it's a sunny day on the farm

I just wanted to give you a quick little walk around the farm today. The sun is shining and I'm just itching to feel it on my face.
Terry is cleaning off the mulching mower deck to give a an undercoating to avoid rust. Otis is just coming out of the outhouse. That dog is trained. (kidding)

These little bunches of daffodils are spouting up everywhere, I just can't get enough of them.

The spirea is starting to let out . It always looks as dead as a doornail and then the little flowers blossom.

The plum tree looks like it will be loaded with blossoms. I'll be sure to come back and take a picture in full bloom. The grass is wonderfully green. Terry has mowed once already.

The rhubarb is taking its sweet time. I put a little "encouragement" ontop of it so one of these days it will start to grow like a weed. I am beginning to think I won't be able to make a rhubarb glaze for my little cheesecakes for Easter. Grow . . .grow . .grow.

This is my climbing Hydrangea. It becomes wonderfully green and grows with gusto. We had one on the shady side of our last house growing up the fireplace and I just loved the fragrant white delicate flowers.

Fabulous news, the goldfish did well this winter. They basically go into hibernation. They don't eat, they just hang out. As it begins to warm we throw them a bit of food and they become a bit more active.

The pond plant (still don't know the name of it) is growing and will soon sprout some yellow flowers. Do you know the name of it? Do you enjoy gardening? What is your favorite spring flower? I did a little research. Jill is rubbing off on me. It is called a floating heart flower. I like that.
By the way, if you haven't visited Jill lately, she is in the middle of a family story you just can't miss. It's a bit of history and quite fascinating. If you want the beginning of the story you will need to scroll down to Thurs, March 8 for the start. She is already on Chapter 7 and that would ruin it.

I hope the sun will shine on you today. Have a wonderful day my friends. . . .


  1. Wow, that grass looks so green! Isn't it wonderful how the seasons change and the flowers come up right on cue? I heard a message once about how obedient flowers and birds are about their place in life. Made me wonder what the world would be like if humans would conform to God's will as well.
    Give the daffodils a nod from me. Someday I'll have them again.

  2. I so enjoyed my walk around the farm with you. Everything is beginning to come out of its long winter's sleep and waking up to spring.

    I hope that I can shake off my sleepiness and be about the Father's business of being kind and thoughtful of others. If Jesus is in our heart, He should stick out somewhere (That is not original with me, but it's the truth).

  3. Wow, Lovella,you are WAY ahead of us here on the mountain. Our daffoldils are still asleep, with their heads buried. Beautiful pics..isn't spring beautiful? I was happy to see my first Salmonberry blossom today on my morning walk..but I did have a few snowflakes land on my head too!!
    Is your pond plant Pennywort?

  4. Good morning and thank you for the mennonite walk. My mom used to always take our guests (usually on a Sunday afternoon) for a stroll around the flower beds. We call it the mennonite walk. I thought it was so boring when I was a kid but now I find myself doing it too. I love seeing the flowers start to bloom and the leaves on the trees start to come out and every spring they seem to surprise me. I just found this morning a single daffodil. I didn't remember that I had any. It isn't blooming yet but soon. We walk each morning up our mountain and we are seeing new things every morning. Quite exciting. Have a good day.

  5. my favourite spring flower is hyacinth (i was so ready to comment that name to you a few posts back, but then you remembered it). josh bought me a couple in a pot a few years ago and every spring they get confused at the heat and start to bloom even before they've fully poked their heads out of the dirt. i should take a picture, it's actually quite funny looking.

  6. Corinne, you are right, it is just like a mennonite walk. No wonder I keep wanting to do that. It's genetic. Too funny.
    Heidi, show me the picture, I'd love to see your hyacinth. Next time I ask for help, don't delay, . . .

  7. I love how the plum tree looks Lovella, beautiful photo...I might just have to try it as a background image sometime on my desktop or blog...

    Also I wanted to let you know that I added a ps to today's post...and I replied your comment, too.

  8. I have one little daffodil that has come up ... I'm still waiting!

  9. Mmmmm, spring has sprung! Awesome!

    Will you be sharing your cheesecake recipe? I love rhubarb and mine is about ready to pick. A glaze of rhubarb sounds yummy!

  10. Oooh, I love your farm!
    I will always be a farmgirl from Wisconsin, even though I live in Phoenix!
    How funny that you'd mention rhubarb! I was just thinking about the hours cutting up rhubarb for canning (Sandy talked about canning in her latest post) I miss my Mom's rhubarb sauce and rhubarb pie!!

  11. Hey girlfriend...thanks for the plug! I'm afraid bastard twins, witch trials and hanging just can't compete with daffodils! And Otis...a day with an Otis siting on Lovella's blog is a very good day.

    Bernie enjoyed taking a "Mennonite walk" through your garden via blogdom as we wait in the airport. Wouldn't the ancestors be amused to know we share gardens electronically?

    We're chilling, waiting for our flight. Lightning is putting on a spectacular show outside the window over the tarmac. The flight is still a "go"!

  12. It truly is looking like spring at your home. Beautiful work.


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