hey hon' . . I bought a truck

If you have known someone to have a dream you will understand this post and perhaps sigh and think of the person you love and hope that their dream will come true as well.

Since I've known Terry and certainly since we have been married he has longed to buy an old truck and restore it. As is common with most families, we married and raised a family and the dream was put aside until time and finances would allow it to be brought to fruition.

Yesterday, I was relaxing at my computer, catching up on some reading, when I got the phone call. "hey hon' . . , I bought a truck". I replied, "How far are you from home?, "He said, "I'll be home in 10 minutes, . . . .I said, "I'll be waiting".
When he pulled onto the yard, I was there in the rain to greet him and see the smile and look of intensity that I knew would be there.

It was down to business, the treasures were unloaded and carefully put into the shop.

The truck was given a welcome bath. I asked Terry this morning if the truck is a boy or a girl. Since I will be regularly posting on the progress (which I assure you will be slow) I need to know how to refer to the Old Truck. He doesn't care. I think I will assume it is a boy truck, since I have never had to compete with a girl, I don't intend to start now.

I was warned to stand back. I had nothing to lose, it was pouring rain anyways.

The treasured bits of chrome were carefully lined up so they can be regularly admired.

Stuart made it over just in time to help him roll it into the shop and then the discussions began on how it is going to be restored and lots of boy talk. Terrence was on the phone and the three of my men began to plan. Otis was invited to participate.
Today, all the kids will be home for brunch and plenty of time will be spent in the shop and on the computer checking for sites . Over time, there will be phone calls to our brother-in-law who is an expert in parts and knows a great deal about this make of truck. Much discussion will be put into the motor and spindles and lowering and lots of other details that I'm sure I'll become an expert at as well.
So, this is now our dream. We will enjoy it together. I requested a small kitchenette be put into the corner of the shop. I know that my exercise level will be raised with the walk to the shop to have a coffee and a chat and see how nicely things are coming along.
I will be sure to give regular updates to the few that will be interested.
I will learn much about the 1949 Mercury. It was made in Canada, and it will be restored in Canada and it will be loved by at least two Canadians.
Update at 4 in the afternoon. The guys found the serial number plate and on it they realized that it is actually a 1950 Mercury.


  1. Oh man, that is so COOL! We'll be following along with envy.
    Methinks you should start shopping for dress pattterns from the 1940's, so when you go driving about, you will be dressed to do justice to the car's history.
    This is going to be so much fun!

  2. Ken was just saying yesterday that he can't wait for his Uncle to get a truck, little did he know Uncle Terry was probably rolling it into the yard at the same time. It's like he had a vision, that only men can have, like a grease scent that only they can smell...and they know-someone out there is fixin up a truck! He knows when it's all complete it will be one sweet ride! Looking forward to many updates! Way to go Uncle Terry!

  3. Its like a new baby has entered the family. congratulations! Have you put any thought into the interior/upholstery? We'll have to look in the antique shops for 1948/49 magazines that might have advertisements for that model. That would be fun! Fort Langely, here we come?!! This week would be good! :)

  4. Is Terry crazy 'bout a Mercury, does he want to cruise it up and down town???

    Haha...that looks liks so much fun! That is restoring a vehicle...I imagine it WILL be a slow process...I will be watching.


  5. And Bernie said to tell Terry that he started with a '49 Chevy pick-up, with five window, three in back. He bought it for $200, and sold it for $400, because it was too expensive for him to drive it back in 1973. He had it for one year, and everything kept breaking on it as he drove it every day.
    He totally envys Terry's garage.

  6. I'm sure we will all be learning a lot about old trucks !!
    We shall be following the progress, anticipating that we all get to come along for the first test drive!! ( even if it is only through your camera lens!!)
    To achieve a life-long dream is special!! Congrats to Terry!!

  7. I do believe this calls for a lap top! You will be there to post just as 'HE' begins to be pampered, and to hear all the boys comments. From your corner in the shop you will be comfortable as you take in the sights, sounds and smells, and relay them to us. We will look forward to our trip to the farm to welcome this new found treasure. I would like to sit in one of those blue chairs with a 'cup of stuff and a thing' and watch and listen with you as my guy expressed his delight for your guy. I can only imagine how excited Mr.T. is. Scot spent half the night in the garage when he got his first bike. If T goes missing take my word for it, he's in the shop. Kathy

  8. the truck looks like great fun! I will look forward to seeing updates on its restoration in the future!!

  9. It looks like a great project truck! I hope you get your kitchenette in the shop. Perhaps you could even do a little baking while admiring that truck, and Terry could enjoy the delicious aromas while anticipating a coffee break with you!

  10. Well congratulations to the new family addition! And do celebrate every milestone as "He" becomes more and more alive. What a wonderful and supportive wife you are. Can't wait to hear some good stories about your new boy truck.

  11. Awwh, that's so sweet....Boys and their toys.... My brother restored a Ford Model A...It was used in a lot of parades.

    It certainly must have a name...like 'Duke' or 'Buck...a manly name. We name everything...

    I'll certainly be tuned in for the following episodes......

  12. Beautiful truck. I almost bought one like that at one time .. not to redo, but to drive around and look incredibly cool, but it fell through. I'm jealous. You guys deserve to have your dreams come true. Enjoy the process.


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