like a little chick

This morning my beloved and I went for a quick coffee. We knew this was going to be a busy day and so we had to drink and talk quick. Some of the things we talked about was the naming of the truck. I've decided although we will let the family have some input on the name, the final decision will go to Terry since after all, it is his baby. We are close to a decision and will post it on Sunday. After that we talked about the funny things in blog land and the new friends that I've made. It is amazing to me how though these could be imaginary friends, they are real and our lives are enriched because of them.
Then we talked about how many things we have to be thankful for. I was reminded of this hand painted German plaque that was my grandmothers. It is made from very thin wood and has been painted in oil paint. Maybe someone can help with the exact translation. My German is a bit lacking. Roughly translated it says

Not even a drop drinks the chick,

until it lifts its head to heaven and gives thanks.

I am so thankful today for my family. I love them dearly. My siblings, my nieces and nephews, my children and especially my husband. Tonight we will have a small family gathering. Not everyone will come but those that don't will be missed. I'm looking so forward to it. I am off to bake a few batches of Paska. I hope you have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. What a cute plaque! Who knew it would actually be so fitting for your home! Have a wonderful family time this evening! We are off to Kelowna after lunch, hopefully leaving the rain behind! Look forward to the "Naming Ceremony" of Bexter! :) Hint, hint...

  2. Have a wonderful time Becky, I hope you dry out a little.

  3. have a great family get together. I am baking my first batch of paska today. Rudy will be so happy when he gets home from work.

  4. Hi Lovella, what a pretty plate. The direct translation of the words is "The chicken cannot drink one drop without looking heaven ward" , refering to how the chicken swallows -- the implied sentiment is , as you said, that we should do the same in thankfulness recognizing where our food comes from!
    I'm very curious as to the name of the truck , and yes I agree it should be Terry's privelege to name it, but thanks for letting us join in the fun !!

  5. Hi again. About the truck's name, our oldest son Lukas is curious as well. He somehow got these car genes in him that didn't come from Rudy or myself. Rudy doesn't wish for the truck but he said maybe farming would be nice since Terry seems to be able to have time to have some fun.

  6. Aaaah, paska. My mom didn't bring me any like I had hoped, but that's ok. The post you did when you made the paska made my mouth water and when you said you wished you could make it scratch and sniff, I didn't knead it (ha ha get it, need it). I remember the smell so well from when my mom used to make it that I could smell it through the screen. Enjoy some for me! :)

  7. Have a great family gathering! Paska sounds so good right now. My time will come soon though!


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