. I love the yellow choice for your wedding...not alot of brides use yellow AND not alot of brides stay married for 29 years.

    God has blessed you BOTH


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