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Those of us in blog land have been pretending we're close . . . and then we were waiting . . . and dreaming of the first day of spring. Yesterday morning we had rain, sleet, hail and a little snow. I just smiled. I knew that winter had its last day and today would be spring. Surely the weather will turn a corner.

I just wanted pick you a bundle of daffodils from my garden before I head out for the day. I was told recently that fashion can't be repeated if you have already worn it once in your life. In other words, this little smock top that I wore in 1976 was wonderfully comfortable and I long to shop and purchase one of those high little empire waist tops that have a smidge more room. Sadly they look very similar to fashionable 1976 top that was comfortable then. Add on to that the two times that I needed to wear tops that had additional space for the babes, and I suppose it is safe to say that when I'm out on my shopping trip today, I won't be taking any of those into the change room. Incidentally you will note that I had the layering technique happening as well. Nice striped turtleneck. I just wish my seafarer jeans were visible. They were stylin.

Shoes is a different matter. The theory may be the same, but I feel a deep unyielding desire for a wedge shoe. I wore those as well in high school with a little peep toe. They were red and I just loved them. I might try some of those on. We'll see.

It doesen't actually matter if I find anything at all, I'm off out to town later for a lovely lunch and a bit of a look around, I'll let you know what we find.

Have a wonderful day my friends, Terry and I are off to have breakfast at 50's diner . . . how fun.


  1. You really didn't look any different in 1976 !! just a little!!
    I hope you have lots of fun did you manage to tear Terry away from the 'as-yet-no-name-brand-truck'?

  2. Lovella, you are always stylin'! I can't wait to see the new wedge shoes you purchase ... you know you have to. Hey, I love how the Christmas lights are still up on the house and you're picking daffodils ... Enjoy your day in town!

  3. Another post --- that I can totally relate to! Love those wedge shoes with the peek-hole for the toes! And the smocks with layers? Uh-huh! They were 'the thing' and mom, sis, and I whipped them up on the sewing machine by the dozen! LOL! I hope you enjoyed a nice day in town! Happy Shopping!

  4. Oh Lovella, I just have to tell you --- I saved a pair of my high heeled, wooden soled, platform shoes from the early 80's. I love them to this day and they are hardly worn. Every now and then I try them on to wear to church. Before we leave the house, they are off and more sensible heels replace them. Love those shoes! I won't part with them, even if I never wear them! LOL!

  5. update . . back from breakfast at the diner, and checked for comments before venturing out again . . .
    Julie, nope, can't tear Terry away, I'm taking Bea . .
    Nancy, you still here? No baby yet?
    la tea dah . .I made my top as well and many like it, how funny that we live in different countries and yet we just are not that far apart when it comes to the 70's. I love it. Show me the shoes . .smile.

  6. How is it that you had someone following you around with a camera so often? I hardly have a picture to my name (except for the customary school pictures!). You looked so content with life. Could it be that you were smitten by Terry as you were picking daffs? Did he take the picture?
    And as was already said, you still have a wonderful fashion sense! You always look very "put together"! Too bad I couldn't join you shopping today! Hope you had fun! Happy official first day of Spring!

  7. Lovella, I loved those little smock tops, layered or not! My mother and I made a bunch of them, too. I was especially fond of the short ones that just skimmed the top of my hip-hugger, bell-bottomed jeans. And I can't forget those platform shoes! I'm only 5 feet tall, so I loved being "up there" with everyone else (except that they all started wearing those platforms, too...).

    We're looking at 80 degrees here in Florida today. Unfortunately, our winters are not cold enough for daffodils. Sometimes I do miss the seasons.

  8. We women of normal height (over 5' 9") consider wedges and high heels on short gals as foot prosthesis. Artificial height, get it?

    One of my dinky friends swore she slept in high heels and wedges, just to be tall.

    I rarely bother with heels, they hurt anyway, but it is a hoot to wear a platform cork soled wedges and sail around at over six feet tall. And squint at the little people down below. Hey Vicki...I'm squinting at you...
    I consider it pay back for the short girls stealing all the tall boys at the dances way back in high school!
    (Whaaah, boo hoo, it was horrible being tall back then. No one wanted to date a TALL girl! Somebody, quick, pray for emotional healing!)

    By the by, check the duro tops...they are like the top you used to wear, and are SO in right now.

    Happy first day of Spring!

  9. I love spring ! Maybe that's because i am a spring baby or maybe because i just love everything that spring holds.

  10. I am so excited for Spring. This cold weather is bound to give up eventually. Have fun shopping.

  11. You are prettier now than you were then I think Lovella...can I say that? But ya, either way I do agree with Julie too...Thanks for the flowers! Sometimes I wonder if that's your second hobbie? Gardening??? And number one is Blogging? Am I right? Thanks for the 76 flashback...I feel like I was there...but I wouldn't be for another 4 years Mom tried for 2 years before I came along...1976 though that's when my Mom graduated from High School (Abby Senior). I'm too lazy to do the math but how old were you here in the photo??? Just curious *wink* can't wait to see your next set of photos...Thanks for the trip, it was delightful!!!

  12. Glad to hear you are out enjoying the first day of spring. To celebrate the day I wore a new pair of sling back wedge shoes I picked up last week. Time to tuck those socks away and slip into the cute spring styles. Happy spring to you. Kathy

  13. Love the ol' duds. You were a babe then and you are a babe now.

    Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. They make me smile and brace myself for the day ahead. I appreciate your words. You truly are so sweet.

    The hellish week is coming to a close soon. I've been slowly but surely plugging away getting things done. Sure feels good when one assignment is down....4 more to go. Ah, such is the life of a student.

  14. it is so funny how thing cycle in the fashion world!
    I like the look of those tops, and tried one on from the Gap. It is a shirt that will ensure a surefire, "when are you due?" look/question!!!

  15. answers . . .
    Terry in fact did take the picture.
    I think we were in grade 11 maybe.

  16. As much as I love the look of those sweet smock tops and dresses, I simply cannot wear them as I look like a 53 year old pregnant woman! Something about big bosoms and smock tops that just do not go hand in hand!!! The bosoms stick out, and the fabric from the top just sticks out right along with them!

  17. Great post.
    The clothing looks all too-familiar!


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